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Just bought an Xbox 360.

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I bought an xbox 360 5 days ago. I am very happy with it, everything is going normal there's no problems so far and I hope she keeps it that way ;) There she is:

My xbox 360My Xbox 360

I'm playing some old games that I was so excited to play like bioshock, assassin's creed, mass effect, orange box, halo 3 … Those are great games that I should not miss.

And here's my Hole setup:

My xbox and laptopMy hole setup

You got something to say, any questions any comments just write something down there, it's not too far from here you know ! ;)

Infamous... WAAAAW !

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InfamousInfamous... best adventure game I have ever seen. I just bought it and it's amazing. Awesome gameplay, you really feel free while playing this game. YOU SHOULD TRY IT! Oh by the way I chose to go dark side Mwahaha... (But I'm still a thug). I just got the shock grenades. I'm terrorizing people and taking there souls. I also killed the cops in a mission (Evil action) and now they are my enemies too so it's harder now fighting both reapers and cops. I will probably write a review as soon as I finish the game.

Want to share...Post a commentdown there and that's it.

What is wrong with the emblems ?

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A lot of people are having problems not receiving the emblems.

I watched All the confrences plus the live day 3 and only got the microsoft emblem so far. They are saying everyone will receive there emblems but they just need some time. We just have to wait and see if we will get our emblems.

I was worried that we might not get them. But i think we will after all. NO worries !

If you are not receiving your emblems and wanna tell them about it visitHere.

I just bought Dead Space

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I went yesterday to the store and bought dead space. And now i am going to tell what's on my mind. I know you are all wondering why i am writing about dead space today, well because u know dead space how can i leave it and open my pc to write about it.

So from the beginning I came back from school, bought the game, studied then Dead space.

Now let's talk about the game. First of all the game rocks more than I expected and perfect. This game actually reminds me of my second best game bioshock. When I am playing I really feel like I am playing bioshock and like I am inside the game, the game is unbelievable.

The gameplay: it's really cool how u can crush you're enemies with you're feet, it's new and it makes the game fun how u can see there blood covering the floor. There is telekinetic well that's pretty cool too it's very useful if u can't reach something or u don't have ammo, u just use you're power to take bombs and throw them on the enemies. There is another new idea in the game that is when there is no gravity anymore (zero gravity), u can use then the thing when you can jump from a wall to another. Don't forget the oxygen thing it makes the game fun too. let talk a little bit about the weapons and the aiming, the weapons are pretty special they are different then the usual weapons u know a gun and shotgun and those lame weapons, but in dead space new kinds of weapons. The aiming is special too it's unique, never seen anything like it in any game, it kills the Necromorphs faster, when they show there tentacles or I something u cut them easily with this aiming. What do u think of the suits can upgrade them like u can upgrade your weapons?

There is a lot of stuff in the gameplay to talk about but I think that is it so final thing about the gameplay, i don't know if u have noticed that there no health, no time, no oxygen , no ammo... on the screen it's all on Isaac's body or weapons, and that's better of course not to see al these stuff on the screen .

Graphics: uhhh we cannot talk a lot about graphics there is nothing to talk about its very good well perfect there is no problem with it.

Story: The story is brilliant. u enter a space ship u are not expecting monsters or weird stuff then suddenly u see your self with monsters and your trying to find your way out. And like u all know there an animated movie, Dead Space: Downfall so dead space have a cool story.

Sounds: the sounds are so amazing; they make the game scarier and makes your heart beat faster.

That is everything about dead space it's more than I expected and deserves 9.5 or more.