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Hey everybody. I was on one of the Nintendo news websites, and I saw an article about Camp Miiverse.

Camp Miiverse is a miiverse community that will be run for the next few weeks, and is competitive in nature. Nintendo posts challenges for players to achieve in various games, and players then post a screenshot of them achieving that goal in each game's respective miiverse community. Here's a link to the miiverse community: Camp Miiverse

Currently, the goal is to hit a home run in Wii Sports Club baseball. When you do, catch a screen shot while "HOME RUN!" is displayed on the screen, and post it to the Wii Sports Club miiverse. Don't forgot to pick a team, and tag your post as either Team Mario or Team Zelda. Presumably there will be prizes or rewards of some sort, since we've been divided into teams, and they'll tally the totals at the end of each event.


C'mon fellow Gamespot members. Let's all tag our posts as Team Zelda. If we get the entire Gamespot community behind us, and stick to one team, we'll be more likely to win, if there are indeed prizes.

P.S. Feel free to add me on the miiverse. My NNID is starcrafthenry. Just be sure to mention you're from Gamespot in your friend request.

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@KBFloYd said:

looks like its fluidity spin cycle for me :/

Did you download it yet? None of the games really call out to me, but I remember playing a Fluidity demo on the Wii, and enjoying it.

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@moisan4: The only reason I can think that they have it default to auto follow, is in the hopes that it leads to people visiting the site more often when they end up with a thousand links in their email. All it does is agitate me, and make want to visit the site less.

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I frequent the site almost everyday. Occasionally, I'll post a comment in the comments section on articles that I find of particular interest. After posting a comment, I'm automatically subscribed (+Follow) to any further comments made in that article. It drives me nuts. Most the time I remember to click the -Unfollow button to prevent my email from being spammed with hundreds of new comments I don't care about, but every now and then, I forget.

How do I prevent this from happening again? I don't want to automatically +Follow any comments section, and I shouldn't have to remember to -Unfollow every time I make a comment.

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I agree with the other guy. The controls just take some getting used too, but eventually you get it.

I was enjoying the game very much too, but got to a part that made me really frustrated.

You get to a point where all your upgrades are reset, and you only get a small percent back.

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Just to clarify for some of you arguing with this guy, Nintendo's fiscal year is April 1st to March 31st. He said this fiscal year, not since launch in November 2012, but since April 1st 2013. Bearing that in mind, I agree that they won't reach 9,000,000 sold between April 1st 2013 and March 31st 2014.

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I'm not sure I would say any of the games currently available are "must have," but I can tell you my three favorite thus far.

1- Lego City- I love all of the parodies and spoofs in the game.

2- NSMBU- It's the only mario game thus far, and while it felt kinda stale, it kept me entertained for a few weeks.

3- Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed- I really enjoyed this game. It's holding me over til Mario Kart comes, and does a great job at that.

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Same here. Until this game came out, I had lost some faith. It's now been restored, and I'm anxious for the next big games to come out. I feel you on the 2D Mario front. Yes, I enjoy the 2D Mario games, but they're starting to feel stale to me. All of the side scrollers from the NES and SNES still have high replay value for me, but these new versions are just missing something for me.
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To any Wii U owners out there on the fence as to whether or not buy this game, go ahead and buy it. It's awesome. It uses many features of gamepad. It's very similar to the previous lego games, and is much much larger. My favorite thing about the game is definitely the dialogue. So many cheesy parodies of famous police shows and movies; it's awesome. Best of all, everybody in my family that has come in contact with the game, has enjoyed it. It's got enjoyment for all ages.

I would definitely recommend it to anybody that enjoys games period.

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That sucks. If you don't want to wait the extra few weeks, and want the physically copy, try Target. I just picked up a copy at Target yesterday. Check their website first to if it's in stock at any store near you. My store said "limited stock" and they meant it; they only had one copy of the game.

Good luck.