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It's been awhile.

Hey everyone, it's been quite awhile since i've talked to any of you. In the past year, i've gotten two jobs, a 360 for Christmas, (the end to CoD 5 was amazing!) and my driver's license. So, what about you guys? What have I missed on GS?

Welcome to America, Se Habla Espanol?

I recently heard Barack Obama issue the latest statement that has made me further question why anyone would want to vote for him. He said, that every child in America should be taught Spanish. Now I agree with this to a certain extent. It is beneficial to understand and speak another language. However, when a immigrant enters this country, (especially illegally), he or she should not expect the dwellers of that country, in this case, Americans, to learn every word available so they can communicate with them properly.

That would be like me, a born-and-raised-in-this-country 100% American, going to a foreign country, let's just say Spain or France, and demanding that they learn my language instead of me learning theirs. This would be crazy right? After all, I am in their country. The least I can do is learn their native language.

This is what I don't understand, we have thousands of immigrants, (most of them from Mexico, and most of them illegally), coming over to America, looking for work, which we happily and willingly give them, and yet they complain when we don't learn their language. Um hello? Who's country are you in again?

What I'm saying is this. If you come to America, learn English, and don't expect everyone you meet to know your native language. Because I can assure you, not everyone will.

Sadly, not everyone shares this opinion and if you are one of those people, feel free to express your own. This is a free country right? Just do me one favor, write it in English.

Odd Man Out

Soooo, I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet. It seems nearly impossible to get tickets. I was invited to go with some friends, but when I went to order online, THEY WERE OUT!!! Does anyone have a spare ticket they would like to sell?

New Badge

Hey! I got a new badge. "Popular" kinda wierd, considering I'm not on as much. Well, now that I am, what's up everyone?

Diet Coke & Mentos

For years, I thought it was a myth....but it's not. I finally tried it on my own and failed. I think I know why. I used: Store brand diet coke and I only used three mentos. It was a complete failure. So I tried again. This time with name brand cola and seven mints. Ha ha! :lol:It was awesome. It really works and I suggest you try it if you haven't already. :lol: ;)

It's been awhile!

Hey Guys!!! Sorry I haven't been active that much. Somethings have been going on in my life that were more important than video games. But it's all cool now. How's everyone been? What's the latest on GS? I wish I could stay longer, but i'm really hungry. So i'm going to go make a sandwich. Later!

Combining Games

Last night I started thinking, What if they combined games from different platforms to make the ultimate action adventure? Think about it. While Gordon Freeman (Half-Life 2) is stuck in a mysterious haunted town (Silent Hill) he finds a sacred artifact (Doom 3: Ressurection Of Evil) that opens up a portal (Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles) to a strange ringworld. (Halo) In order to get back, he must fight through waves and waves of blood thirsty aliens (Resistance: Fall of Man) and ultimately defeat the god of that world (God of War) and all this time, he's being hunted by manical, suicidal killers. (Condemned: Criminal Origins) I was just playing around. So, be honest and tell me what you think.