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I finally got my 360 back... well, its not exactly my 360, its a brand new one! (which I am totally fine with). Its so much quiter than my old one... ANYWAY, life is good again.

Oh good. Three flashing red lights. The day before Halo 3.

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I recently bought Bioshock, and was really enjoying it, but then it started to freeze. A lot. So, I went back to EB Games and exchanged my current copy of Bioshock for a new one yesterday (Sunday), and after talking to an employee there, there apparently have been others that came in to get a new copy because their's was freezing. After playing for around 5 minutes, it freezes again. But wait, it gets better - I try to restart my 360, and there it is, every 360 owner's nightmare, the three flashing red lights. Damn. Normally I would agree with others saying that it is a shoddy hardware issue, but after reading about other people getting the Red Ring of Doom after playing Bioshock, I'm wondering if it is somehow the game or the patch that is causing the problems.

I just got off the phone with Microsoft a few minutes ago, and a box is on its way to me so I can send my 360 in for repair (for free, my 360 was still under warranty... now that I think about it, I haven't even had my 360 for a year yet). Its gonna be 3 to 5 weeks until I get to play again... and this happens the day before Halo 3 is released. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to wallow in self pity.

I saw Spider Man 3... unfortunately

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I saw the midnight showing... and I can easily say that it was one of the most upsetting and disappointing movies I have ever seen. The majority of the acting was horrible, the whole Peter going emo/scene with the blatant eye liner and the hair that covers half of his face when he got the symbiote was just plain painful and sickening to watch (when he did the signature hair flip, me and half of the audience cringed), the fact that it seems like we barely saw Spiderman at all, the ridiculous drama, the cheesy lines (not the good cheesy lines that are supposed to be in comic movies), the... "dancing", the horrible ending... god this movie was a disaster.  They didn't even get Venom right... his voice didn't fit (and wtf was up with the baby velociraptor noises he made?), he was way to small, and he didn't even say "We are Venom"!! ... And he was in the film for what, 20 minutes? UGH. MASSIVE FAILURE.

The only decent things where the special effects, some of the fight scenes, and I thought Topher Grace's acting was decent...

But yeah, Mr. Raimi has lost my faith. I fear for the future movies...

I'd give it a 5 out of 10. 


ZOMG Call of Duty 4

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If you haven't seen the trailer yet, stop reading and go do it now... NOW I SAID. IMHO, CoD4 looks awesome... and it's interesting to see that a lot of the game seems to be set in the Middle East... I wonder how much political crap this game will stir up. Below are some select images I screen cap'd from the trailer... some aren't in the best resolution, but whatever. If you guys want more images, I'll upload some more sooner or later, just ask. Enjoy.


Virginia shootings

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As I'm typing this, I can hear CNN in the background from a TV in my computer class... I believe they are saying that there are 31 deaths now.  It really is quite sickening.  But what's just as sickening is what lies ahead... the blaming of the "evil" media. I wonder what the scapegoat will be this time... Marilyn Manson? Grand Theft Auto? Or will people finally realize that it takes a lot more than some violent lyrics or pixels to drive someone to commit such a horrid act as killing 31 people and wounding 29...? Hmmm. Somehow, I doubt it.

My sympathies for friends and families of the victims.

I wonder when Jack Thompson will jump on this one...

ZOMG Spider Man 3

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Just downloaded the "final" trailer last night. Yeeeeaahhh... May 4th never seemed so far away...

Below are a few of my personal favorite pics that I screen captured from the trailer (because I have no life)... enjoy.