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On topic, this thread has no facts and no merit and any idiot that believed that MSoft sold 100k units in a quarter is beyond stupid.

A sales thread just isn't complete without at least one meltdown from the usual suspects.

Microsoft shipped 1.1 million Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles in Q4. That's an actual statement of fact from Microsoft itself.

I'm sorry that makes you sad. In the future, you might want to stay out of sales threads if you have a thin skin or a weak constitution.

He is not having a meltdown. some idiots on neogaf put 1 and 1 together and got minus 6.

1.1 million sold =/= 100'000 Xbox ones sold. the numbers are pulled from a forum users arse.

@tormentos didn't start a thread about the number sold either...... his point was just that MS had started using Sony's old trick that us lems used to laugh about.

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hmm. kind of the point of a beta...iron out the kinks

b-b-b-b-ut TLHBO!111

wouldn't know, I am playing the beta on PS4

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I wasn't suggesting you were the source of the bullshit smell, if that's what you mean.

even though i don't keep abreast of how many consoles are shipped or sold per quarter (for any manufacturer), the 100,000 worldwide units just seemed ridiculously low which is why i decided to look into it.

FYI, i dont believe you intentionally miss linked either, you are not like that IMO

Dude stop your DC,it was based on a gueststimate,is not hard to assume it sold that low,considering they had 1 million unsold consoles on on April 1,they shipped 5 million but 1 million was unsold in the retail channel,then from a MS metting came that shipments of the xbox one would slow down or even stop so that the unsold units may sell.

Unfortunately, looking at the data available, the situation is more complicated than it seems. In fact, Microsoft might be slowing down or even stopping the production of the Xbox One temporarily until demand catches up with supply.

On April 26 it was reported that MS may slow down shipments,so i don't know why you act so surprise,retailers may no be so happy to buy new shipments if the old one are moving slow.

Since April 1 MS has sold 115k in April,77k in May and 197k in June which totaled 389k in US since April,when they had 1 million unsold in April,so that still leave what 600K+ units unsold worldwide? Oh and that is US where the xbox one has sold more than half its units.

So yeah it is not surprising to see those shipments join,probably the xbox one shipped less than the xbox 360,considering than the xbox 360 wasn't as saturate market wise as the xbox one was on April.

Remember this information isn't for you or the average gamer,this is for Investors and share holders,reason why the numbers are join to give investors a better looking picture than it really is,sony did the same the investors what will see is the big numbers regardless of which units shipped most,which is why sony did the same.


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The GAF thread, where the Xbox One shipment estimates were coming from, doesn't actually source back to anything. We are still awaiting actual official numbers from Microsoft, but it probably didn't actually ship as low as 100,000 last quarter.

Thank you unknown mod!

The mod edit was totally unnecessary,because no where in my official post it claimed 100k shipped,it just reported MS join numbers,so basically it was edit to correct something that wasn't there in the first place,maybe the mod saw some people saying 100k shipped and wanted to clarify.

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MS did the exact same thing with the 360 in the first year and maybe much worse, they overstocked so much they even had to halt production for a while .Of course sales would still go on and would be much higher as they are now actually selling that huge pile of produced consoles .

The tormented Cow brain seems to have a hard time taking this all in and draws the wrong conclusion as usual !

When you ship 5 million units and 1 million sit in retailers storerooms,and 3 months latter affect your next shipments is because your product is not selling,they sold 389k in US which is their best territory from April to june,so you can just imagine how sad their outside US numbers most have been,and is clear that they didn't sold that million units or close,probably still have 300k or more by the end of june,which would explain the join numbers.

buh buh buh buh Bullshit

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hmm. kind of the point of a beta...iron out the kinks

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. really looking forward to exploring mars

Doom 4 would be much better choice for that. it set in Mars.

any reason i can't play both:?

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It is very, very much like halo. I like the idea of the traveller and the guardians as story devices. It could rival halo / mass effect in scope for storytelling. really looking forward to exploring mars

Answer this, do you like the music in Halo 4 better than the first 3 games? I say it's way worse. But what do you think?

I like all the halo music. Mass Effect's music is on par too


The track "117" from Halo 4, is perhaps my favourite

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It is very, very much like halo. I like the idea of the traveller and the guardians as story devices. It could rival halo / mass effect in scope for storytelling. really looking forward to exploring mars

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got one and spend more time on it than i do my PS4 at the moment. overall the wealth of features make it the better product IMO.

But just as a gaming console, PS4 is the right choice. The PS4 controller is great too.

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sts will argue about numbers all day even when he is wrong...its ok bro ur console is doing just fine

numbers are an important part of my job actually.

both my consoles are doing fine thanks.

Also, i clearly wasn't wrong was on this occasion! hahaha

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Think i am going to give DA inquisition a miss and stick with LOTR shadow of mordor.

Whilst i am fine with gays and lesbians in the real world, i dont understand the need for the media to be shoving down it our throats all the time, be it for sensationalism or appeasement reasons.