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New Game Reviews

After a big, BIG break from logging on to Gamespot, I decided to let go of my free time to write reviews for some games I got. :D These are: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (you probably don't even have to read to find out what I said about it :P), and The Sims 2 Castaway (awesome too, of course)! I hope you read them, and I'll be sure to post a review for any other new game I would get! See you around, folks!


New Games I Got For Christmas+Reviews

Hey, I'm back! Sugar's back, yep! Happy New Year! 2008's gonna be a blast! I found some time to log on for a while while the New Years Party at my place is going on! It's really cool, yo! We're gonna miss ya, 2007! My owner says she hated 2007, she says she's glad 2008 is here. Alot of bad things made her sad last year. Hope she'll be feeling better this new year! Also, get used to writing January 2008 on your school headings (if you need headings when you write stuff)!

Anyway, Christmas just recently passed, right? I got a cellphone, a big bag of starburst (10!), more candy, a bunch of cards, chocolates, and a pink notebook so I can write stuff down when I need to! But, oh, of course! Yeah! I got some games too of course! I got the really popular and famous game Super Mario Galaxy (everyone's telling me to buy it!) and Pokemon Battle Revolution, since I wanted to see how it was so bad (but it wasn't too bad actually ^^). I wrote them a review and added them to my Now Playing and my Collection. Hopefully, I can also review some Gameboy games later. See ya'll.


Level 7 Now And A New Review

I logged on this morning to find that my account was already at Level 7. Cool, huh? And I still am thinking of the Union name, help WILL be appreciated and suggestions? Please comment or send me a message and I'll see if it suits the Union name. =)

I also made a new review on a Gameboy game called Hamtaro HamHam Heart Break. Check it out, won't you guys?


Level 6-I'm a Super Spy!

I'm Level 6 today on GameSpot! YES! I dunno why it's called Super Spy, but it sounds cool! ^^ I'm suprised to see I've already reached around 65% in Level 6, strange, huh. Maybe it's because I've been doing alot of updates on GameSpot lately! Well, that's cool! Also, now that means I can make unions now! But I still haven't decided what the name should be! I'll think about it, and I have alot of time now cuz I have the Thanksgiving Break present! I'll log on when I've decided! Thanks!


New Review On A Kirby Game and a bit about what's going on =)

Sugar here! I decided to come back again after yesterday's GameBoy review bash I made (and the Transformers one and some other games =D)! I remembered another Gameboy game I used to have, and it's called: Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland. Read my review and see what I think so far! I haven't played in a while, so don't expect such a detailed review! Thanks for checking out what's going on in my blog! I feel like explaining what's been going on in my life lately, so listen carefully!

Well, my owner (but I call her "my friend" in some of my old reviews) is playing MySims (for the Wii) like crazy. She got this around September 16, 2007 or something. I think she's getting obssessed. She got to 5 stars since September and SHE'S STILL PLAYING! Gosh! And according to her game, she's been playing 385 hours!!! WOW! And she says she's planning to reach 1000, or maybe she still won't even stop whgen she reaches 1000 hours of gameplay! Crazy sounding, huh?! You got that right! I've been playing Resident Evil 4 and I'm working on getting the Plagas Removal Laser. I just unlocked Chicago Typewriter, the Rocket Launcher, and a handgun (I forgot it's name) that does ALOT of damage and it's unlimited! (I must be a freak getting all these weapons.) I just also recently beat Mercenaries, which is how I managed to buy a Chicago Typewriter with all the characters. =) Wish me luck on the Plagas Removal Laser.

Also! I'm almost Level 6, and I'll be ready to make a union that people can join in! I'm still thinking of some union names...and the union will be supporting the following games: AC:WW, Nintendogs, RE:4, and MySims (Wii). Hope to see you there!


Added some reviews in and Updated Collection Of Games

After a few months, I decided to rest and not go on Gamespot for a while. =( Sorry...also, sorry for not reviewing the DS version of MySims. It definetly slipped out of my mind to review it after the Wii version. Well, now it's here, so no worries, k guys??? I've also updated my games lists and added a Transformers: The Game Review and some other stuff! Bye for now, I'll see you in a while.


P.S. I'm working on to review all my old Gameboy games and some other old games I recall having!


I've decided Leon wasn't really me I'll change back for now till I've come up with a good avatar... =)

I am also recommending and not recommending reviews for the game: Animal Crossing Wild World. =D

I'm back.

Hi! Anyway, I was back from vacation a few weeks ago or so. The trip was pretty awesome, I had a great time, yeah, yeah! Anyways, I logged on today with a shock to find 59 messages in my inbox. I have no time to check it all, so yeah. Whatevs! I'm not sure if I can be active anymore, cuz of the major schedule I'm having lately...and school. But I might be able to go on this Thursday until next Monday cuz it's a Jewish Holiday and everyone at my school gets to stay home. :3 I also changed my avatar to the funny Leon my owner drew....hee hee! See ya!


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