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"Booker, are you afraid of God...?"

And that is how this story begins...

After all, I got Bioshock Infinite. If you have been around this blog for enough time, you might understand that Bioshock is among the best games I have ever played. Though the sequel didn't have a great impact on me, it is still an enjoyable experience.

Speaking about Infinite I must say that it has been a long wait, full of dissapointments due delays... but now that I have it, I personally think that it is as good as I expect it. THe story develops right, the graphics are nothing spectacular but the never have to be to make a game great, and battles are really something to consider. Vigors are not as "durable" as plasmids were but they are effiecient.

I will play it during the weekend and let you know my full perception (I just hope I won't finish it during that time, all the good things they say about a great ending might tempt me to do it)

have a great weekend

Backlog 2013

I went through my games and I was amazed of all the games I haven't finished. Some of them are very old :shock:

(The ones you can't see are Assassin's Creed 3 and Dragon Age: Origins.



At this point there aren't many games I would like to buy, and a lot of those games will get me through a lot of time to fully enjoy them.

Anyway, I will get Bioshock Infinite. I am such a great fan of the series and with everything that has been said, I think it is impossible for me to miss it this time.

Have a nice day

I want to come back...

It's been a while since I have been around this place. I certainly would be lying if I said I has been "Absent". I have read a lot of your posts and it is good to know that things are still great around here.


I've had a lot of weird moments in my life during the past year. I almost lost my job and now I am looking forward for a promotion. That's how weird things have been around.


Gaming is still there. Never left actually. Last great game I played: Far Cry 3. On Friday I will get a game that I have been following around since FOREVER: Bioshock Infinite. I really loved this game the minute I saw it about 2 years ago and suffered as it was delayed. Now that it is here, I am so excited to see it possibly won't dissapoint. (Last word is myown, right?)


Another fantastic news. I am going to become a father... It is weird to think that a kid will get a father like me.

I hope I have more topics to cover... But it is fair that now that my life is doing fine... I will have better times to share here...

Regards and happy Eastern

Never say Never

Gaming was good during these time since I blogged. But i have something to confess: I will never, ever tell you again that I will not buy anymore games. That's it... I just can't do it.

I have played some backlog games like Saint's Row: The Third which is a good game so far. I still don't think it is as great as many people says. It is fun and addictive but it is not MINDBLOWING good. Possibly as I advance, I will be more lucky and see what everyone is seeing about it.

I bought two games, but you can't blame me. When I got them, I got a couple of perks that will help me when I decide to buy more games. I already preordere Hitman: Absolution, Borderlands 2 and Madden 13. It's been a while since I got my last NFL game and since I am a Clavin Johnson fan, this was a no brainier.

the games I got are Max Payne 3 and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. I was going to cancel my pre-order for the second one but I realized I would lose some discount in a future shopping so I just got it and received this discount in a future game (Witcher 2, I see you), plus I am interested in the gameplay and co-op options. Overall I've heard mixed opinons about this game but I certainly hope that it is fun at least to play with others.

Max Payne 3 was an impulsive bought. One of the stores here in Mexico had it on 30% discount release offer. That was a first time ever for me on that store. I decided to take advantage of that promotion and get the game. Plus, I received another discount on any game I want for preorder. (In this case, Hitman was the game)

So there, my gaming catalog increassed with good games. I might get The Witcher in the near future and get preorders for Assassin's Creed 3.

On the other hand, I saw a trailer for this game "Sleeping dogs". It looked awesome as first impression. I am pretty sure that it will be an interesting Black Horse... I will keep an eye on them.

Man, I forgot about Darksiders 2 but since I have not finished the first one, I better calm down. I can guarantee I won't buy a game until July 30th... (that's when one of my discount coupons is over)

And DLC? I will get Harley Quinn's revenge on Batman: AC. Seems Wonderful.

So there, I think that's it. If you want to play some co-op on these or any other games please let me know. I will give you all more perception as soon as I get more acquinted with the game

Another one of those blogs (Too Long, you may not want to read it)

Hey, GameSpot. Nice work blowing the comments systems. I just checked some past blogs and all of them... Yes... all of them have been obliberated by your new stupid idea. Thanks for taking away some good memories from people I care.

After a little rant I want to say hi to you all... HI!

It's been a while and you shall understand that it is all about topics that I get to talk about. The daily basis is different in a blog when you have a rutine to make. But in this case, I have some gaming comments to make:

First of all, two games I have pre-ordered are no longer in my list. GHOST RECON is one of them. I played the demo and it is too difficult and well, I tend to get frustrated with shooters very quick. You see, I am the kind of guy who can spend about 10 hours trying to solve a puzzle in an adventure game or an RPG but if I die more than 10 times in 10 minutes in a shooter, I just can't stand it... SO be it. The preorder was cancelled and I got some store credit to get another game. (Maybe The Witcher)

The other one is more related to release date than quality of the game. Now that Bioshock Infinite has been delayed (And probably because they will add MP to it. GOD HAVE MERCY) I decided to take it out the list (I think 9 months is too much for waiting unless you have a baby) and again. Credit Store. (Two different stores, you see) And this one will be changed for Hitman or Max Payne. I don't know.

Another reason to consider game acquisitions is my backlog. As I have said, many, many, many times, I have games that can last me about 350 hours of gameplay. (I have Skyrim and FallOut: New Vegas so go figure) so why the need to get more games? I don't know... I just don't freaking know.

And what game I decided to play? One that I consider a great one but I am squeezing it until I fully get what I want: BORDERLANDS. It is still a fun game and its sequel is definitilly a game one buying (Must preorder that one I think)

You see, I like a game that I can play "ad nauseaum" and still like it. I am a level 60 soldier which makes it one more level to reach the top, and that's it for leveling... Then comes Crawmerax... F**k Crawmerax you son of a...

ANother interesting feature was THE WALKING DEAD. I really think that this kind of games could be interesting in the long term. Interactive comics a la Mass Effect considering how your decisions affect the story of the game. I enjoyed the first part and will be looking forward for the next chapters and if other companies can get another ideas with the same concept. Bring it on! I think this is going to be amazing.

And about DLC, I am happy about the new Batman: AC DLC... It is a good opportunity to warm up the old Batmoves again :D I'll get it as well.

That's would be all...

Oh, I forgot. I have semi-vacations which means a little more time for gaming (an a little reading if you might)

Have a great time

Second Thoughs and some more gaming...

During this last week I had a good time playing Mass Effect 3 CO-OP. It is simple and fun and I really enjoyed it. My only concern is that I have barely played it with friends as it is a very interesting chance to have a good time. I just got my level 20 vangard promoted and let's start from scratch... Maybe as an Engineer. Also, I downloaded TRIALS EVOLUTION. Must admit that it is a good game and very chalenging at moments. And this opinion comes from someone who loathes racing games. I will keep playing it until I get frustrated :lol:

My second thoughs are coming from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. I downloaded a beta for the Multiplayer and I didn't like it. Not an ounce. If this is a sign of things to come for the game, I rather get my money back for the presale and get a better game. (Maybe Kingoms of Amalur or The Witcher 2, which are more my kind of games). You see, I have never ever felt so violated and cheap shoted (sic) as I was during the half hour I played such demo. Plus, if the mobility and gameplay of the single player is as tough as in this one, I'm done. Let's play some good adventure or RPG game.

Now I have actually played it, all my expectations went down the drain. I might change my mind if the reviews come ok (Expect a minimum of 8.0 to change my mind) Meanwhiel, I think I rather get some good adventure game...

So probably you will see me playing Witcher 2 in the near future... Who knows.

Have a great Monday.

Mass Effect 3 is done...

... ANd what a ride it was.

I can consider now that Mass Effect is one of the greatest game series I have played ever. No question and no hesitation. All three games were "different" in a way. The first one was RPG based, the second one was a more action based and the third one got a good balance about it. It was a beautiful balance among the three,

ME3 got a lot of great moments and huge adventures that got you at the edge of your seat. I will try not to spoil a lot. ANd there are things that got me playing it non stop. First, and probably the most important, this is a game where you truly see how vulnerable is Shepard. He is not an almighty hero anymore. He can fail and regret himself about it. That's what made this game the epic conclusion that it deserved: He is the hero that sacrifices a lot for the greater good, no matter what is the outcome of everything.

ANother great feature is how most of the previous characters play a great role. I was a paragorn that saved the full crew of ME2, and it was nice to see at least a good part of them back. Some of them I think were forced too much to be part of the game... I can tell at least that I loved how Mordin, Amanda, Thane, Legion, Jack and Grunt from Mass Effect 2 played a great role in the game, and of course it is always good to see Garrus, Ash, Wrex and Tali back in great forms. (I sacrified Kaidan so... there). Jacob, Samara, Zaeed and Kasumi were not that "intense" but they weren't so wasted as you might think. So if you cared to built those characters on ME2 you will have the opportunity to establish a good relation with all your characters

You will watch some of them die (you can avoid it for some but, for others, unfortunatelly it has nothing to do with the previous games, it is just meant to be) and you really feel sad about them dying. And you can join Shepard in his mourn when it happens, and moving one.

The battle system is great. It has been polished from the previous game and it is a big challenge even in the normal setting. Everytime you fight enemies, you have to consider everything. Tactic is essential. Your comrades are still morons that cover in the top of a box and become easy targets but at least they don't die every time.

It was interesting to see that your "Romantic interest" is locked half of the game instead of prior to the final mission. That creates an interesting interaction for the rest of the game. I won't tell you who mine was but it is one of the extra features I liked the most.

Now, you might be wondering about the biggest asset about this game: How good was the ending? First I can tell you that it was an ending that I expected but really never wanted to happend because I loved these games. I was actually sad and nostalgic when the credits started to roll... No about the ENDING ITSELF I can tell you this: The ending was not extraordinary. BUt it was not THE WORST ENDING EVER. There is drama and there is acceptance for your destiny. I think it was a good ending, but could've been better. What was exactly what people expected? Another 30 or 40 minutes of conversation? Everyone crying about SHepard?


If Shepard dies, you died with him. You just can see that you saved your comrades, what they do, is not on your control and that's why there is no more to be done after that.


You want closure? You have that all over the game. Your friends telling you how much they appreciate you. (The scene with Garrus is so simple and typical that it is awesome).

THe game fulfilled my expectations and probably could have a better ending, but if you analize it, (Possibly something too hard for the common player who wants everything explained) it was the ending that was meant considering the faith of Shepard. I hope they don't change it, but at least complete it with their announced DLC.

That of course is my opinion.

For now, I would like to have someone to play the Co-OP since apparently no one likes to play with a NOOB in the quick MAtch option. If you want to play it, just hit me on the XBOX LIVE because I really would like to squeeze it more. I really don't want to end the experience... I might get some books and look for the Spin-off that are around.

That is all about me and MAss Effect... For now.

I'm a weak man

I just got Mass Effect 3...

Now let's see how this ends...

BTW, I also got 2 games pre-ordered: GHost Recon: Future Soldier and Bioshock Infinite.


Reflections On Vacation

I am on vacation, as in, next week as well.

Among the things I've done:

- PLayed Mass Effect 2 again. I really like this game. The final battle is one of the most exciting and emotive I remembered from a long time. It was perfect. My only concern is that I don't remember if the game was this hard previously. I had to play it on casual and yet it was a tough one.

Anyway, everything was ready for the acquisition of Mass Effect 3 and its "terrible ending" when I saw the news that a EXTENDED EDITION DLC will be released... Ok... Let's wait on that.

ANother game I am playing is FIFA STREET which has become an adiction. Trying to make as much tricks as you can is something you'll learn to love. now that I have finished the World tour, it is time to really practice and go to the Street Seasons and be obliberated by those kids that play 18 hrs a day. It will hurt but I hope it will be awesome as well.

I decided to get this new feature on XBOX called MLB.TV. $30 dlls a month to see any games you want during the day during the season either in you XBOX, PC or Smartphone device? I'm in.

I hope you all have a good weekend. Keep in touch.

Of Demos, MLG, Trailers and falling down.

I had a very interesting weekend speaking about gaming. I played some NCAA 12 and decided to start General Knoxx DLC on BORDERLANDS which is harder that I expected, along with some FIFA Street games. THis last game is growing on me and I hope to get better when I play it online.

But the idea of this blog came after watching and playing some stuff which I will detail right now.


SINE MORA is a very interesting game. I missed all this kind of old school side scroll shooters that I loved to play when I was a kid (GRADIUS III is my personal all time favorite). This one has excellent graphics, great gameplay and this "Time related" aspect that gives it a cool perspective. It is a hard game but it is good hard not Ikaruga hard which is good. Why didn't I buy it? You may ask (or maybe not but whatever :lol: ). Because it is only for one player. And these games are meant to be played with two players. But then I realized that being a twoo player game will not work considering the "Slow Motion power" that you have... So I decided to wait until it gets a better price to get it.


I watched a trailer from CO-OP gameplay for GHOST RECON: Future Soldier, not the one where there are a group of morons speaking like morons, but one with comments from the developers. I was really interested on it. If they make it right and get full advantage on its potential, this is going to be an awesome co-op game. I wouldn't even care about the campaign at first (Which is ussually what I do with games) I am going for the Co-OP option. Real team work is something still missing in most co-op games. And this seems like a game that "do it or die" . I like that. Maybe I should add this game to my future references.

In case you haven't seen this trailer, take a look at it


I saw a lot of footage and live streaming from this tournament. Especially the HALO one. These guys are serious stuff. Never though I would watch something like this. I know they make this kind of tournaments aroung here but never at this level. It was amazing... and puts the whole "gaming" on a different perspective now. Plus, I'm sure those guys have way too much free time :lol:

How the mighty have fallen:

After reading and watching the reviews from NINJA GAIDEN 3 and RE: Operation Raccon City, I am dissapointed to see two franchises that ussually give us good games are no longer in the top. It was a hard week for games this last one... But the best is yet to come.

Have a great week. :D