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The Dangers of Crowd Funding

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I almost did a very dumb thing. In my defence, I wasn't alone in this. I'm going to name and shame here, Adam Page (gamespot user Adam1808) was involved in this and was spurring me on the whole way. So what did I almost do? Well first some context in the shape of a news story:

This thing is great, it's really stupid and the kind of thing which a crazy person needs to buy. Now I would like to be that crazy person, but alas I don't have the required funds. Then an idea came to me, kickstarter, I could create a kickstarter that was just, 'Give me Money to Buy this Stupid Thing'. Obviously this wasn't a serious thing, just something stupid that me and Adam were doing to amuse ourselves, we at no point intended people to give us actual money, we merely found the idea of making a kickstarter of this kind very funny. For the record, we still find this very funny.

Unfortunately this is against the rules of kickstarter, so we tried indiegogo, where we thought we could get by. However, as this was a dumb joke I didn't really want to attach my info to this. I wasn't going to give them card details, put my name out there, my address, etc. We hoped this would be possible so we went around creating an alias. The first step was creating the email '', we made it, you can email it if you want (I may even reply). We then proceeded to indiegogo and set up a campaign under the fake name Ethan Wells (random generic name, apologies to any person with this name). We also claimed he was from Detroit... Because... Well I don't know why actually....

We got pretty far, until we realised we had to provide card details and proof that the person existed. At this point we backed out, but felt we had to do something with it. So here is what could have been, here are some excellent screenshots of the crowdfunding campaign that almost existed!





I realise that these images are hard to read here, and that some parts are missing. For the full experience click these links: