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Video Game Politics, the Bottom Line.

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Video game regulation is a hot topic these days, but do we (and by we, I mean pro video game activists) really have to justify anything to the federal government?

Video game legislation has been ruled unconstitutional in every case that it's been brought up in. This is not a majority. This is not even a supermajority. It is a unanimy. Courts all over the nation have ruled that the studies that link violent video games to aggression are in no way conclusive, and there must be a conclusive, undeniable, undisputable link between the two before video games can be regulated.

It appears to me that the politicians are just looking for something to add to their resume, and nothing more. Do they really care about the youth of America? Let me answer that question by asking a question: When have they ever cared about anything that wasn't in their wallets?

The bottom line is this: The video game industry does not need to justify squat to the government, not until there is conclusive evidence that video game violence is harmful. Video games are protected by the first amendment; that's justification enough. Thank you. Have a nice day.