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Madden games

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I am so tired of sitting around every summer waiting for the highly anticipated Madden. Every time I buy a Madden football game I become highly dissapointed with the changes that took place or lack there of. Nfl superstar mode is garbage and has been since it was first released on Madden 2006. It has been almost four years and NFL Superstar mode recieves no attention. I am tired of looking at a calender and pressing play. I am tired of having a 70 overall cornerback that automatically starts over Champ Bailey. I am extremely tired of the bland interviews that come along every now and then. I am tired of earning money you can't do anything with. NFL Superstar mode is one of the many problems of Madden. Wide recievers drop passes or the ball just go right through their hands literally.

Almost every year Ea sports has promised to fix the cathing mechanics in addition to this year Madden 2011. Out of all the years they have done it I have seen no improvements. Anquan Boldin still drops too many easy passes and Larry Fitzgerald still can't hold on to the ball. It is ashame that even high caliber recievers can not play like high caliber recievers.

Today I vow not to buy a madden again. 2K all the way.