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@Coco_pierrot: I had a similar experience. It's pretty well designed and polished, but it just wasn't all that fun for me.

I rarely use voice chat, but this game would greatly benefit from it, since it is so team oriented.

I didn't like the motion controls at all, and didn't realize they could be turned off until near the end of the demo.

I may try again this afternoon, but the likelihood of me buying this game is slim to none.

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It's a hard choice, but probably the N64.

I feel like its games were the most different from anything that came before it.

  • Super Mario 64 was the first time Mario was 3D (although Super Mario Sunshine is my favorite 3D Mario game).
  • Goldeneye was the first huge console FPS, and multiplayer. We played the shit out of multiplayer.
  • Star Fox 64 was super awesome. I especially liked that there were alternate paths to take.
  • Perfect Dark had really cool gadgets.
  • Donkey Kong was more than a platformer.
  • Banjo-Kazooie. I still get frustrated that Nintendo didn't buy up the rights to all Rare games.
  • Diddy Kong Racing.
  • Duke Nukem.

Just too much stuff for me to list or think of right now.

Of course SNES and Gamecube both come close to taking the top spot for me as well. Heck, even NES could be a contender.

Wii, well, let's not talk about it too much. Nintendo really let the ball drop with it so far as I'm concerned.

Wii U has had too many droughts so far for it to be a contender for me. I go long amounts of time without having anything to play on it too often.

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More information about Watch Dogs for the Wii U is now available. From Nintendo Enthusiast

  • Release date: Nov 18
  • Price: $60
  • No DLC
  • 17.7GB download size for digital version

I'm guessing I'm in the minority here, but I did indeed decide to wait for the Wii U version of the game. It took Ubisoft six months longer to get the Wii U version out. Every other version of the game can be bought new on Amazon for $30 - $40. To my knowledge, every other version also has the DLC available. Why do Wii U owners get the game six months late, lacking features, at full price?

Needless to say, if I ever pick this game up now, it won't be until it's under $20 new.

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I haven't played my Dreamcast in a while, but I'll list the games that come to mind.

  • Crazy Taxi (Offspring soundtrack is awesome)
  • Marvel Vs Capcom 2
  • Jet Grind Radio
  • Sega Smash Pack (bunch of awesome Genesis games)
  • Mars Matrix
  • MDK2 (I don't I actually owned this, but it was still awesome)

I'm sure there are plenty of other awesome games listed, but these are the ones I remember the most.

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If we're talking about games exclusive to Wii U, I would say

  • Lego City: Undercover
  • Super Mario 3D World
  • Mario Kart 8

If we're not limiting ourselves to just exclusive titles, I also enjoyed the following games very much on Wii U

  • Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed
  • Deus Ex
  • Assassin's Creed 4

Of course I've enjoyed other titles on the Wii U, but these games really stood out to me. Also, I know I already listed six games, but I just thought of one more.

  • Shovel Knight

It's very reminiscent of the old Mega Man games to me.

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I just ordered a set. People already have listings on eBay for $45. Mine will more than likely end up there too.

If I had a dedicated game room, I'd keep them and put them there. I barely have any space to myself in this tiny apartment though, so off to eBay they go.

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@SolidTy: Origin, consumer friendly? If you get in trouble on the EA forums, EA can and will revoke the ability to play any games you bought via Origin. Steam has VAC bans, but those only effect online services of players that were caught cheating.

To the OP. Personally, I don't have any problem with buying the games through the eShop. I have a debit card, so I'm not forced to buy in increments. I can pay the exact price without fear of having leftover eShop credit that I'll never spend.

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If you've enjoyed any of the previous Lego games, definitely get Lego City Undercover. It's like Lego meets GTA.

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@starcrafthenry said:

I logged in just so I could say Age of Empires. That game is awesome.

That it is. I've logged hundreds of hours into it. It's easily my most-played DS game. I wasn't sure how good it would be, considering it was turn based and not real-time, but it blew me away. If it had a world editor and more factions to play as, it would be perfect in my eyes.

Totally agree. I'm not real big on turn based games, hence the name "starcraft" instead of "civilization." That Age of Empires game changed my mind though. I'm getting all nostalgic now. I think I'll have to check to local game stores and see if there's a used copy somewhere.

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  1. Age of Empires: Age of Kings
  2. Goldeneye: Rogue Agent
  3. Final Fantasy III
  4. Nanostray
  5. Metroid Prime Hunters
  6. Super Mario 64
  7. Worms: Open Warfare
  8. Warioware Touched
  9. Asphalt: Urban GT
  10. New Super Mario Bros

I logged in just so I could say Age of Empires. That game is awesome.

Other games I enjoyed:

Metroid Prime: Hunters

Metroid Pinball

Advanced Wars: Dual Strike

The Urbz: Sims in the City

Mario Kart DS

Mario 64


I'm sure there were others, but I can't remember.