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hello nobody

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I'm just about to eat something

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The Faculty

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@Jacanuk said:

AC rogue is more of AC black Flag so yes its worth getting, infact its worth getting 100 times more then AC unity is.

so I assume u didn't enjoy Unity?

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I don't like these type of games I tried playing Oblivion and I didn't like the gameplay at all so that is the reason I don't play these sort of games.

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Call of Duty try to do something different by introducing new things to their game and they still get shot down with claims that they're copying other games by going "futuristic". You can't please gamers, they want change and when it happens they bitch and complain.

you can't please everyone some people will complain just for the sake of complaining.

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I've had the same problems as you

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it depends do you like the games on the PS4 for example the exclusives and if u just want to play a few games then I would say no its not worth it but I'm sure there will be a ton of games coming in 2015 that you will be interested in.

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@SolidTy said:

The game is very broken. Sorry to hear your troubles.

the SP works fine

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me love me some mad max