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Many years ago I believed that forums presented an opportunity for gamers to communicate with each other, share ideas, and improve the gaming world by presenting a collectivist consumer that demanded quality. Sadly, that dream has died, a collection of marketing firms using careful brand, loyalty and viral marketing have effectively denied the idea of uninfluenced exchange. Intellectualism has been replaced by argument, thoughtful dialogue has been replaced by feverish loyalties, and the spirit of friendly competition has died to outright trolling.

The games themselves have come a long way. Gaming has reached a point where the quality of our games is outright fantastic. If our "sellout games" like Battlefield, Modern Warfare, and Gears of War are this good, if our "games of the year" like Skyrim and Old Republic are of such uncompromising quality, then the "discussion" is moot. We've come a long way from the days of E.T 2600 or trying to get Quake to run on your Pentium.

People ask why I don't bother to post anymore, or why when I do, all of my effort is spent attacking people who, by all accounts, are the scum that lead to the decline of the forum culture. There's simply no need. Do I miss that gaming culture once demanded forums as a means of exchange? Sure. Do I miss being able to find great people online through the forums? Absolutely. I miss when my grandparents weren't on Facebook and all of the photos were of great parties and sexy girls too... but employers and the march of normality drag on.

Our lives aren't made worse by the death of forum culture, they've just moved on - my group of friends expands, life gets better and the quality of our games is at an all time high. So GameSpot has gone the way of IGN... do professional reviews even matter anymore? So forums have gone the way of 3chen do forums even matter anymore? Play on friends.

subscriber @ bondar crystal ....seriously why aren't you playing SWTOR yet?