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Leaving Gamespot

Might as well have had the title be "Already left Gamespot".

So this is my final blog ever and probably the last post you'll ever see from me. Gamespot is just pitiful now, their reviews are mediocore and the new social aspects of the site have corrupted all the good things. Pretty much all of my good friends are gone too, I haven't seen most of them in months. I will continue to check the website and respond to any PM's.

Also anyone with a PS3 can add me: Spyhard1337



Guess who got a PS3?



Thats right I have a PS3 now boys and girls. So far I only have 3 games, Uncharted 3, FIFA 12 and Batman:Arkham City. However Portal 2 is only 30 bucks at Target and inFamous 2 is only 40 so I'll be getting one or both of those soon.

First impression? FIFA 12's new defense system is a real pain, but I'm getting better at it. Uncharted is always fun, and the online mode is a blast, but kinda difficult. Haven't started Batman yet though :(


Well that's all folks!


Also Gamespot's new comment system is uber gay -__-

Need some opinions


So my birthday is not too far away and I was thinking about trying to get a PS3. And before you all say that I'm becoming a Nintendo hater and that my life will revolve around CoD, I still plan to play my Wii and 3DS regularily. Now the reason I need your opinions is because I'm trying to come up with a list of games I would realistically be able to get. That means no M rated games(still not old enough for those) and T is probably fine. These are some I'm already thinking about...

Uncharted 2 and/or 3

inFamous 2

Fifa 12/FIFA street

Madden 12

Batman:Arkham City

Portal 2

Final Fantasy XIII

LittleBigPlanet 1 or 2

Sonic Generations

Dirt 3

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. So any recommendations or things I need to know about these games or the PS3 itself would be appreciated.


Remember me?

Been like a month O_O

Just dropping in to see if anybody cares whether or not I've gone >_> I doubt it though. Also I got Kid Icarus:Uprising so if anybody wants to play online with me or something, leave me your 3DS code and I'll add you as soon as possible.

Well, you can return to your lives now D:


Re-Uploaded GIMP- new artwork

So, wuzzup

If some of you guys remember I had GIMP and was making art on a regular basis. When we got a new computer however all the data disappeared. Now I have it again and am making new artwork so I thought I'd show you guys my newest creation

I'm pretty pleased with this one considering I haven't used in GIMP in months>_>

Ah well, just blogging cus I can :D


What I've been up to

Boy I haven't blogged in a while...

So the reason for thr inactivity is because I have been playing Goldeneye 007 a lot. I also got some 3DS games for christmas(man it's been a while)

I got Mario Kart 7

Super Mario 3D Land

and Pokemon Rumble Blast

So far Mario Kart 7 is my favorite,and clock0 can tell you more about how bawss I've gotten considering I'm 24-6 between him(sorry couldn't resist:P)

Also I have midterms all this week, which means I get half days on Wednesday, Thusday and Friday:) and I have Monday off:D



Goldeneye 007

So I bought this game on Sunday because some of my old middle school friends got it and forced my to spend my money on it. So far it's pretty awesome. Multiplayer online is great, even though your opponents can be really cheap :3 Anybody else have it?


3DS Bundle pack

Well it's Black Friday which means sales, sales and more sales. So while I was flipping through the Gamestop ads I noticed a 3DS bundle deal. Trade in your old DS and get your price reduced on the bundle. Si if I traded in my S=DS Lite I would get a 3DS and either Super Mario Land 3D or Ocarina of Time 3D for $129.99. My question is, should I get this deal now and if so, which game should I get? Also can the 3DS play regular Ds games as well?


Done trusting Gamespot

*drops kicks reviewer out 10 story building*

Seriously, a 7.5? This this proves how biased Gamespot is. Other websites and magazines give it fantastic reviews, yet Gamespot seems to be in their own little fantasy world where trolls and idiots run free.

I'll just stick to Nintendo Power reviews


I'm not dead

Not yet anyway. Sorry for the inactivity as of late, I'll try to comment on your blogs but no promises. So Skyward Sword is coming out soon and I have scraped some money together to buy it on release date. If it doesn't get atleast a 9 from GameSpot I'll drop kick somebody.