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Batman: Arkham City Review

When someone plays Batman: Arkham Asylum they cannot fathom how the developers can improve on it developing a better satisfying sequel. Batman: Arkham City makes Arkham Asylum look like a game developed a decade back. I have to commend the developers for coming up with such a unique concept and such beautiful game mechanics.

While a true Batman lover would finally get the satisfaction of becoming the Dark Knight looking over and protecting Gothem a relatively new player would certainly be intrigued on how mysterious and wonderful the world of Batman is. The developers did an excellent job to give the player this experience where you have a map which is over 10 times bigger than what you had in the first game.

There is by far over 40 wonderful hours of game playing. Many improvements to the game dynamic have been done when the control of Batman is smooth and the in game fighting system is much more appealing and realistic compared to many action adventure games. The much more realistic story line gives the player the satisfaction of a perfect action adventure game where even the side missions fit perfectly into the main story line.

Any player who is at first only interested in playing the main story will certainly be dragged into the world of the side missions when you truly get into the feel of the game. This is including finding the Riddler trophies and Riddler secrets hidden all over Arkham City. The more challenging story plus mode opens up once you finish the story the first time. In addition you get to beat up thugs and use the wonderful gadgets in the Dark Knights arsenal in the additional Riddler Challenge quest.

I can?t wait for what the developers have in store for us in the third installment. I see the current Batman line of turning into a 10 year or so franchise.

Work trip to Dubai

Just getting ready to go to Dubai on a work trip for 7 days. I'm really gonna miss my wife and Randy my dog. and I can stand by the statement that there is actually no place like home. no matter where you go what people you meet, you heart gets left behind at home and you feel incomplete.

I am also going to miss the food of Sri Lanka. As you may know Sri Lanka is known for it's spicy food with varity of tastes, while in Dubai I am going to end up eating blank food.

Hopefully I will get a chance to update the blog and maybe keep you posted on the my small adventure and the experiences I meet with.

I am going for a trade fair where my company Dilmah has our stall, so I will one of a team of 4 including my director and Chairman who will be representing the company.

On the other hand if you are single and carefree unlike me travel can be a totally different experience.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

You may all know about the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, but this is the true bad boy of smart phones. I guess Sony Ericsson is slowly fighting its way back up to be the true leader.

but it has got to stop being so fussy in releasing quality updates for the phones. I recently got to know that they won't be releasing any more updates for the Xperia 10. technology is all about updates and not upgrading your hardware. Catch up or get left behind. look at what Google and Facebook are doing.

Nov 2, 2005

That is how long I have been a member since... went through my blog posts and game reviews. WOW! does bring back so much of memories.

anyone know who the highest ranked memebr on Gamaespot is and do you know who the most active player who's been on Gamespot the longest. Both could be the same.

So much culture in this community.

How long has it been?

Wow! How long has it been since I included a note on this blog. I haven't been active as I used to be on GameSpot but I never failed to visit this place once in a while. games haven't changed in my life vbut a lot more has changed. I have been now married for almost 5 months. What a change in life but, what an excellent change. I never knew I could be this happy.

I miss alot of guys here and the unions and the forum wars. but I'm planningon comming back now that I have settled and begin contribution to this community which I enjoy spending time on a lot.

iowastate, I see that you are still active, how are you buddy I hope you see my message. look forward to join forces to start a good union together and make an impact any ideas dude?

Grand Theft Auto IV - Review

GTA IV is one of the most fun games I have played. From the gaming mechanics, story to the amount of fun you have it delivers to the last dot. The story is not much for a gamer who has played the GTA games in the past, I guess we're getting used to what we should expect, but it's still good and it's now dynamic, since some of the choices you make will change the final outcome.

Pros: Well there is nothing but pros to talk about in the game. For those of you who love a open ended city this is it. First about the game technology, you have an open city where you can roam around looking for trouble or just to earn some cash, the graphics are breath taking on the Xbox360, and the sound is so realistic. The main story is nothing much as I mentioned earlier but it takes you on various adventures all over Liberty city meeting various characters. The game mechanics are really cool, the controls are so comfortable on the 360 and the physics are so real for example, the rag doll effect when being thrown out of a car or when blasted by a bomb are so cool. Small things do matter, and the game developers have looked in to so much of details. For those who like detail this is it from car damage to injuries of the character. There are so many side missions for you to choose from street races to vigilante missions, they have taken out the fire and ambulance missions, but there is so more to fill in. San Andreas was a more gang story and environment, which some of us enjoyed the change, most who like the original GTA's i.e. Vice City missed the mafia and GTA IV delivers. Be ready to get addicted for 30 hours at least to one of the best games of 2008.

Cons: None to talk about I've only played it on the xbox360 so can't really comment on how it runs on other platforms. May be more character customizations could have been added on i.e. the gym from San Andreas has been taken out.

For anyone who loves RPGs this is one for you to play, for anyone who wants to try out an RPG then this is one game you have to play and you will be hooked on to it.

Back after sometime...

Wow... it's good to be back after sometime. Yep, it's been hard to come around here with my new job and all, but it doesn't mean that I have stopped playing games, recently I got my hands on COD 4 which was way cool, and right now I'm looking at Rainbox 6 Vegas 2 - I'm looking forward to see how the story continues.

Well this is it i'm announcing that I'm officially back on game spot, and hoping to focus my attenssion on building up a good Union, cause it seems like the unions are loosing what ever they had in the past. Well I got a few concepts in mind, will be building them up in the next few weeks, and I'm pleased to invite who ever would like to join in my new project. It's good to be back...


Playing Crysis these days, I know I'm a bit behind. Wow what a game Crysis is, awaiting to get my hands on COD4 and Pro Street. And from next week I'm officialy back on Game Spot.