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New year , new resolution.

See I haven't done a blog close to 16 months , might as well write another one . I hope everybody doing okay. I probally won't be facing somebody in pokemon for a while , that is if can ever find the game again. Let my little cousin use a few months ago haven't seen since . Brawl gonna come out in 2 weeks i've been practing a lot with some of my favorite characters like kirby , Ness , Link , Pikachu , C. Falcon . I been waiting for this game for over year , wanted to get this badly each time it was delayed , I feel sorry everyone that out in Europe and Australia might to have to wait to next fall just to get it. Good to see most of them were improved. Anybody else going to tournaments gamestop and game crazy are hosting for this game.

At the moment mostly been playing Loz: Phantom hour glass , fire emblem radiant of dawn , almost finished with Corruption. If anybody that played No more Hereos is that exactly like killer 7 , tried to play that game but I just couldn't get into it.Start coming back on boards again I hope to talk to you guys again. Goal is to write at least 1 blog per month , whether I commit to this or not remains to be seen.

Feeling better now.

Cold pretty much gone now , still feeling some of the side effects but for the most part I'm feeling good.Through I still feel light headed sometimes.  After a while I got tired of staying in bed. Going to try and post more not just the main ones I go to (national basketball union , pokemon league union ) I have been neglecting the other unions I joined so i'm going to start posting on the others as well.

I could of got on yesterday but I just decided to finish mario and lugi partners in time since i was close to the end. Started to miss coming here none of my freinds are ever really around during the evening.

Probally won't be on for a couple of days.

I'm thinking of staying in bed for the next couple of days i've been sick for the last couple of weeks still hasn't gone away . I hoping staying in bed will help so I might not be on .

Before I go , I purchased Perfect Dark Zero for 360 , having a great time playing it still like Gears of War better through.

Few more games to play.

I thought I post another blog before I go to school since I haven't done so in a while. Computer seems to run faster now so I can post more now without all the extra lag. Brother brought Gears or war last week and its a great game so far I like the graphics and controls for it even ifts a little hard to play. Ultimate Alliance is another game I got and trying to beat at the moment.

Wii comes out in a couple of days but I'm thinking of waiting for super smash bros brawl before I purchase one . PS3 i'm just staying away from all together , might pick up it in a couple of years.

Damn its almost time.

In just 8 hours school begins again for me  just one more week would of been nice. No more spanish and P.E for me. At least I only have to deal with this year and next beforego to college/university/army etc. I got a few things out of going back to school I reached level 26 today , purchased resident 4 again for the ps2 to try the new weapons and extra missions and my brother got a 360.

Level up and a little rant.

Reached level 25 and 10,000 posts this weekend.Now that reached another milestone I wonder how much farther I can go. Leveling up isn't as bad as it was a couple of months ago. Became a officer in the pokemon league union and lakers union this weekends.

Wii is far away and I really want to play super smash bros brawl so badly , melee can only keep me going so far.Been getting into a lot of rpg games all of a sudden don't know why. A couple of years ago I would manly play adventure games now i'm playing dragon quest , kingdom hearts , baten kaitos , paper mario , pokemon , skies of arcadia , fire emblem I don't see what people find bad in rpgs anyway.

Slowly but improving in my basketeball game so one day I can become a professional even it doesn't happen I can get into the hotel and  videogame business if I study hard.

Try and finish up San Andreas and Arcadia .

Even though I still working on Liberty city I decided to finish up Skies of Arcadia and San Andreas. I'm finshed I just have to rescue my brother and finish up the final missions then i'm done with the game. Arcadia is a differn't story , I decided to start all over before I could beat Ramirez , so I can enjoy the game all over again . So far I'm a deserted island i'm going to see if I can reach level 99 before I beat the game. Besides that I'm almost at level 25 and close to 300 post before I finally reach 10,000.

9000 post

If I can posting regually I can reach in a week or so.Still a shame the national basketball union got sabotage at least we can still keep the level and rank.

Exam week isn't so bad for me.

I had to take one test early in the morning today and that was photography didn't have to take Science since I was excempt. Don't have to go tomorow for Health and Math . I have to go late in the afternoon for the Spanish test but probally come to the history one ( just going to put any answer since it won't effect my grade). Lastly just take English test on the final day of school.So that equals just 3 half days of school and a no show , I'm happy I'm apart of  the many schools that have excemptions , I think there are alot of them could be wrong.