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Check Out My Array of Badges

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Its been awhile since Ive posted a new blog, but check out all the badges I have now.  They are mostly E3 stuff, which was insane this year, it really kicked a$$.  I can't wait for Zelda TP, MGS 4, Both FF XIII, FF XII, and FF VII DOC.  Up until now Ive been bored and just waiting for some stuff to come out so I can play it.  I am definitely going to get a Wii and a PS3 now... I love E3.  Also TREU is kinda slow now and not too many people are active in it but its all good.  If any of you want to check us out here is a link to the Union, that would be cool.

Anyone out there?

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Hi all, I wonder if anyone will even read this......well I like Zelda, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, and Metroid in that order. I have a Gamecube and PS2, Im affiliated with the The Official Zelda Union and The RE Union. I play guitar and bass, and I am a big Miami Dolphin fan.