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Exam period over and where now

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Well Last blog wasn't my final blog it seems, I just feel that I needed to say everything about how much you all mean to me incase I do leave, but even then I feel that I cannot escape this website, which is a blessing and a curse :P

I finished final exams, and got my semester results a D, two C+ and two Bs. I am fairly happy with those results.

Now that I am on winter break I shall hopefully post more, but you know how good I am at keeping the promise.

You guys mean lots to me and I shall see what I can do about xbox night (out of xbox live) and need to get pokemon conquest.

cya guys around, Ben.

Possibly my final blog

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Hello everyone.

As you know, I have had a terrible habbit of saying I will come back to the community then I abandon you guys in a few days. May I just say I am sorry.

I really think a hiatus is in order, I am just too busy with my final year of school.

What I wanted to let you guys know is I had a depression for nearly all the time I was on this website, but somehow you guys made me happy. A happiness that cannot be expected to exist for someone who is in my shoes. I thank you, thank you with all my heart for everything you did to make me the person I am today. And while I may have a gap year before university and I may come back every now and then to say hi. I think the times of my regular posting are over, at least for quite a while.

I feel plenty of guilt for not being around and for making my constant absences unknown. But you guys are truely amazing. Words cannot express, and if you feel like you have not done anything of value in life. Well you have, you have helped me through the hardest years of my life. I will miss you guys, but I feel a proper goodbye is in order incase I am gone for good. I truely hope I am not gone for good, but I may be.

So good bye, you are the greatest people in the world.

back from camp!

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Hey guys, how have you been these past few weeks. I just recently got back from camp and it was awesome. Other than that not much hass been happening. What about you guys?

Plenty to talk about but not enough time

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To sum up why I have been gone. Had Christmas with family. Then went on a long holiday to WA and about to head off to a summer camp until next week. So I shall be back. But I have not been gone because I have been lazy.

Learner Permits, Steam Sales and a Merry Christmas

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As most of you should know, living on the other side of the planet means today, in Australia it is Christmas, and while I am writing this I am surrounded by a tree of presents and an unwoken family. Since I want this message to come before your Christmas since you will probably spend the day with loved ones, I shall write to you now.

I have been away the last week and a half due to 3 reasons

-A trip to the coast which was not the best holiday I have been to but still all right.

-Studying for my learners permit test which has been passed and had my first time behind the wheel recently.

-Just Cause 2 and Skyrim.

I do not have much time as my family are now waking up, but I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

I shall be on the other side of Australia until January 10 so I shall not be back for a while again. But know that my thoughts are with you guys.

cya all later and have a great new year.

Driving Lessons and Esports

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Well guys, I have a few things I thought I should talk about. First thing is driving.

As of recently, I have been doing my lessons to get my learners permit, I had to spend this last weekend going to theory lessons about speeding, drink driving and risks, which someof the stuff the showed was quite frightening. I will be doing my theory test this friday or saterday and studying over the week. To be honest I am rather nervous about the whole situation but I hope it will be alright.

Does anyone have any particular tips for driving?, if so I would be most interested :)

The second thing is something very close to my heart but I have no real idea of how I will express my passion of it. This topic is Esports, aka video games as a spectator sport. If you did not already know, I am a HUGE proffessional starcraft 2 fan. I love the game, and I love watching people compete for money to be the best. The thing which originally allured me to E-sports was the idea of something which takes insane mental strength being awesome to view rather than physical strength like football. Since in the past, the biggest sport to watch which was mental strength focussed was chess, and lets be real, it is not the most exciting thing to watch. But I think with internet and video games, I think there can be a sport like this.

I would love to know your oppinion on this, and if you have no idea what I am talking about, check out the North American Star League finals which are on today on this stream

Hope you guys have an awesome day/week and cya 'round on the catz clan :)

Done with year 11

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Well now you probably know why I have been gone, the last 2 months I have been slaving over last assignments and final exams to help keep my grade up, I got my grades and I am at around a C average so I guess that is arright, but by no means spectacular.

I have been playing a bit of skyrim (like Aidan I imagine) and it has been quite good. Got it the day I was finished with school and so far it has been extremely awesome.

So how have you guys been, sorry I have missed around 2 months of blogs, but I really want to know how you guys have been =D

Hope you have an awesome day, and keep staying awesome

Final fantasy, starcraft II, Civ V, Ace Combat and more

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Final Fantasy trailers
As the title states there are two new trailers that are out, that are mainly story related. One called promises and the other called dispear. I assume these have a lot of spoilers so watch at your own risk. I only watched the promises trailer since I accidentally heard a major spoiler at the start of the dispear one and stopped. But it reveals a lot about the characters from previous games and where they are, and a few other things. All I will say is that it seems we are around 7 since the first one give or take a little bit. But it looks amazing so search them on youtube and you should find them, I would give you a link, but my internet is rather slow today.

Starcraft II

In other news, I have recently been playing a lot of starcraft 2, yes it is a little over hyped, but it is over-hyped because the mechanics are simple to learn, but extremely hard to master. Right now I am rank two in my bronze league, and hoping for a silver league promotion soon, but I have no idea how long that will take. Incase you wanted to know, I am playing Protoss, Zerg is way too complex for me, and terran is a bit harder to macro with.

Civilization V

I have also been playing a lot of Civilisation V since I got a computer that is able to play it. And it is awesome, the only problem I have with it, which is a MAJOR PROBLEM, is they cut off Mod support, which sucks, and in the end I believe that will be the downfall of Civilization V and I refuse to buy the DLC for that reason, still a very solid game.

Ace Combat demo

One other thing I have done is played the Ace Combat: Assault Horizon demo, and what a solid game, A very long and fun demo that has really sold me, so I will try to get it on release, but I do not have much money, and it being PS3/Xbox 360 exclusive, it will cost me a lot of money.

Referee job?

Speaking of money, recently I have been offered an interview to see if I can get a job as an indoor soccer referee at the indoor sports courts, a 5 minute walk away, possibly the best job I could get, and since indoor soccer season just started, I can get quite a bit of money. which will be really good.


Other than that, that is all that has been happening, please comment telling me what has been happening with you guys.

btw let me know about the little titles, I know for a fact that I get a little stressed out reading friends blogs with no titles because I sometimes ending up reading a few paragraphs that I do not understand, due to it being a video game I have not played or some sort of other reason, so I thought it may be a bit easier to read like this for you guys.

Chat with you guys later =D bye

Enough with the self pity *IMPORTANT*

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Hey guys it is me again. As you know I screwed up in trying to see you guys more often, this is due to assignments, new computers, personal problems and plenty more things so I think this blog is important.

I know I cannot keep my commitments with this place and there are a few reasons to this. One is the aestetics. The black and orange colours depress me somewhat and that isn't good. I will be away for a week and feel guilt and fear about showing up again and lastly I am an audio based learner and just reading text is really hard for me to do.

So what I think I am going to do. I am going to make no commitments of staying here. But knowing how much I care for you guys I can't stay away from here so you will see me around every so often.

I usually have a lot of time on my hands but sometimes I can't bring myself to come here and I don't know why. Any of you who play PC games, please add me on steam, it is stalpno on there aswell, and if you don't have that, it would be awesome to add people on facebook if they want to/feel they have known me long enough to want to. And lastly I use Skype now a lot more than facebook, since all my school friends use facebook now instead of MSN so I am never on it. So if you have Steam, facebook or skype please let me know so we can chat.

I will try to come on as much as I can since all of you mean so much to me, I just have a terrible way of showing it.

If you want an update on my life, I am out of depression and may have in the last week found a link to why I get sick so much, so things have been very good.

Please give me an update on how your lives have been since I have not had the time/procrastiation of posting this, to read your blogs which I feel TERRIBLE about.

So sorry this blog is well overdue and I will try to talk to you when I can.

Bye for now and God Bless.


making plans...

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Gosh, can't explain how busy my life is now, I think I have had only a few free days the last 2 weeks which is quite disappointing. I really do miss chatting with you guys and spending as much time as I did, but sadly things with private school and social life have been taking the better of me.

I am going to try my best to post more commonly on the catz clan but other than that I have no intensions to be on any other union because I don't have the time, I really do want to be on here more so I am going to be setting the catz clan as my home page so I can try to chat more frequently

Now I have a lot to say about what has been happening, but I would rather not do that. Instead I would really like to hear what has been happening with all you guys, please leave a comment because I really want to hear how things have been and respond.

Other than that hope to see more from you guys :)