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150th blog


If you guys can read simple English, you should know that it's mah 150th blog post.8)

So.....I have cake.....and cookies

and I'm throwing a dance party!!!!






Harry Potter and a new emblem.

Today I went to the movies to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

The movie was pretty good although they forgot some some stuff from the book BUUUUUT most movies do these days:D

Also I got a new emblem

It says I participated in voting for E3 awards, even though I have no recollection of doing so.:roll:


Leaving for a few days.

Hey guys.

Today I leave for a overnight soccer camp with my friend, I'll be back Thursday night though, I don't know if the camp we're staying at has internet or not, but if it does, I'll try to be on as much as possible.


2 years on Gamespot


Two years ago on this very day, a boy named stayman_jacobi made an account on Gamespot. The first year, however, he was lazy and boring, and did not use his account. In the last year though, stayman_jacobi has become more active, made almost 200 friends and even started his own union.

So yeah its my 2 year anniversary.


New avatar and blog header

Hello :D

As you might have noticed I made a new avatar for myself. The one with Link was getting kind of old since I had it for two levels. Now it is Espio

and my blog header is new too. The old one got really bland after a while, so I changed thing up a bit. Tell me what you guys think of them.


School's out

Today was my last day of school. We had an award assembly at school, and I won awards for attendance and A's and B's. Thay let us big 8th graders walk out late to show off our swagger to all the puny 6th graders. On the bus my friend and I danced like white people a.k.a we shook our fists around a whole lot. Too bad most of my good friends are going to a different high school than I am, but those things just happen.



That's right torture. School was supposed to be out last week, but because of the snow days in winter they go until Wednesday:cry:


and the worst part is, today, tomorrow and wednesday are all half-days.:evil:

I mean what is the point of that?:?

I'm not gonna learn anything so bleh.

Anyways blobulus I found your video...:|

You look just like this kid on my street...:|

but taller:|



The Lonely Island

Hey guys:D

Many of you have been talking about the Wii U and such and that is all fine and dandy, but today instead of rambling on about how dumb the name is and how weird it looks (which by now you must have seen a million times) I'll discuss my latest addiction. The Lonely Island. You may not know who they are, but you probably know their songs like I'm on a Boat, Like a Boss and I just had s*x. Now a couple weeks ago a friend was playing Like a Boss on our school bus and it intrigued me to find out what it's about. Since then The Lonely Island has become one of my favorite singing groups.

So just wondering if you guys know/like their songs or if you think it's too explicit:shock:


Its mah birthday

I know what you're thinking "this guy hasn't blogged in weeks and now he blogs for 2 days in a row!?" well yes because on its my birthday. For my birthday my parents got me the latest Ipod nano which is super awesome and my friens got me an Itunes gift card to go along with it. So far its been an awesome birthday. Oh and for any of you that care I'm turning 14