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im happy for bulletstorm but not that happy for killzone 3

hey hey guys whats up well its almost for the games to come out killzone 3 and bulletstorm well well well imma talk about it.

killzone 3 i was happy about it until i seen and play'd the demo and mutiplayer that game looks the same

as killzone 2 now that made me like uhhhh come on sony whyyyy whhyyy are they pumping us gamers

heads up over this game. the game looks likes the same as killzone 2 so thats the reason why im not soooo

happy about it now but i will get it tho just to see what the storys is all about you know because i need that in my

collection with killzone 2. bulletstorm noww that game looks real nice and so so epic i hope that game aint going

to be garbage at all but i have a good feeling that it will be goood tho imma get the epic edition sooo i can get that

beta for the gears of war 3 yessss. i didnt want it for the xbox360 at first but i said to my self is that i need to get

my xbox 360 collection games up i have 98 ps3 games and 6 xbox 360 games lol and gamers will take bulletstorm

wayyyyy more serious on the xbox 360 then the ps3. i will get it for the ps3 later on in time when i have extra money to

spend out you know. well have a nice day guys

marvel vs capcom is a good hell of an ryde

i have to admit that this marvel vs capcom 3 is a good game guys and to bad we are still missing the great characters that are missing

from marvel vs capcom 2 ken and mega man, i said to my self why zero before mega man uhhhhh capcom diss'ed him lol.

Hold on tight gamers because we all know that capcom will come out with a dlc of the add on characters are maybe lol some bull

crap super marvel vs capcom 3 lol lol lol. The controlls are easy to use and the combo system is to to to easy to pull off this time yesss

i love that in this game lol. I have a on line game that i can winnnnn my butt on on lol lol lol.......

i ordered my first street fight 4 arcade fight stick yessss babay i am ready

Well well well i hope this will help me out alot because today i odered my first fight stick so i can play marvel vs capcom 3.

I got the street fighter 4 arcade fight stick and i hope it works with the marvel vs capcom 3.

lol gosh and i got this stick helps because i have been useing a plain ol controller to play the street fighter and other

fighting game lol. I have been getting my a$S whoop'd but i seem to be doing so so good when im playing off line

fighting the computer. The arcade stick ive heard is much better at the fighting games as well. You guys have a

great ol dayyyyyyy ok guys

Activision,DUMBBBBBBBB S#it

Here we go again with activisions dumb s%*t again uhhh i am to the point is that i cant stand them anymore.

true crime hong kong is not coming out now because activision wack co tossed the game out right along with

dj hero and guitar hero. I mean what the hell that true crime hong kong was the biggest game to have come out

this year dang you know guys. First it was the call of duty games and now this stuff uhhhhh rawwwww.

i love to eat APPLES

hey hey i jus got back from a longs day for going to the apple store like 2 hours away where i live at uhhhh well in my last blog i ordered my first macbook then 2 days later it was cashing on me. I was like hellll nooo thats my 1300.00 there i was saying this macbook must go back nowww lol.Im happy that apple has great service all time my first macbook had the updated ilife imovie into the updated macbook that i had took back. I got my new macbook happy as i can be. I said to my dumb brain of mines is to check to see if it had the updated ilife imovie. lol when i got home i was so happy to check it out again with the great feel good one time wel come intro that comes with it when you turn on a new macbook. i ended up getting the :-( sad because my udated imovie ilife was not into my new macbook soo i had to go though all that customer service stuff taking so so long. Well this is why i like apples is because there sweet and nice. Apple took care of me real good with no hassles at all thanks to appple with sending me free updated copy of imovie ilife now i can do my youtube videos with my new intros and videos as well. Apple is The best they have nice people to deal with all the time guy..

KERNEL PANIC mac book messing up already uhhhhhh rawww

well well well i just paid 1300.00 for a new apple macbook now what the hell. I am getting this crash called kernel panic it shuts down my macbokk turning the screen grey telling me to restart my labtop. I had this macbook for 3 days and now this what the heck.I am going to get another one i dont want no replacement parts are what so ever them maccbooks cost some money. I could have gotton a new game with this money and other new stuff i will see what happends tomarrow when i take it to the apple store 1 hour away from my house...

its almost here marvel vs capcom 3

hey hey gamers are you guys ready the time is almost here for that great game marvel vs capcom 3 who is ready for this game i know i am. My soul as been itching to get my hands on this game lol i even cant sleep at night sometimes lol you guys hit me back...

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