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Portable Ops = Nearly Here ! :D

So yea, since my last blog post my driving has become a lot better.. I've been out practising for about 3 or 4 hours every weekend, and I've yet to make a big mistake.. The worst I've done is nearly running a red light lol. I haven't been out driving in more then a week though, cuz my dads been in Melbourne so theres no one really here to coach me.

I had exams a few weeks ago, and I gotta say, I did pretty bad... I failed all but one of my papers, and that totals up to 8 big "Ns" (not achieved)..Only thing I managed to pass was Chemistry, which is my favourite subject. But yea.. overall result = terrible. Gave me a big wake up call.. So I decided to study everyday, not matter what. Pulling my socks up.. Even though those exams didn't matter too much. They're just there for practise.. but if I failed those, I'd suck big time in my End of Year Externals, which will decide my future.

But on a happier note, I'm one of the 7 people in my class who passed our lastest physics paper. Yep.. Physics is HARD.

Ahh.. I also sorta postponed playing RE4. I dunno why, but the game just didnt grow on me that much. I mean I like it a lot, but I always feel like I should be doing other things instead of playing it.. So I'm just gonna wait till the two weeks holidays and make it my objective to clock it then. Thats in two weeks now btw.. I can't wait ! :D

My brother also borrowed the Gundam Seed series of anime from his friend - I just finished watching the season a few days ago. I absolutely loved it ! One of my favourite animes ever.. Anyway, I'm watching Seed Destiny now, and its pretty disapointing for a sequel.. One thing I don;t really like about it are the characters... Even though most of them are back from Seed, the new main characters are pretty lame.

I'd love to take any recomendations for anime to watch after Destiny.. So if you like something and think I should watch it, I probably will. Only ones I have in mind right now are Gundam Wing, Howls Moving Castle and Spirited Away lol.. So I'd appreciate any recomendations !

Finally, on my blog tittle, I was talking about - you guessed it, MGS: PO :D Its been a long long long time coming to NZ, and I pre-ordered it a month ago, and Gameplanet finally emailed me yesterday telling me that they got the shipment of stock and I'll be getting my game by Wednesday :D I'm definetly not going to quit this game, I promised myself that. MGS 3 is one of my favourite games of all time, and a sequel to that.. its gonna be golden. Woohoo !!

So that's all happening in Ameets gaming world... Not much I know. It's all gonna change after MGS arrives. Anyway, thanks for reading yawl.. I really appreciate it. Sorry if its a bit long..

Cya later and take care !

I Got My Learners!

Finaly, after months of procrastination, I did the theory test yesterday and got my learners licence! :D This means I can get on the road and start to learn how to drive legally :P which is probably gonna be the hard part. But I can't wait :D

 I'm supposed to use this for atleast 6 months until I can get my Restricted, which just mean I can drive on my own (and not with people who don't have their full licences) between 10 pm and 5 am. Then  year later, after I do a defensive drivers course, I can get my Full license. Then its all sweet :D


Anyway, I've really gotten into RE4. Luvin' it so far .. I haven't made much progress yet though. Its quite hard though :?  so I started playing it on Easy lol.


What everybody thinking about the new comment rating feature? I think its annyoing lol... It'll work if we didnt have the type of people that just throw the thumbs down just to try and be funny .


Anyway thats me for now, cya yawl later!  and thanks for reading

Short and Sweet..

Hey people. 

Sooo... it didn't take me too long to finish Ace Combat X .. Its a good thing and bad. Good thing is that I get to play other games now. Bad thing is that it was short, and I wish it was longer simply because it was so much fun... I didn't expect to get as much fun out of it as I did. I'm definitely going to pick up the PS2 games now.

Teh Ratings:


I loved its presentation as well. It had a nice story, more then what you would expect from a game like that. And music in it was awesome as well... A must own for PSP owners :D

In other news, I read on that the new Killzone Downloadable package will be available in the 21st of May, a Monday two weeks from now... I hope that it actually will, and I can't wait :D I'm not sure if I have a big enough memory card though, I sold my 2gig and I'm living on a 32 mb. Its not really a big deal for me, because as much as I love my music I don't really need to take it everywhere with me.. and I only use my PSP for games. I might need to buy a 1G now lol. 

Woohoo Killzone online... Can't wait :D

Anyway, I think that I'm gonna stray away from my PSP for a little while and go back to the PS2. I haven't used my PS2 in a long, long time... So I decided to get on with completing Resident Evil 4. My bro has had this game for a while and I think its time I clock it and see for myself what the big fuss is about. I've never clocked a RE game before, although I've played a bit of the first game on the PS1 and bits of RE4. 


And before I go, here's a pic of a crazy glitch I came across in VCS (sorry about the pic quality, all I had was a phone camera):

  Yep, thats a car stuck under a brigde :lol:


Thanks for reading, and cya! :) 

Vice City Stories was awesome

Hi there, everyone... Its been a long time since I've made a real blog post (apart from my shameless bebo advertising). I've been holding out until I finished Vice City Stories...

And that was a great game. It really brought back memories of how I used to play San An for like 6 hours straight lol.. ahh good times..

It took me a long time to finish it, mainly because I've been busy with all my year 12 school work plus family stuff and so on. 

Anyway it was well worth the money, and I'd highly recommend it to any PSP owner, especially GTA fans. My ratings:

Its been a long time since I've played any other game, so I decided to go and clock Ace Combat. I've got a lot of games to complete...

Ace Combat is awesome, first few missions have showed me how fun it is and how great the story is. I think I'm going to pick the PS2 versions since this is the first one I've played... this games makes me want to join the Navy :lol:

I don't think I'm going to buy any games soon, I've got heaps to play already and theres no point in having them collect dust... But MGS PO is a must when it comes out :D 

I've seen a few movies at the Cinemas lately, but one that I loved the most was 300. You probably heard enough about it by now though lol. I've seen it twice, once at IMAX. And thats a big screen. That was lovely ^_^

I had planned to watch Spiderman 3 when it premired, but I don't think thats going to be happening... but I'm gonna find time one day to go to the new Hoyts cinemas that opened, their "Cinemaxx" screen is supposed to be the biggest in the world... Cool aye? Its hard to believe something like thats in NZ...

Anyway, thanks for reading and take care. Cya :)

Clocked Tokobot + some other stuff

I can't really think of good blog tittles these days.

Anyway, hey ya'll, its been about a week since I wrote a blog, so I was just decided to post one today after I finished Tokobot .

Yea Tokobot was great. Its a really unique platformer, and it has you going to through some pretty tough levels with a bunch of robot thingy's helping you in creative ways. It was pretty hard for me in some spots, but in the end it was pretty satisfying. And yea the end did come quick. I definitely recommend it if you can find it for a cheap price (like I did) and if you're into your PSP.

I'm also having a great time with OutRun. Its pretty fun but I think the PS2 version maybe better because of better looking graphics and tighter controls. Sometimes its hard too keep control of your car on that small screen. I'll be rating it soon....

I started playing Vice City Stories too. Its really awesome, reminds of the times I used to come home from school, throw my bag and play San Andreas for 7+ hours straight, hehe. I haven't gotten much progress, but so far there's nothing really bad about it. Its just the radio has songs I don't really like. Maybe only one or two songs. But overall has that same GTA feeling for me...

Oh and btw, anybody else excited about the GTAIV trailer? I know I am :D

MGS Portable Ops and Ratchet and Clank Size Matters have also been delayed again :(. I'm sorta happy though, gives me time to play catch up and save up money.

It was last week sometime that I got around to watch Wild Hogs at the Cinemas... Its not as bad as some people say, IMO. Its pretty funny, but def not a must watch. If you looking for something funny to watch and you can't find anything else, Wild Hogs should definitely do the trick. But you should be able to find something funnier like... Hot Fuzz!! That movie was awesome. Nicely done action scenes at hilarious at the same time. I'd definitely recommended that all you watch it with your mates, its one of the best movies out there right now :D

I also hired out Borat on DVD. Its as funny as you probably heard before... I don't know why it took me so long to watch it :lol:

Lastly, I made a new signature for myself:

Its been a long time since I've done anything with Photoshop. Tell me what you reckon. I think that I'll be changing some other images on my profile soon  too....

So yea that's it for now I guess...

Cya l8er, and thanks for reading  :)


Beat Killzone + New Purchases :D

Hey there everyone, long time no see

So yea it took me longer then I thought it would, but I finally beat Killzone's single player mode on Normal. I haven't gotten 100% yet, and I might be putting a half hour of my days into that. It was really one of the best experiences I've had on the PSP, and frustrating in times too. Loved the graphics, sounds and gameplay bits, but I just wished it had more levels with vehicles in them. And I guess in the end its difficulty prolonged the experience. And it made it beating the game feel all the more satisfying. My rating:

I can't wait for new Multiplayer Patch! :D I hope it has online Co-op as well though. I heard its going to be released early next month. Lets hope so...

I keep on forgetting to get on those Side Quests on FFXII these days... I haven't touched my PS2 controller in a long time... Can't seem to find really to play all my games... I'm not so sure I'm gonna be doing them now... :(

Anyway, on to the new purchases: was having a stock clearance sale, so I decided to scoop up on these games with the little money I had while I had the chance. I haven't even opened them yet, but right now I've planned to play OutRun and Tokobot for my clocking purposes. Vice City gets added to my "get to later list", which also has

Mega Man Powered Up
Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
Everybodys Golf
and Ace Combat on it.

I was happy to hear that Tokobot didn't last too long from Gamespot, its gonna make going through the games a lot easier.

I think I'm building up quite a good collection for my PSP... its gonna look golden soon... :D Yep, I think I've developed a PSP fetish... I think about it more then anything else these days....

Add these games to the ones that I haven't gotten yet, that haven't been released yet, the PS2 games that I still have to play, and my future temporary Xbox (which my friend fixed :) )
and I've got a lot of things to do while I wait for a PS3 price drop, hehe.

So thanks for reading, and cya later :)

Short Update

Hey there friends

Just posting a short gaming blog for now

Umm in the PS2 side of things, I don't have Bully anymore :| My friend took it back for some reason. But I'm only a little dissapointed... After playing an hour or so it grew a lot on me... Its was pretty fun... And I'll get to play it once he's done with it and so its algud.

Right now I'm focusing on the side stuff on FFXII and Lumines. I'm also going to start anew on Killzone: Liberation. I went through a lot on that game but I decided to start again because I stayed away from it so long that I pretty much lost any skill I got from it. Gotta start working through all those PSP games that haven't been touched in ages. So I guess that's it. Cya fellas :)
And thanks for reading

So the Xbox thing didn't go so well....

Hey yawl...... I haven't been around these days... had some things to deal with...

Anyway, so you know how I got the Xbox... yea it didn't work. I called up my friend, and he told me to let it cool off for about 5 hours. 3 days later, it still didn't work. So I got my PS2 back :(

I'm a little dissapointed... I don't get to place those great games you mentioned now....

But, I'll try getting one by some other means some other time, I might even buy one (and sell it once I'm done with it). But for now its just my PS2 and PSP....

On a better note, I got Bully off a friend of mine and my bro bought MK Amargeddon. And I'm getting addicted to Lumines :D that game is awesome. I'm gonna start playing Bully soon too.

So that's it for now.... I'll be checking out your blogs now.... Cya

So I got an Xbox...

OK, first things first. Miami Vice was very nice, but it didn't last too long. I finished it sooner then I expected. And it was pretty easy. Like I said before, its like RE4 - controls and camera perspective are similar. So that paid off, and I think its one of the most under appriciated games out there. I think you should read the full GS review if you're intersted, its really on point.

Anyway, like tittle says, I got an Xbox. And hell no I didn't buy one... I traded my PS2 with my friends Xbox. Not too keeps though, just so he can play FFXII and stuff and I can play Fable and stuff. Not a bad idea aye?

So I don't have Fable yet (me and my friend are gonna pay 50/50 each to buy it) but the best thing he's giving me right now is Halo 2. I've clocked Halo on PC before, but I didn't really like it that much. Anyway, I've planned to hire out Chronicles of Riddick and Conker to experience them. Only problem is that most good non-multiplatform Xbox games I know off are shooters. So if any of you nice people think that theres a game on that system that I have to play, then please tell me so.

Getting this system means that I'm gonna have to focus primarily on it, since I need to beat games fast cuz I have to return it. So that means more time away from my PSP :cry: I so wanted to get back into Killzone. But with school and all, I don't really have time these days to spend with games. Right now I've got a **** load of accounting and chemistry homework to deal with -_-'

So, thanks for reading. And remember, Xbox games that I have to play. Later :)