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If you notice the "hay bales" look extremely flat. They are practically just rectangles with a low res texture on them. The trees are simple geometry with static sprites for foliage. They don't move with wind or bend. It looks really old and bland. I'm ready for next gen for sure.

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I did add to my favorites. I'm sure they will add more of these sub forums back to the main forum page.

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I like the new design. My issue has been lack of features. Forums are buried, blogs are strange to find, no more soapbox, and such. Many of the community features are gone and its hard to figure out where discussions are taking place. I was hoping for a community blog page where the newest blogs were displayed so users could find interesting stuff from others to check out. I think the design is great, but there needs to be more functionality.

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How do you get to this forum? I happened upon it from my friend's feed. I tried to go to the main PC forum thinking there was a subforum listed there to no avail. Hopefully we get more forums listed in the main section else I don't see them being as good as they were.

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I'm getting internal server errors in a red banner across the top when trying to upload an avatar/profile picture. I assume its something wrong with the upload service right now. Maybe the storage servers are offline. The sizes are correct.

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I'm more interested with the PS4 lineup: Knack, Drive Club, and Kill Zone.  The only game I'd want to play on the Xbox One is Forza 5.

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FWIW, Xbox One will use DirectX while PS4 will use OpenGL.  So, they won't be direct ports.

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I PC game on a 1440p monitor, so yes.

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They can do this now.  Sony will not support restrictive DRM at the system level.  Publishers are free to build in software DRM as they see fit.  This is MUCH different than MS having a huge database with serial numbers that are required for each game assigned to gamertags and a 24 hour check in for any game.

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Check out Giantbomb's review.  It's the most honest I have found.