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Game Club Returns!

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We're back!

It's been a while, I kmow, but I have a great excuse. Pretty soon after uploading the first episode my graphics card broke, that meant I couldn't play games on my computer (bar Civilization V apparently, and some older games). Quite an issue as I do the recording and half of the game playing. Now we had some games planned, the games on the schedule (in no order) were:

Resident Evil 6

Dead Island

Bioshock 2

All of these games would have required a graphics card, so I sent my broken one back (it was still in warranty), thinking I could delay for a bit until it came back. Well it came back, and the refurbished card doesn't work... So that plan failed. For that reason we are playing an older game that I can record and play, that game is:


Neither me or Adam have played it, but want to have an opinion on it, so play it with us or sound of in the comments with what you think about it!