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I'm Back!

Aren't You All Happy To See Me Back!! I Haven't Been On Cause Of Two Reasons. 1. I Was Playing My Wii All Weekend!! :). 2. I Was Buying Wii Games All Weekend!! :). I'm So Happy To Be Back! :D

I Got A Xbox 360!!

Finally My Mom Got Enough Money To Buy Me A Xbox 360!! I'm So Happy! But Now I Gotta Get The Wii For My Birthday Which Is In April. So Im Thankful My Mom Bought Me It. I Got Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 For It. It Rocks. So I Hope To Get More Games For It. So Thank You Mom. :D

I Got New Games Today And I Reserved For The Wii

Today I Went To Gamestop And Bought Some Old Games. I Bought Snes Games. I Bought Zelda: Link To The Past, Super Mario Rpg, And More. My Favorite Is Zelda And Super Mario Rpg. They Kick A**. Oh Yeah I Also Reserved For The Wii There. There Was One More Spot Left. Then This Kid And His Mom Came In To Reserve For It. While I Was Looking At The Games I Ran To The Line. I Got There First :D. I Reserved Full Price. So I Can Get The Wii For Free Now :D. The Kid Was Crying Alot. His Mother Screamed At Me. I Said Shut Up! Then Walked Away. I Think I Handled That The Right Way. Dontcha Think?

Level 8- Quad Damage

I'm Now Level 8. It Took About 8 Weeks = 56 Days. But It Actually Took 55 Days Exactly. I Wasn't On Much So That's Why It Took So Long.