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Birthday Blog!

As you can work out from the rather creative title, today is my Birthday. A decent Birthday also, as of now I am 21 years old. Now this isn't quite as impactful in the United Kingdom, but there's still a certain importance attached to it. So of course after an excellent night in the pub last evening I am now lazily enjoying my Birthday present in all its glory. What you ask? Well I was lucky enough to receive a lovely new iPod touch and am finally getting into some iOS gaming. So far that has mostly meant a lot of GTA: Chinatown Wars, Infinity Blade 2, Letterpress (oh so much letterpress) and some Joe Danger Touch. All of which have been excellent, GTA may not have the best controls but it works on this platform and has a great sense of humour to it coupled with great varied activities to enjoy. Mostly I have been drug dealing, and it's surprisingly addictive (well I suppose addiction shouldn't be a surprise in this case) seeing as really it's just a little economic sim (mere buying and selling). Really it could be anything and be just as entertaining. Joe Danger Touch has really impressed me though as it feels like it has been made from the ground up for the system rather than slapped on it with awkward fake buttons. The touch controls are all really good and it's just super fun. Infinity Blade is simply gorgeous and I'm having fun with it, and letterpress... Well it's as you expect a competetive word game to be. It's fun. So that's mostly what I've been playing, I am open to suggestions though so Gamespot people, what iOS game do I need what do you recommend etc? So with that I am off to enjoy the rest of my day. So long people!