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Overinflated expectations of the end user

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All views expressed here are mine, and are backed by my own experience as a gamer. To those who don't whine and support our game designers for trying to alleviate us of our boredom, thanks.

Dear gamers,

I have observed for a long time now, that y'alls expectations (mostly the constant whiners)are as real as Unicorns and Leprechauns. Video games are made by humans, and humans make mistakes, neither are they perfect. The most blatant expectations are from established franchises: God of War, Halo, CoD, Modern Warfare, Mass effect, e.t.c

I've got news for you: It doesn't matter what you expect.

What? Yes, seriously, before you knew what Halo was, or even God of war, you did not have a clue that your mind will be blown away by these games. Yet with each installment of each series, you continue to clog the forums with crap about your "important" criticism and point of view.

I've seen you all make the same old lame complaints:

OMG...lame graphics, looks cartoony, I want real life graphics (this complaints are especially retarded when considering MMOs)

Speaking of MMO's:

Loot...I want more loot...

Too much time for more epic loots,

PvP sucks, all other classes are Overpowered but mine. (Lrn2play) multiplayer...lame

Not enough RP...I Want more RP....Why can't I customize as I want...

For established games:

Are you serious...Mr. game designer why is this P.O.Snot different from the part one of the first game I loved so much.

or Why is this so different from the first game I loved so much.

Even people use this: if it ain't broken, why fix it. ( err..I dunno, innovation maybe?)

I can go on and on, but I already feel like throwing up thinking of the lame criticisms gamers pile on their "beloved franchises".

I will now speak about a company y'all love to hate.

Electronic Arts

They facilitate production of games (nuff said). It is important to note, that more than half of you EA haters know next to nothing about EA, but yet slam them at every opportunity you get. It's true. What do you know about EA?


I won't hold my breath.

Go ahead and wiki them now, don't worry you don't have to confess your ignorance.

Common Trollings: EA made it, I aint touching it. Here's another franchise EA is going to crap on. "OMG, EA I hate you so much, and I only started playing games 1 year ago."

I will continue my own rantings of y'alls fail at a later date; feel free to flame.Your opinions of me, matter as much as the existence of a level 63 Sword of the Demented: ability to slay all ignorance just by existing.


P.S: Expect nothing, and you will at the very least, be cured of boredom.