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For your team to lose countless rounds in Conquest mode. I've lost count of how may times when the opposing team has everyone playing as a sniper on a conquest map. What are they thinking?? EVERYONE"S up on hills, mountains and tops of buildings with NOBODY left to capture flags!!! Hahaha

How are you going to win and you've got nobody to capture flags? Even their commander can't get their team balanced. And then when they realize they're down to 50 tickets to 300+, that's when they try to capture flags...its too friggin late! Me and my squads are closing out conquest maps in 8 minutes! 377-0. Its insane!

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You might need to post over at the Battlefield 4 site for help with this one.

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???? These new forums are really setup to ask questions more so than comments. Yours is a mindless one. It would have been more helpful to everyone if you could stipulate as to what sucked and what's actually ruined. Instead we get an elementary one liner which I hope gets moderated into oblivion.

For someone who has over 250 posts you should be ashamed of yourself.

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Wait a minute....did any of the Halo's allow for tablet play in commander mode. Or did any of the Halos have commander mode all all? This poster is a clown...haha

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Haven't seen any early deals as of yet. Its supposed to be $30 on B.Friday but who wants to wait that long?

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The game will sureley be more than flying and shooting. You might want to keep up tp date on the official website.

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They've really messed up the save feature for the campaign. I have not had the exact issue that you are having, but I have not been able to pickup where I left off. Halo 4 campaign doesnt save the way we are used to with the other Halo games. Here is what you need to do if you want to play your saved progress. Log into Halo 4. 

Select campaign.
Click on mission ( first box on the left hand side)
( tells you where you last left off under MIssion (ex. Forerunner aka rally point-delta)
scroll all the way down to the last option (ex. forerunner)

hit A
repeat -scroll all the way down select last option (ex. rally point-delta)

hit a
then go select yes for continue if the window pops up)
then your screen takes you back to start campaign, hit start and should now take you back to your last save point.

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Its amazing how so many people don't bother going to a game's official site.  He does a good job of describing how the game will be and it won't be MMO style. Much more information is avialable on the game's official website. Including other video on the on the phsics of the ships you'll be flying and the scale of the games environment which is HUGE by the way.

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I tried to send you a trial invite, however, the SWTOR site said that I could not send it to the emaill address you posted. Sorry.

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