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got a ps3 and a 360 add meps3: xlegendaryx8 and 360: unbeatable game

i got the best of both worlds gears 2 and resistance 2

xbox live

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yo i got my 360 w/ xbox live. i play gears online alot. if you want to add me my name is
unbeatable gama

feel free to tell me your names so i can add u myself.


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anyone viewing my profile im looking for a new HALO themed signature. any links to a union or anyone who could make it 4 me.

Got my wii

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i got my wii today with zelda im so hapy. and im getting a xbox 360 for christmas. yea 

push over emblem

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i got the push over emblem

i guess i give games too high of scores. but still why shouldn't i

new emblem

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did anybody else get this emblem virtually there sony press conferemce

ps3 gonna flop and ps3 over priced

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i've heard that the ps3 is gonna flop. i agree. as soon as i heard that its gonna cost like $500-$600 i knew that it was gonna flop. dont get me wrong ps3 has some good features but who has that kind of money. and i thought xbox 360 was expensive
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