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Dark Energy (Ten)


1. FALLOUT 3- What a great game!!! It's not perfect by any means, and you could spend a whole day picking out the flaws, but it's the most immersive gaming experience I've come across in a long while, and the gameworld is one of the most impressive I've ever seen. I'm 9 hours in and I've barely even touched the main quest. I've decided to complete all the side quests currently available to me, and then I'm gonna have to seriously think about blowing up Megaton (a sidequest so delicious, my mouth is watering from just thinking about it). You see, I've grown to like Megaton and some of its citizens, but damn, I have an option to set off a nuclear bomb, completely wiping the town off the map! Even though I've played as a good character so far, this act of genocide may just be too tempting to pass up. This kind of thing makes Fallout 3 easily the best game of the year. Easily. It's absolutely brilliant.

PS- If you've played the game, what did you decide to do with Megaton? It's a really tough decision.

2. DEAD SPACE- What a disappointment! It's polished to a shine, it looks great, combat is very satisfying, and zero-g sequences are fantastic. Pity everything else about it is generic at best, downright mediocre at worst. The story is absolutely ridiculous, with one of the worst final scenes I've ever seen. The missions themselves are completely unexciting. The atmosphere completely disappears once you realise how damn repetitive the whole thing is. The horror is virtually non-existent. The GS review is filled with outright lies. Disappointing, indeed. The sad thing is that it clearly has the makings of a good, even great, game, but the entire experience is hopelessly padded out, and marred by some very average design.

3. GTAIV- The most unfairly criticized game in history. Even some of the people who say they liked it (looking at you, turbo) "admit" that it wasn't fun :?. How can you like a game that's not fun? I thought it was very fun, and clearly the second best game I've played this year. Everyone goes on about the lack of content, but I don't really know what they're talking about. I don't know about anyone else, but I got 68 hours out of it, which is more than enough for me. I thought the city was just amazing, so much so that I'd sometimes just cruise around checking out the sites. The combat, storytelling and driving were all vastly improved over the previous games in the series. I also loved the general atmospere, and I could see nothing wrong with the much maligned Police chases. I thought it was a good thing that they were easier to negotiate this time around.

Although some gameplay flaws are undeniable, I won't talk about them here, just like the haters never seem to point out even the clearest of positives. I will never understand the level of vitriol this game has received....

4. MIRROR'S EDGE- I can't decide whether I need this game. It looks like a breath of fresh air in a marked saturated with polished but predictable sequels and a glut of generic shooters. BUT, the reviews are far from convincing. There's obviously a major flaw somewhere, which makes me a bit hesitant to splurge impulsively. Anyone played it yet? Is it good? Do I NEED it?


5. VERBOSE- So edit me :x.

6. EXIL'D- A most grave injustice. The Collins Pocket English Dictionary defines the word "retarded" as "underdeveloped, especially mentally". One could argue that Bali bombers were indeed mentally underdeveloped. So taken even at face value, the sentence in no way warranted an exile (a suspension). For those who don't know, they forcibly removed me from these shores, dumped me in the desert with no food or water, and left me to find my own way back. Over nothing!!! O, most foul and grave injustice! I will never vote for the present administration again, and will encourage Revolution and Anarchy at every opportunity, until they finally send their anonymous secret agents to silence me forever.

7. EIGHT- RAAAAAAAAAAH!!!WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! pain. the tears. but the laughter. we must never forget the laughter.

8. 000- Her face. I think of her face. Her body.


10. Whatever I do... Whichever way we... I mean.

I dun writ a sentens!

I certainly did. Da sentens be:

Universally that person's acumen is esteemed very little perceptive concerning whatsoever matters are being held as most profitably by mortals with sapience endowed to be studied who is ignorant of that which the most in doctrine erudite and certainly by reason of that in them high mind's ornament deserving of veneration constantly maintain when by general consent they affirm that other circumstances being equal by no exterior splendour is the prosperity of a nation more efficaciously asserted than by the measure of how far forward may have progressed the tribute of its solicitude for that proliferent continuance which of evils the original if it be absent when fortunately present constitutes the certain sign of omnipollent nature's incorrupted benefaction.

It's doing my head in. Any thoughts? Translation?

The Love-In

Right then. The Love In!!!!

OK, I was simply gonna reproduce another song, because I like the look of Sleeping Pills (despite being unable to separate the chorus from the verses), but instead, I may as well just list those of you who keep me posting on GameSpot even after almost a year. I'm good at judging people on the internet from the safety of my own home, and I'm bored. Good enough reasons.

Before I get accused of plagiarism: Yeah, I know it's been done before, but whaddya gonna do. It's my goddamn blog, and I'll write whatever the bloody hell I like? OK?....

So, let's get started, shall we? Oh, please note, the list is not meant to be in any particular order. It just looks neater when numbered.

1. Carving a giant - Ahhh Carvie. The fact that he hasn't been banned speaks volumes about the sheer quality and teasing humour of his trolling. Top user, even though his wings seem to have been clipped somewhat by the moderators.

2. Raghraghragh - Agreed with me on most things when I first started posting, making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :oops:. Everyone loves rags, and I'm no exception.

3. Riftinducer - Insightful, funny, friendly, uses correct grammar. What more can you expect from a GS poster?

4. Dave003 - Top class, AAA user. Wrote the single best post I've seen this year, but it was taken down by the mods :(.

5. Foolz - Some kind of a guru, a Rasputin-like figure. Showed me the delights of a chemical smile*.

6. jjr - Wrote a comment that goes: "Happy Birthday RYAN. Your awesome, continue being awesome, and we'll all be awesome. Awesome." Won't find much more awesome than that on GS.

7. Uncledean - You had me at hello, you handsome devil :oops:.

8. Turbo - Whenever you ask a question, Turbo will be amongst the first to try and help, even if he doesn't know the answer. He's everywhere. I can't imagine this site without him.

9. Darth Homer - Rational, friendly, consistent. For a long time, I thought this user was Jamie from Big Brother, but I think Darth is better looking.

10. Iszdope - This motherlover needs to learn to pick his fights more carefully. Annoying.

11. aDDikt - Got a bit over-excited about GiantBomb, but whatever, he has good taste in movies.

12. Elektrixxx - Just when you think nothing's going on on the boards, he will randomly say things like "Would you kindly bend over?", making you spit Orange Juice all over your keyboard and have a coughing fit because you laughed too damn hard before you had a chance to swallow.

13. Nintendo Man - Because gaming is a serious business.

14. Curtdogg - Let's just say this user taught me a thing or two about GameSpot's Terms of Use :x.

15. MJCowley - The nicest person you could ever hope to encounter on the internet, and an invaluable part of the community. Pity about his other role around here, though....

I could continue, but I can't be bothered. Some other people deserving a mention are: billy, paul939, pandadude, hackologue, whitedesert, cbok, myst.... Aw geez, what have I started here? I love you all. Happy? Gawd, talk about fishing for compliments....

* - Methylphenidate.

(To avoid the lawsuit: Concept developed by and borrowed from RYAN)

Streak out.

Sleeping Pills

Hi, little piglets. Since it seems to be all the rage, I thought I would start my own blog. I'm not quite ready yet to start churning out quality content, so this is a test run of sorts. My biggest problem is that I tend to say everything I want in my forum essays. Maybe I'll start bringing most of the rants here. Anyway, if you're checking this out, thank you, and hopefully I'll start being more interesting in the future. OK, just so this blog isn't completely content-free, I'll leave you with:


Oh angel, don't take those sleeping pills,

You don't need them,

Though it's just time they kill.

Oh angel, give me your sleeping pills,

You don't need them,

Give me the time they kill.

I'm a water sign, you're an air sign,

Gone, gone to Valium,

Could you get me some?

I'm a water sign, you're an air sign,

Too siamese to catch the leaves from those trees.

Oh angel, don't take those sleeping pills,

You don't need them,

Though its just time they kill...

I'm a water sign, you're an air sign,

Pumped up with Valium,

Could you get me some?

I'm a water sign, you're an air sign,

Sweet FA to do today, sweet FA to do today,

Sweet FA.

(written by Anderson)

And there you go. The beautiful, sighing Sleeping Pills. See you next time.