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It's been quite a run.

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I've been here at GS since the glory days. I was about 15, just a little aspiring kid, I was fascinated by all the things that happened in the community, and video games of course.

I had some great moments here, it definitely helped me through some of the most boring summers of my life. And like all of you I made some great friends.

Well, time has passed since then. Gamespot is a ghost of what it used to be. I've seen some of my best buds come and go, and while some of you are still here, I think its just not the same.

I don't want to list down everything thats happened to me and everyone. I think you know who you guys are, and thanks for helping me with this.

Recently, I've realized that life is becoming more serious. That I have to earn top honors to graduate early enough so that I can declare for the Draft as a Junior. My friends and family have just become so much more important to me over the past several months.

So, I do hope to make the NFL in the near future. I hope if any of you ever see me, you'll give me a shoutout.

And for those of you that don't know yet.
My name is Coby Fleener.

Remember it, and I hope to see most of you guys someday.

Pardon The Interruption.

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Its My Birthday! :D

Yea, I'm posting this and I'll be off.

I'm gonna be 19 and whatnot, not the greatest number, but i'll take it.

First, let me explain my hiatus. >_>

First, I went on a cruise to Alaska, across the cities of Ketchikan, Skagway, Juneau, and Anchorage.
Went on trips like whale watching, Dog Sledding, etc. But the best part was the great friends I met there.
We entered the "teen lounge" as a bunch of random people who wanted to kill some time, and eventually we didn't want to leave the ship at all :( its was like parting with family you know you'd never meet again.
Once in a lifetime experience. But, I still have something to remember them by. :D

I actually found Youtube Videos of me in Alaska as per their promise. :?

Immediately after arriving home, I realized that i had to be at church in 2 hours so that i could make it in time for my annual church camp. I found myself there not knowing anyone (because its not my regular church), but then i started to see some familiar faces and eventually meet some new faces that i'll never forget. The trip didn't really rejuvenate me as a christian, but it anwsered any question that i had so that my faith was completely resounding, and that i could help others if they ever needed it.

I won't go into details, because it would be too boring for you to read :P, so i'll just say that i missed MOST of you guys.

I also actually bought a game.. :| Blitz: Overtime. Its was 10 dollars in anchorage with no tax so i said why not?

Hope to see you all soon!

Waiting for the Moment

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Summer was supposed to start yesterday.

I attended Stanford's 2008 graduation. I had a small speaking role. Great moment.
One of those moments that tells you summer is about to begin.

Flew down to Texas for Football Camp. Time Clock changed completely. Got to visit family.

So I woke up. Sore. At 2am. With an owl at my window. Who never left. I named him Baxter.
Short, Simple Sentences.

So being drowsy, tired, and sore, I decided not to attend a voluntary practice hosted at Texas A&M.
Its hot. There's an owl at my door. I just have to wait until I leave for Alaska on Friday. w00t.

So Help me kill the time...

Ask Me A Question...and I will anwser. *in the next blog*

Until that time, I'll be in a staring contest with baxter.

It's that time of year....

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W00T *high fives everyone, willing or otherwise.*

AP Cal VI - 93 (curve)

AP Gnostistic Geography - 105*

AP IntraLiterary Studies II - 94 (curve)

Pre-AP French I *i took an interest >_>* - 89.6 (no curve)

Je Parlez Francais Isi?

AP Biochemistry *Cell Studies* -91

Varsity Football - 95 *quote* "Git your ass out of that USC shirt or I'll dock ya"


*For Gnostistics I wrote a play involving Migration.
My "Prof" Told me i would've been submitted into the sundance film festival for it*
-It was supposed to be a comedy. :|

For those who want a copy, PM me.

Anyways, I've become involved in movies...

The Bucket List
Thriller - it counts
Forrest Gump *tear sheds*
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Varsity Blues

Forgetting Sarah Marshall it the funniest movie i have ever seen. Do not doubt me. I was skeptic based on the romance genre too. Watch It.

The others are no brainers to watch. Touching.

Now that it is summer again, I shall finally resume Dawson's Creek. Yes Dawson's Creek. remember? I woke up at 3 AM and couldn't find anything so i watched it? It's addictive, part of why i watched Varsity Blues.


Now on to more important things. I have been having nightmares about the Redroom

A japanese Animation about a pop-up ad. A friend tells his buddy about it. The buddy searches for the pop-up ad which is rumored to kill anyone who dares to close it. The buddy tries to contact his friend but his friend seems to be doing something. The buddy closes the pop-up ad which starts gurgling and spewing out names of people that it's killed. His friends name is on the bottom. The next morning people start talking about 2 friends who committed suicide and painted their rooms with blood. The computer closes with the Buddy's name on the end of it's list.

When the Animation ends, the exact Pop-up appears on your computer. Should've had my pop-up blocker working.

Its not that i'm scared of it, its that i had a dream about it EXCEPT IN FRENCH. It freakin scared me to death, frenchies screaming. But it helped me for the test :D.

If you dare to watch it here it is *don't be scared*

Have a great summer :D and sign mah yearbook! *evil*


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I'll explain the blog header later. :|

First off, has anyone noticed the similiarites between the grocery store and driving?

There's driving lanes, moody drivers, drunk drivers, people who talk on their cellphone, kids seats, and of course TRAFFIC.
Nothing more annoying then trying to allow an old lady past you just so 5 other people can cut in line for the worchester sauce...

and Drag Racing >_> oh wait, that was me. :|

Anyways, my friends and I went to the rodeo to see wrangling, cowboys, rodeo clowns, and Fergie :|

It was...okay *secretly yells out AWESOME, but keeps manliness*

I will never feel more buzzed in my life from propel fitness water. - Print that.

Nothing better then getting Fergalicious encored 3 times. *eyes sparkle*

Oh wait, I think this might be better...BAM!

And as always...BAM!

Well, I'm exhausted and I'll go to sleep on a good note.

My wrist is feeling Much Better.


Night. :D

A look back.

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I guess I'll make this an annual thing now. I mean, everyone's forgotten already.

It was a great year, and it always could've been better, but hey no year is perfect.

Except 1999 because wow....just wow

but so many things have happened right?

Just some things. Lets start with the basics.

-It was the Year of the Golden Pig.
-The year of the Rumi
-The Polar Year
-The Heliophysical Year
-Year of Equal Opportunities
-Year of the Dolphin
-and *Highlander* 2007

Sports News

-2007 was the last time the Rockets had a losing streak :D
-The Spurs beat the Cavs.
-The Bronco's Darrent Williams was tragically shot.
-This was followed by the shooting of Sean Taylor.
-Brett Favre was still playing
-Roger Federer won Wimbledon
-Tiger Woods was in the *decline* of his career
-Anaheim won the Stanley Cup
-more then 50 records were broken in the NFL
-The Boston Red Sox won the World Series
-Barry Bonds Breaks Hank Aaron's Record
-Every single steroid indiction known to man
-Duke's entry back in Lacrosse was cut short by Johns Hopkins
-Ohio State lost 2 national Championships.
-Michigan Lost to a Division II team.
-NBA Referee Tim Donaghy confessed to rigging games
-even more steroid indictions

International News

-More Hurricanes then Steroid Indictions >_>
-There are more assassination attempts on Benazir Bhutto then there are people who voted for Ron Paul.
-Smoking Ban in most European Countries Lifted.
-2100 year old melon found.
-More people remember Reagan's Death then 9-11
-Abortion Legalized in Mexico
-The new Harry Potter book brings world peace for a week
-Whos cares? The iPHONE is coming!

Hollywood News

-The Departed wins Best Picture
-Ellen Degeneres Hosts the Oscars
-Brokeback Mountain Wins an Oscar
-Heath Ledger died. *you saw this coming*
-Bob Barker hosts his last show of (The Price is Right)
-Drew Carey is sued for giving away a *used* car on (The Price is Right)
-Lindsay Lohan goes to Rehab
-Britney Spears goes to Rehab
-Paris Hilton Goes to Jail
-Snoog Dogg laughs at the 3 *hoes*
-Dave Chapelle escapes to Africa
-Carlos Mencia is still famous
-Jamie Lynn Spears becomes Pregnant
-Who Cares? We got an iPHONE!

Gamespot News

Yep, lets take a peak at what happened to the people on mah buddy list.
*If you weren't included, then you haven't done anything *Tabloid-ish*
*This isn't a bad thing not to be included >_>*

-Arfentul: I finally realize he has only 1 F in his name. Go Figure.
-Crimsoni: Nearly drinks himself to death. Nice one.
-Cky1451: Forgets to Smile
-Dana gets banned...*moment of silence*
-MickeySteroid gets banned *Oh thank you lord*
-Dzjaansis: Apparently goes Sober. The world will never know.
-Fireemblems: Gets Sick *apparently this is a big thing*
-Fishdalf: Fishy, your whole thing with *blogs with meanings* triggered this.
-GameFreak315: Takes my 10000th post away from me...
-Gin_Tama: Came back, for like a week.
-HavQ_san: Sets world record for Most Random Blog Titles. Or MRBT.
-ihateelvis: He gives me a feebas, which triggers the whole feebas craze...>_>
-Karsha2: You know what you did.
-Kingdomarbiter: Has not set a wedding date yet. ;)
-Manaka-Kun: Complains.
-PlatyPhyllum: I've noticed you start all your blogs with the same sentence. :D
-Princess-peach: You smiled. and you know it.
-Raven1983: Sets record for most Online Quizzes Taken.
-Robograndma: Leaves on permanent vacation. *Moment of Silence*
-tevwalker13: sticks by his creepy avatar through all this time.
-ZeldaMaster32: Well, he loves his Nintendo...

and last but not least


-I get entered into my own videogame :D NCAA08
-I hate Finals.
-School Trip around Virgina
-One of first 1000 people to ride the *Griphon* otherwise known as the tallest roller coaster EVAH
-Bets on the NBA Finals
-Wins the NBA Finals Bet *this is all to Karsha*
-I got engaged.
-I got... de-engaged.
-Trip to the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park
-The Year of most Italian Food eaten by Striker
-I'm 18! w00t
-I'm no longer a fish...yay?
-Friends move away, New Friends made.
-Finally get to meet my Brother.
-No longer addicted to videogames.
-First Halloween not dressed up.
-Christmas spent back home with relatives.
-Christmas spent with all of you guys. *SAPPY ALERT*

I wuv you all. *I may take back this statement April 1st*
So Now i can really give a goodbye to 2007.

Don't you love Spring Break?

See you guys later! *cept Dz, because he never leaves*

Wrist Fracture.

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Thats about it.

I should type more but im not hurting my wrist even more to entertain you fools.

By the way, your left hand is much more useful then you think when you need it

This includes:

Doing left handed lay-ups
Throwing a left handed Pass
Left Handed Golf Swing
Left Handed Tennis Swing
Opening Juice Cartons
Brushing your teeth

Your right hand comes in handy too

This includes:

Punching a brick wall
Getting Hurt

I can't think of anymore

Well, this is depressing.

I need some comfort :(

Happy Spring Break!

Spring Break ~ woohoo?

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I'm...just tired and glad that i get a break.



07-08 Championship

I watched a couple of movies that ill grade by my preference :P I've gotten into independent films...especially ones starring christopher walken 0.o

I am Legend *pick your ending*
Garden State
Suicide Kings
The Funeral
The Cooler

There was also another movie that i want to vote worst picture, but it was so bad i turned the tv off after about 15 minutes and i dont remember the title.

The story is about a homosexual boy who is attracted to an older male on his swimming team. He fantasizes about shower scenes and wrestling 0.o The boy is a social outcast and is a transexual not to mention he doesnt have any "close" family members. If that hasn't made you turn away *this doesn't count if your attracted by this* The boy is 12.

I'm gonna end this bloggeh on a good note.

This is the Utah Jazz's very own Kyle Korver performing his best Ashton Kutcher Impression

....go see for yourself

and yes, you will totally be infected with a virus

Happy Spring Break!

J-E-T-L-A-G (around the world).

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Here sings my story.

I first went to Shanghai PuDong Airport where i gave the lady my boarding ticket. I was promptly given the anwser:
"We are sorry, but there is no plane."


As one of the 400 people who needed to get back to the US, I started shouting on about a lawsuit. Suddenly, an security officer hit the ground as I watched fights breaking out.

Finally, the attendant handed me the final ticket to the last available flight to Tokyo in a rush as so she could get to safety.
(Lucky Me)

The flight was 2 hours delayed and i had to ride a bus to a plane. I was standing outside the head of the plane staring in amazement. [To get a picture in your head, imagine the President walking out of his private jet].

I finally arrived in Tokyo at 5:12 to learn that the plane had left at 5:12.

I was now a 1-man Mob, but an escortee gave me a 1500yen meal coupon, a stay at a 5-star hotel with all meals included and free upgrades to Buisness and First c-l-a-s-s


I bought a McDonald's Mega Tomato (imagine a big mac with double the beef and tomato and cheese)
(and Bacon...and Secret Sauce :| [the secret sauce tastes like wasabi....])

The hotel had a Jacuzzi larger then an SUV. So i had a nice stay before my next day flight to Minneapolis.
(In Case you don't know, this means i don't have to stop in Tehran :D)

I watched 4 movies on my Buisness C-L-A-S-S Personal Theater System.

[The Replacements]
-A nice underdog story that i have seen time and time again, but the hilarious plays and unlikely last-second situations make it interesting enough to go back and study them (as a football freak :P)

-Another underdog story that is hilarious and at the same time, a bit too unreal. The ending seemed so unrealistic as the main character (vince vaughn) seems a financial dolt in the beginning but was able to perform such a task.

[Balls of Fury]
-At last, another underdog story that was so hilarious that I wanted to see it again and again. The cast, the circumstances, and jokes that aren't made from cheesy columnists. After watching dodgeball, I thought this movie was going to bring down hopes, but i laughed so hard that flight attendants started worrying. :|

[Rush Hour 3]
-The movie on the top of my list since it came out. The movie had dramatics and scenes so much larger in scale then the first and second. Of course this movie can't compare with the Black LAPD man meeting the Chinaman in Rush Hour 1, but the references to the first and second Rush Hour make funny nostalgic references along with cinematics almost as explosive and dynamic as Michael Bay films.

So finally i arrive at San Fran.

That means i have 10 hours until I have to give my excuse for missing an extra day of school. I hope they buy the fact that My plane disappeared. :|

Happy Times.