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herp de derp herp de derp herp herp herp herp herp de derp

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i think i'm like addicted to this...and she is so freakin cute. lol.

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nothing much for me so far.. got enslaved for 5 bucks.. hoping for an ac2 trilogy sale.

lol. didn't even know that was on steam.

also, you're doing it wrong. supposed to wait for it to be a daily deal ;)

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Steam sale starts in like 10 minutes, but I blew my load on the GOG one. I'm actually embarrassed to admit how much I spent.

i can't even log in. lol

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Finally level 50 on my WHM. Now I have 2 DPS, 1 Tank, and 1 Healer at 50 so I have options. It's getting really tiresome to keep gearing all these classes but this is really the last one I'm gearing so i know once i get myself above i90 on that then i'll be good.

lol. thats about what i have, just have both tanks. think i'm pretty much ready for 2.3, since i finally got my mirror to drop from levi a couple days ago. was only the 2nd one that i've even seen. we're able to get T8 to around 40% so it shouldn't be much longer. although i'm not sure how our dps is gonna be on the enrage. i know its really tough to beat the enrage timer on this one. =/

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too much talk about the fake football =P

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T7 down!!! what a fun turn. somehow i managed to not petrify everyone long enough for us to win =P STILL no tank drops, but i'm sure they'll be coming soon. i hope. was extremely pleased with how quick we were able to learn/downed it. there's a lot of mechanics to be aware of that are essentially instant wipe if not done perfectly. just hope we can keep it up.

we did a few tries of T8 but were only able to make it to around 75% lol. its rough but still very doable. i need to read up on the fight so i understand what i'm doing. the tank gets hit like a freakin nuke. lol

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Now that that is out of the way, finally getting around to starting the most recent Game of Thrones. I avoided spoilers but I still know something really big that is about to happen because I couldn't help myself last week. Sounds like a big battle is coming... Neat. Gonna give Witcher 2 a go after. Though what you said Texas worries me.. I hate games with slow beginnings so much.. And Witcher 2 has that weird tutorial too. The Naughty Dog guys are stellar at instantly getting engagement.. Dat TLOU opening. Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Hitman: Absolution had really going openings too.


Wow that was awesome. :O Who is this Mantz guy? Has he been introduced already?

yeah, i heard house cardigan gets blown up by dragons. or something like that.

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@starwarsjunky: I thought the figures were their own thing. They're AI controlled when you use them.

And I got the impression that customizable move sets was just a feature of the game. You can use them in For Fun but not in For Glory. Maybe I missed some connection to the figures.

could be wrong, but i thought it was for everything?