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iPhones have not been the majority market share holder of mobile devices sold since the middle of 2010, and I believe in their total life spans the Blackberry has (still) sold more units than the iPhone. iOS has never had the majority of mobile phone subscribers/users. Did you know that when the iPhone first released, it didn't have apps, could not record video, and could not copy/paste text? At least 3 other phones made over a year before did and could... and that is a tragedy.
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Row, row, row... I don't believe it because of the ness of things. And no way I'm dreaming when I take a dump. That's for real.
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No Caddyshack? And wtf?! Pineapple Express?!? The people who say, "Oh yeah the world is a big mess and how about them terrible politicians and I could end world hunger easily" are the same people who say Meet The Spartans is the best of comedy of all time. It makes me mad. This Is Spinal Tap, Dogma, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, The Big Lebowski, Terror Firmer, Three Amigos, Freddy Got Fingered, and Porky's are all very funny films. Don't be a Menace and Dr. Strangelove are good too. I forgot Half Baked. That wins.
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Actual arguments and cases being brought forth question whether or not someone can be eligible to be president if one of their parents is not a US citizens. This has happened before. It's about the law of nations and the difference between natural born citizen and citizen. There is no standing, as the law of nations was never and will never be the law of The United States. Even if it were, the direct translation is not natural born citizen. I would bet many of those who question his citizenship are doing so because he is half black.
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My penis is too big to wear them, so I do not wear them. If it weren't I would still not wear them because they do not look good on men and I am a man.
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Wtf is this? This 1863 book was made into a play in 1981, and three other films were made that are identical to the 2012 version. What exactly are we "rating" here? It's the exact same everything from every other "adaptation". Wtf?!
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I know someone who is over 10,000 dollars in debt, and took his paid vacation to go to Hawaii... spending another 2,000 dollars he doesn't have on things he doesn't need. He is 27, has no college education, and makes about 35,000 dollars a year as a restaurant co-manager. I also know someone who bought his girlfriend a 7,000 dollar engagement ring... maxing out two credit cards while being nearly 60,000 dollars in debt from student loans, and about 3,000 dollars in debt from a car loan. He is a graphic designer for a golf club manufacturer, and makes about 45,000 dollars a year. It's simple economics. The free market will solve all of our problems because it's made of people who do things like this ^.
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I don't get what everyone's complaining about... I love Windows 8. It's better as far as performance is concerned. I don't do much live tiling, though the finance and news tiles are full of great information.
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There won't be another civil war. There might be another revolutionary war however.Zeviander
Where? In France? I saw a five year old take out an iPad mini and take a picture with it... in Las Vegas, NV. People have too much... they don't actually care about "the system" and "the man".
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Spend it on a suit and get a job so you can move out of your parent's house.