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I'm Going Down Your Chimney Tonight.

To celebrate this wonderful holiday I give you these wallpapers I made as gifts. Here you are, my gift to you guys.




Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2



Dragon Age Origins



Fallout New Vegas



God of War 3



Halo Reach



Killzone 3



Mass Effect 2



Red Dead Redemption



Uncharted 3



Like how we say in our language, Feliz Navidad!

I Think I Have a New Phobia

So I went to Buffalo Wild Wings again and got inspired to do the Blazin' Challenge. For those of you unfamiliar with it, its when you have to eat 12 of their original Blazin' Wings in under 6 minuttes. Sounds easy enough? Let me tell you that it is complete torture in your mouth. The wings are glazed with a very hot smoking sauce that will make you cry within seconds. If you manage to complete the challenge, they will take your photo with the sauce smothered all over your mouth and post it in the Hall of Fame. You also win a free T-shirt and your meal will be on the house! I still wanted to get used to it before I tried it for myself. Closest thing I had was the dipping sauce and it wa pure EVIL! Perhaps I should've just stuck with ranch? (I hate ranch btw.)

So I decided to try it and see if I really had what it takes to beat the dreaded Blazin' Challenge. Let's just say I failed and I still have a fire alarm ringing in my mouth. Ugh, I should've known better. Maybe next time. Oh and no milk is involved so don't even bother. Their onion rings are the best onion rings I have ever had. Seriously they tasted heavenly.

About my new phobia, I'm afraid of getting in the car with my youngest sister. She drives like a maniac and honks and yells at people if they are too slow. She even yelled at an elderly couple and called them inappropriate names. I told her not to do that and calm down because she might cause us to get into an accident. She drives wildly as well that it causes me to hold onto my car seat as much as I can.>_> I also easily get car sick and dizzy. I suppose I'm not ready to be born wild. Or am I? Nah.

I will be cutting my time short here because I'm working on something and it will be a very long process. I'll still be able to post in your blogs and such. Just don't expect me to stay over for dinner.;)

PS: I keep getting headaches.~_~

Short and Pointless. Just the Way I Like It.

First off, my internet hates me. There are times it works and then I lose my connection while I'm posting. It gets really annoying when I have a long post to write up. Darn you TIME WARNER! Will still try and be active with ya'll.

Second, I've not been feeling too well. I've had this headache since Thursday. Must be because of the long days I've been having and some stress issues as well. I don't try to think about it but overall I just need to chill and relax. Hence why I've been designing lately. Here are some recent works of mine.

I have a thing for cowboys.:oops:

Third, I watched A Christmas Carol and Despicable Me. I really liked a Christmas Carol. It brought my Christmas spirit up. Despicable Me......Eh.=/

Totally random but totally worth it: Has anyone tried those Pumpkin Spice Kisses? OMG, they are GREAT!

If You Can Fix It, You Can Have It.

That's what my sister told me yesterday. She bought a new laptop about a couple of months ago. Sad thing is that recently the screen shattered and has cracks on it. Long story short, she tried taking it to get it repaired but didn't want to pay the insane amount they were offering her. Since I'm the Fix It Girl in the house she told me that if I fixed it I could have it. I told her that I'll see what I can do since it's actually a very good laptop and far better than mine.

I was thinking of just buying the replacement screen for it and installing it myself but I have little knowledge on how to do it. I kinda have an idea so I hope I don't make it worse.:? Might do it somtime this month or the next but I'll see what I can do. I tested it before she gave it to me. It turns on and works fine but the screen is black and you can see a few colored cracks on it. At least I have a new project now.:P

In other news I had Eel sauce for the first time. Had it with my tempura. Was pretty cool.

I also added whip cream on my rootbeer float. Oh and maple syrup on my bacon and sausage. Don't say it.>_>

EDIT: I just seen a huge peacock in my front yard.O_O Such a pretty looking bird. I love their feathers.

You Want Some Recognition? I'll Give you Recognition!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving but I'm not going to be around much on that day since I have to prepare a few things for dinner time. Thank God I'm not in charge of the turkey. Since none of us know how to prepare it, we just decided to order it and have it ready for us to eat.:lol: Everything else, will be made in the house. I'll be making potatoes au gratin, green bean casserole and the pecan pie. I don't know where to start with the pie.:? Everyone else will be making and bringing their own things. I hope my food tastes good and the kiddies actually eat their greens.>_>

On Friday I'll be 5 years young here. Counting those years I was gone for it should be 3 but whatever. I decided to just bring up the occasion today since Friday is a day that I will be cleaning up. So I would like to give some recognition to the lot of you that have stuck around for that time or made me decide to come back to GS.:P Please no hard feelings if I do not mention you. It's either because I rarely see you around or I know very little about you.

A great designer that I have not seen for quite sometime. You gave me a lot of feedback in the day. I hope to see you around sometime soon

-Tish- One of my first friends here in GS. You helped me on how to get certain emblems and also helped against bullies.=P I wish to talk with you sometime again since we used to back in the day

5_LD_5 A very good old friend of mine who shared his movie interests with the world. Also made monthly blogs that were very informative. Are you still a fan of Cloverfield and Megan Fox?:P

amkalfus A fellow Californian just like myself knows a bit about my hometown. I wish to get to know you a lot more and have fun in the military.

Someone who I have not seen for a few years but was a great guy to talk to. I miss your comments and your rant blogs.D:

A very goofy guy who says a lot of weird things. Like that one time you wanted to eat my bunny.>_> Still though you seem like a fun guy to hang around with and I hope you don't eat me.o_O

Quite the charmer I must say. You say I look young and that's ok my book.:lol: Why do I think that Kakashi avi suits you?

The only man that knows more about me than anyone put together. Also one of the few who I have met in person and a very caring guy regardless of his smark comments and perverted mind.=P I wouldn't have it any other way, I like you just the way you are.;) But cook for me more often.:P

blackbladegr You are one of the few girls that I still talk to on this site. Most of them left but it's good to talk to a girl for a change. We have a lot in common Jen and I hope you can give me some cooking tips and I will provide you with some art tips.

bloo_herriman92 It's good to see you back even though you have been away for a long time. I kinda missed you asking me for new requests quite often.>_> Also you seem to like Ghost Recon a lot. That's cool.

BreakingSpecter I may not know much about you but I do know that you like Bleach and you like the banner I made you. Also y ou seem to like COD a lot. Well I do hope to get to know you more in the near future.

Brye2357 We manage to stay in touch still and even if it's not quite often you always have some nice things to say. Thank you for all of your support.

canana A very good contributor to the site but it is sad that you have left us.D: A great user indeed who had very informative blogs. You will be missed and I hope to talk more with you on MSN.

Canuck3000 I know you talk to Ryan sometimes but I hope you talk to me too someday.>_> You might be done with GS but you were a nice guy and good friend. Hope you're enjoying the weather.=P

I miss you a lot Crimmy.:( You were a very crazy guy and you even called me Kinkers. I miss being called Kinkers.D: I hope we can chat sometime soon.

I loved the sigs you made me. You were a great designer and hope to see you keep on designing! Keep up the good work my man!

One of the many that noticed my disappearance. I do not know you that well but you seem nice and fun to talk to. Also you seem to be a fan of my cake.:P You once had a very low level and now you are caught up with mine!:o Watch out for those Monster drinks.

Another one I will miss. A great artist and friend. Also someone who helped me get better at drawing. Wherever you are DV, you will be missed. A true legend in my eyes.

I'm glad you like DC just like I do. Not many people prefer DC over Marvel these days.:P You seem to know your comics a lot and that's a good thing, I need wikia to gather my info. Also a great commentor when you post. I love the silly ones.

Another one of my first GS friends here. We may not keep in contact anymore but you also had the funniest things to say. You're also a good artist as well.

Someone who critiques and gives feedback on my work. A great designer as well and also someone who ranked me as Inter!:D I love you man.

Dzjaansis Even though you post the blank staring smiley I hate a lot, you're still a pretty cool guy. You got the biggest collection I have ever heard of and I wonder if Hoarders whould pay you a visit.:lol: I also wonder how you can walk in your home.o_O

exber A talented poet and very friendly guy. I love reading your poems since they are heartfelt and it's good to see someone else who speaks Spanish.

Someone who posts a few random and funny comments here and there. I've known you for quite sometime now but you are still a mystery to me.>_>

fastesttruck The most badass poster of them all. No lie. Also one of the best contributers on this site. Thanks to you, I have heard of emblems I have never heard of. You are the man!

gamah_killah You're a great designer so it's a shame that you haven't been doing that for quite sometime. Anyway, if you do decide to come back for real then I need your guidance. You've improved by a lot! I am impressed.

gamer_girl15 Rather new to my friends list but I already like you. I wish to get to know more about you. You're friendly and also a girl. I need more girls to talk to.=P

I miss your pervy comments.D: You are very artistic and a pro at it so thanks to you, I think I have improved also. Great friend to talk to as well. Stephy misses you.

God17 You seem to have a great taste in movies. That's awesome. You're also rather new to my friends list so I'd like to get to know a little more about you.

A fellow One Piece fan is A+ in my book. You have quite the collection and you are the same age as I am. Good to be nerds at this age.:P And we are not old, we are just beginning.

GunnyHath If my PC ever has problems, I'd go to you. You're friendly and a nice guy as well. You're also a great user in this site so keep on being great!

Hanzoadam I barely added you as a friend but I grew a liking towards you. You watch anime I have never heard of but they all seem like anime I would watch.

My favorite little spy. Thanks for giving me Princess, she keeps me company. You know a lot about big cats and although the PS3 has YLOD'ed to you twice you're stilla PS3 fan. Awesome man. You're a good friend too.;)

You were an old commenter of mine and I take it that you do not spend that much time in GS anymore. Whatever is happening in your life atm, I still would like to hear from you.

I barely know you that well but your friends really like you and you seem like a sweet and fun guy too. You also have a great collection and maybe sometime when I get the PS3 we can play online.

Quite possibly, the person on this site that I respect the most. Also one of my greatest friends and first friends in GS. If there was ever an award for best user in GS it would be iowastate. (as corny as that sounds) but he deserves it. I love that your blogs have diversity in them and that you are also very wise about a lot of things that go on. A great amigo who shares a lot of interests as I do.

IppaiMetaru You are the first person other than Ryan that I have played with in XBL. You're a good gamer and awesome friend amigo. Also one of the first ones I had since I can last remember.

Karsha2 Ah yes everyone's little pervert.>_> Half of what you way, I am thinking about already. Also someone who posts the funniest pictures I have ever seen. Like that Halloween costume one.:lol: That was brilliant!

I may not hear from him that often but he does stop by whenever he can. He is a very good poster and posts some well thought out posts when he can.

I find your posts to be a little strange but hey, I enjoy them! You're a good fellow and you also have a great taste in music my friend.

kuruppath Someone who I have not seen in ages until now. Where have you been all this time?:X It's good to see you again and posting, you're a cool guy and I would like to talk with you more.

langrisser2005 I remember you! Awesome poster and I liked his gaming blogs as well. Come back nao!

Lonelynight Someone who used to post a lot in my blogs but has seemed to disappear for the time being. A good poster as well.

An old friend of mine and someone who helped me a lot with a few problems I was having. I'll miss talking to you my friend.

macrules_640 I talk to you in pm's most of the time. You're my favorite customer when it comes to making sigs and banners.:P You're also very smart and prefer the 90's just like I do. Great friend and contributor to the site.

meganno My sis in GS. Also my first sis in GS. We talk on Gaia and in Facebook so even if you're not here it's ok.

I hope to hear more from you and if you ever need any tips or help in designing, I'll be here to help. You also gave me good feedback and critiques on m work. Nice pal.

nachi_lobo A very interesting poster that always gives such informative blogs. I know you have been really busy lately but you can already tell that many friends miss you and hope to see you back.

Nice guy who I have not heard of for awhile. But I can still talk to you on FB. Also very friendly and huge fan of football.

I know Ryan gives you a hard time when I tell him not to.>_> I don't speak to you quite often but I do mention you to him and I hope you don't mind those annoying texts that he sends you. He says I said it, when I don't.>_>

nsoliveira You're a real sweetie and very kind. I know you like KH a lot and I do too. I also know you love Naruto a lot and although I may not like it as much it is a nice show to watch.

A great mod in this site. Also a really good poster and I have the feeling that you post in everyone's blogs. I try to as well even though half the time I don't know what to say.

Pixy64 One of the most caring people I have ever came to see in this site. I really do miss you and it's sad to see that you are not around anymore.:(

I miss your interviews.>_> And your comments. Also your silly blogs.

I have not seen you in awhile. Looks like you have been enjoying Dynasty Warriors.:P

Where did you go?D: I'll miss your comments as well and also the interviews you did. Hope to see back someday.

Primo295 Not as active as before and haven't heard from in awhile either. It's still good to see that you go on a bit and contribute little by little. At least you're not gone for good!

RebornJeremiah I hear from you from time to time. Good that you're not completely gone. And now that you've mentioned it, I would have to agree Atrocitus>>>>>>Larfleeze.

resident4evil05 You also know a lot about anime and manga that I have never heard of. How you manage to read them all is beyond me.:P But you like Haruhi! That's awesome since I love that anime.

robbristow An oldbie in this site. You're a great contributor and you helped me with the squee face! You seem to know a lot or maybe it's because I'm clueless?:/

RYAN_CHRIST I talk to you in XBL and you are a really nice person who helps others a lot. Also we're both fans of Civilization.

s0njas0n We get to talk a bit on Gaia and you're more of a gamer than I will ever be. We need more female gamers like you chica!

Wherever you are and if you are reading this, I'll miss talking to you on MSN.

Serbine One of my most well liked users. I love that you are always so enthusiastic and also a One Piece fan. You're already a great poster and really, really nice. Sometimes I think you're sucking up to me.>_> LOL just kidding.

A great friend and funny guy as well. I do miss your doodling and I always enjoy your company. You're also someone who helps boosts my confidence. We both seem to like animals as well which is nice because soft guys=sexy.

sisominux You were a very frequent commentor of my blogs back in the day and your posts were also quite entertaining. I hope you are doing alright wherever you may be.

smolle I liked watching you and DZ go at it. I want to see that again if you decide to be more active.:P

SonicHomeboy You're a great artist and also a very good friend of mine on DA, MSN and GS. I love your furry art a lot and you know that I love animals also. But you seem to know more about them than I do. Also one of my first friends here as well and still alive and kicking!

SupaMarioPlumma You're one of my best friends outside of GS. You're badass and you also take awesome pics of yourself. I don't know if anyone has told you this, but you remind me of the customization guy in Black Ops.:B

SupremeFantasy A friend from long ago. I know you don't post much these days but you always had some interesting things to say. I'd like to heart some more of that.=P

s_h_a_d_o I dunno why but you remind me of a CIA agent. I'm still figuring on why that is. I still do enjoy your witty comments.

TAMKFan You're a great pal and I'm glad to have gotten to know you better on MSN.:) We have some similar interests and we both like fighting games. I really do enjoy chatting with you and I hope that we continue to do so.

trystlk1826 A user who also have very useful and informative blogs. I know I have missed many of them in the past but I do hope that you get to do more and I hope that we get to play on XBL.

vidplayer8 Also someone who used to post from time to time. I see you around still but not that often. I hope things are going well for you.

VitoMysterio619: You're blogs were always quite random but great nontheless. =P Your posts were quite random as well.

WalkThruWalls You're a frunny guy and I always love your comments. But you catch a lot of the mistakes I make which is good. I think you know more about them than I do.

wolves1989 Don't know where you are now but I hope you're doing well. You were also a great poster and I do enjoy your blogs.

Although you've recently made a blog, you're still MIA but hey we all have lives outside of GS. You're a great female gamer.

My God. I think I'm going to pass out. @___@

Wait For It....Wait For It....

You'll just have to wait until Wednesday to find out.

In the mean time, I have some things to say.

I will have a horrible and busy weekend. I am not looking forward to that.

It's raining here. It seems I'm one of the few that doesn't like the rain. Maybe it's because it gets in the way of my daily walk routine. I take a walk in the park for about an hour a day and it makes me feel very relaxed and ready to start the day. So I don't like missing my walk, I feel cranky when I don't do it.=P

Thanksgiving is almost here and we have not planned anything for it yet. I've been looking online for some recipes and food to make for that day. I found quite a few and I hope that we don't have tamales. I am sick and tired of tamales. >___> I do like the green chili ones with cheese though.

Here's avi art I made for someone on Gaia.

And one I made for myself.

I can't wait to get a graphics tablet so I don't have to do the lineart in Photoshop. It takes so much time.:x

Is it wrong of me to make someone's food taste better? My sister made creamy chicken soup and it had like almost no flavor so when she went out of the kitchen I fixed it up a bit and it tasted like REAL chicken soup. She never found this out though. Am I a meanie?:B

Pet Peeves. You Know you Love Them.

My brother and my nephew had their birthdays this weekend. My brother's was on Friday and my nephew on Sunday. My brother wanted to drink on his birthday but I didn't let him.>__> I'm not letting no 15 year old drink in my house! I made a cake for my 1 year old nephew.

It's a Yo Gabba Gabba! cake. It's a chocolate cake with banana filling and chocolate chip, also the daisys are white chocolate. Ignore the cracks on it, it was still a good cake.:lol:

Just wanted to share a few pet peeves of mine for no apparent reason.

- I really, really and I mean really dislike it when the milk is left out of the refrigerator. Is it really so hard to put it back in?:?

- I dislike it when I go to a restaurant and a family is sitting next by me and their kids are looking over at my food and then they try and grab what I'm eating. Oh my God parents, can you please watch your kids?!

- I'm in my room doing whatever and then someone who is not even family, comes in my room without knocking. Most of the time, it would be my brother's teenage friends. Like wth? Besides the lock in my door is broken and I don't know how to fix it.>_>

- You read a sign that says "Please turn all cellphones off". And some people don't listen and then they get confronted by the security guard and turn them off after he said it himself.

- Everyone eats and no one else washes their own plates. It's like I'm the only one that washes mine.

- Shoes in the middle of the kitchen. Ewwww!

- Clothing getting mixed up with other clothing.

- Seeing dirty foot prints on any floor.

- Watching a movie in a theatre and then hearing someone yell something random on purpose and laughing really loud. It annoys me to no end.>_>

- Last but not least, making a bigger problem to a very small problem. Said person is upset about something that can easily be fixed. Then the other person tries to fix it and said person says something like, "No! I don't want that anymore!" Thus creating a bigger problem and then causing the other person to get upset as well.

Pet peeves. BAH!

I Feel so Cold + Add Me on XBL!

I just want to say thanks to everyone who supported me after my abuelo's passing. I actually am not upset about it anymore and I've gotten over it. I'm surprised I don't feel as bad about it anymore this quickly but I suppose for everyone it's different. I guess I just needed to distract myself with activities instead of just thinking about it all the time. Sure did work.

I miss the heat. I don't mind the heat as much as other people do but I was complaining about it 2 months ago and now I want it back.>___> I'm not used to the cold but can you even count 56 degrees cold?:? I guess that's what happens when you live in S.California. Maybe in my case anyway. I see people surfing in the beach and all I could do is ask myself, "Won't they catch a cold out there?" I know I would. Hell I got one right now.:lol:

So after almost 8 months without having a gold membership I finally renewed it. If you want to add me my gamertag is Stephanime. I occassionally go on so let me know who you are if I don't recognize you off the bat. I'm thinking of getting a PS3 next year but I really want to get a good graphics tablet first so I can draw without wasting paper.>____> I guess I just have ot think on what's more important at the moment.

I made chicken alfredo for my siblings yesterday but they told me the chicken was like rubber. I had a bite of it and it was. I just could never cook chicken properly. >_>

Not Really Happy and I Watched a Few Movies Over the Weekend

My abuelito died over the weekend. I was actually going to go see him in Mexico this December but now that's not going to happen.-_- I haven't seen him in 4 years and I was excited to finally see my grandpa for Christmas this year but he suddenly fell ill and he died.:( I really do miss him and I wish I seen him before he had to go, I had so much to tell him. My relatives said he died peacefully but I still feel terrible about it. He lived a long life though, he died at the age of 93. I still can't believe he is gone but everyone passes away eventually. I will be fine from all this it just doesn't feel right to me.

Anyway, I spent most of my weekend watching some movies at home:

Toy Story 3

Ironman 2

The Untouchables

Alice In Wonderland

The Hangover


They were all very good and enjoyable. A few classics up there that never feel old to me. Oh and in case you are wondering, I did not watch the new Alice in Wonderland, I watched the classic animated one. I still have to watch the latest one although my sister said she didn't really like it. I'll catch up on all your blogs now.:)

I Love All the Colors!+My Halloween Photos

First things first, I changed my profile theme and well my banner turned out a little crazy. I wanted to make one that looked like something a child would do, thus all the crazy outlines. I used nothing but the pentool and it took me almost 2 hours to make. I am proud of the outcome though, so no complaints from me. Also made a blog header to go along with it.


Blog Header

As for Halloween related, I took my little brother trick or treating last night and it was quite fun. I don't trick or treat anymore, but for some reason, people still give me candy.:lol: We passed a house that was playing the music of Micheal Myers and he came out and my little brother screamed. Then someone dressed as Freddy Krueger, got near my little brother but I went in front of him, and Freddy rubbed his claws against my arm.o_O Pretty crazy night I would say.

Here are my Halloween photos. I'm supposed to be Mad Hatter Bunny.:P There I am in all my tinyness.>____>

I don't look happy in the last one.:?

Hope you all had a very Merry Un-Halloween!