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StarFox Command Wifi Rank Blog 1(UPDATES)

ive been playin wifi alot since friday(9-1-06)and been playin hard,and i finally got to:

AS OF 9-3-06

rank W(Z-A....A-Highest,Z-Lowest)

wins-3(not sure how this works,how many 1st place,cause ive gotten more than 3,like 6)

stars-51(kills or others kills ive picked up from somone else killing and i get to the star first,he he,lol)

dropouts-1(because damn power went off then on,damn rain,so shut my router off and considered it disconnecting)

total-29(dont know what that is,think its how many sessions i have been thru)

AS OF 9-4-06

rank-V(WOOT!beat a rank P and went up auto to V!!!)



dropouts-1(still,just gotta hope power dont go out again,lol)


StarFox Command-August 28th 2006

I cant wait!!!!!im gonna reserve it when go back to school-aug 7th-because theres a gamestop across the street from my school and i hang there with some buds at lunch everyday.So i have 20$ now,then i make 5$ a week,need 40$ probably,so theres 4 weeks from aug 7th,so that lets me get all the mula i need for it,it comes out on a monday,i cant wait!!!!!!!!