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Should I rank?

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Hello everybody how are you doing?

I'm great because I leveled up!! Thats right, out with th Rad Racer and in with the Toobin'. The only problem is I don't know what the heck a Toobin' is. If any of you know please tell me, I'd like to know. To skip to the title of this blog I've noticed a lot of people have been ranking their friends. I debated on doing this, but I want to know from you guys first. Should I or shouldn't I?

stayman out.

New union

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Salutations to all reading this! Today I'm just going to skip right to the heart of this blog. It's about a union called the New Super Smash Bros. union. It's the first union I'm an officer in so I'm excited. I encourage fans of any Smash Bros. game to come and join. There isn't much on the topic board right now, but I'm hoping there will be soon.

Until next time

Level 12

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Whats up everybody? Today I'm going to discuss the Gamestop leveling system. I like it in some ways, but dislike it in others. The pros for it are that its really fun to see how fast you and your friends level up, but the are a couple of cons.For one you cant write reviews, create unions or post videos until a certain level. An example of how this is bad is what if someone who was level 3 or something had a really good idea for a union, but someone else took the idea but scewed it up completely. To refer back to the title of this blog I managed to reach level 12 after a year and about 4 months (whoop de doo). On a similiar note once level 12 is reached you get the rank of Rad Racer. Yeah very "rad" name.

Anyway thanks for listening to me rant and rave.

Sonic Chronicles

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Hello people of Gamespot just here to say I got a new game.

As you can see from the title of this blog post the game I got was Sonic Chronicles for the DS. I think it's very funny how half the reviewers think the game is awesome and the other half thinks it's sh*t. I personally find it to be ok from what I've played of it. The combat seems kind of repetitive, but the character selection is nice and the graphics fit nicely. The other great thing is I got the game for 15 bucks. It was used, but everything in it works just like an unused game.

Whatever. Tell me what recent games you got in a comment.


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Hi guys me again. Just here with some info.

Some of you may be wondering what kind of name is stayman_jacobi? Definately not normal I'll give you that. The reason for my username is because of my cats. Or was because of my cats. Thats right they're both gone now.:cry: They were twin sisters and they were black and white, man they were adorable. Unfortunately they both died of the same thing. Kidney failure. It was hard to see them in pain so they had to be put to sleep.:( Anyway just thought you might want to know.

On a lighter note why is your username what it is? Tell me in comment:)

New releases+new picture.

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Hello people just here to give you some news. My user icon has changed to a picture of LUIGI. I thought I might as well put a pic there and since the man in green is my favorite video game character it's only fitting I should put him there.

Anyways I'm here to talk about my upcoming game wishlist. With so many awesome games coming to shelves I felt compelled to type them down. Now beholde...Kirby's Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Mario Sports Mix, The Legend of Zelda Skward SWord, and Super Scribblenauts.

How about you? What is you're game wishlist?

Cool web show

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Hi everybody me again. This time I'm here to talk about a web show. It's called Super Mario Bros Z (smbz for short). If you're a fan of Mario, Sonic, or Dragon Ball Z I highly recommend it. Currently there are 8 episodes and scheduled to be at least 15. I would say starting at episode 1 would be best (duh), but if action packed fights are what you like go to episode 6 or 8.

If you have any questions be sure to ask!:lol:

More friends

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Hello everyone as you can see by the title I am posting this to try and get more friends. I already have eight, but I am tracking many more. So if you see me tracking you respond because having friends is fun.

Movies for games

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Hi there everyone, the summer release of Prince of Persia got me thinking, what other great games deserve a movie? So here's my choices on which games need an awesome movie.

Monster Hunter series

Metroid series

Halo series

Half-Life series

Starcraft series

The Legend of Zelda series

Gears of War series

Metal Gear Solid series

Final Fantasy series

Kingdom Hearts series

and last but not least Uncharted series

If you have an opinion or think I left an important series out comment.