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Links LS 99

Links LS 99 was released in 1998. The foundation for this game were already established in Links LS 1998 edition, which i reviewed in one of my previous blog posts.

There are however some new features. The game contains 1 old course and 3 new courses. The courses are intricatelly detailed with trees, bushes, sand traps, concrete fields and even buildings. Better than in 1998. One welcome feature is also the crowd. Hitting an impossible shot gives you a lot more satisfaction when a crowd claps and cheers you on. There are also more camera views to make you preview your shot more. To make your shot better. The game also appears to be easier and more smooth on the eye. The terrain seems to affect the curve of the ball less, which is especially visible in putter mode.

The game also contains 30 game mods, which make this game more diverse and fun to play. Team play, solo play, playing for money and so on.

The bottom line is that this game contains all the features from the 1998 edition plus some extra additions. But the satisfaction is the same so I am giving this game a 9.0 rating.


If you are looking for an excelent real time strategy game, with a great storyline and playability that will keep you going at it for hours, Blizzard is always the way to go. Since putting games like Warcraft 3, Frozen throne and World of Warcraft in stores, Blizzard has gained almost a legendary status in the gaming world. These guys just have talent for making games, but most importantly the talent to create new worlds with their imagination. I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE STARCRAFT CAME OUT IN 1998. This game is so good that if it came out today (with advanced graphics) people would go crazy over it. The game is divided into 3 sections, each containing 10 missions with a different race. Each race has it's own units, buildings, upgrades and even a way of functioning. That's what makes this game so versatile. You learn the story as you go on, mostly from the briefing screen, just before you start a mission, while there are a couple of movies thrown in along the way and of course one movie at the end of each racial campaign. First off you start the Terran (human) campaign, which contains quite a variety of units - soldiers, flamethrowers, armed vehicles, tanks (which can fortify themselves and do massive damage), goliaths, ghosts (which are assasin tipe units that can cloak themselves and assign a nuclear missile target), aircrafts, battlecruisers and science vessels (which can do stuff like EMP shock). The special human ability is that CSV's can repair buildings and mechanical units. Although it is OK, this campaign is nothing special in my opinion. Secondly comes the Zerg campaign and this is where the full extent of the game hits you. It's something you have never seen before. Zerg are not your tipical aliens. They come in such gruesome forms that you will amazed how much imagination was put into this game. Even the buildings are alive and are "breathing" all the time. I was really freaked out at the begining. And it's all based on the fact that all Zerg are one and come from "the Overmind" which is a body of tissue, that is getting bigger while consuming everything in it's path. He is all Zerg and if a Zerg dies he forms back into the tissue of the Overmind and it revives him back into another unit. While in human campaign unit's where made at different buildings, Zerg units all come from the Lair's (main building) leeches (or whatever they're called) which transform into a chosen unit. It is a welcome change after 10 missions of human campaign. I like the fact that it's not just human campaign with different skins, but is actually a whole new campaign and you have to adjust your tactical style accordingly. While in human campaign ghost is supposed to be a special unit, in Zerg campaign a scorpion-like creature has this role here - he can spray units in an area and all of them drop their health down to 1. Considering the fact it can burrow, making it impossible to see or attack, it is a powerfull weapon. I was really anoyed when computer kept burrowing them right in front of my base and just sprayed my units when they went pass him :@ Zerg's special ability is health regeneration of all units, including buildings. The third campaign is Protoss. They are a kind of human-like aliens infused with spiritual robotic abilities (lol). They also are a completely newly invented race and a welcome sight. A special unit here is "arbiter", which is a small aircraft that is capable of making units around him invisible (only seen by detector units) and can also freeze units so that they can't attack or be attacked. This is very usefull against large amounts of enemies. Also a templar can make psionyc storms which destroy almost everything in an area, unless a unit moves quickly. So protoss have 2 special units I think. Protoss special ability is the plasma shield-each protoss (including buildings) has it's health and plasma shield. Mostly the health can only be decreased when the plasma shields are destroyed and while health doesn't regenerate, plasma shields do. So if your unit has 1 health left, you can wait for plasma shield to fully regenerate and you still have a powerfull unit. All the sides are well balanced and each has it's ups and downs. Terran have bunkers, ghost units with nuclear missiles, strong tanks and all mechanical units can be repaired, while their mobility is weak and they are expensive to make. Zerg are cheap and fast to make, have great mobility, scorpions, health regeneration, but are killed quicker. Protoss are the most expensive to make, but have got plasma shields, strong units, arbiters, templars, while their mobility is medium. Also a working drone is working on a building in Terran campaign, used up in Zerg campaign, while in Protoss campaign a drone only assigns the making of a building while it builds itself. This is a small but important part. If you want to make 10 buildings you will have to use 10 drones in Terran campaign and after they are done, you can use them again, on Zerg building you will lose 10 drones, while in Protoss campaign you will only assign 10 buildings with one drone and then assign him to go back to foraging and the buildings will build themselves. Heroes are also a welcome feature, since they are stronger, but they mustn't die, which is quite hard and annoying sometimes. All these things and a great storyline make this game awesome to play. The only bad aspect of this game is the imobility of units(except in Zerg). If you have to move a large force and have a narrow corridor you will have huge troubles, since they keep bumping into each other and when they do that they try to find an alternate route, which is sometimes all over the place. So you have to keep resending them to a certain spot. It can get really anoying. I know that blizzard wanted to make the structure of the field to make a factor like in close combat, with all the narrow pathways and upper and down corridors, but units that go all over the place just because there was someone in front of them,who would've moved in 1 second anyway, just isn't realistic. Also a small glitch is when an arbiter freezes you, you lose all group structure of the frozen units, which is annoying as hell, since you just can't be bothered to group them all over again (and this also happens sometimes when you transport units with a carrier). That's all the negatives I can say about this game. Despite it's 12 year old beard, this game is still a gaming jewel. And I was only taking about the single player, while multiplayer brings you even more fun. Even today there are 100 of thousands people still playing multiplayer starcraft mode and are eagerly awaiting the soon to be released Starcraft 2. I am giving this game a 9.5 rating. Over and out! and remember : A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.

Close combat 2 : A bridge too far

Close combat 2 is a 1997 sequel to the first close combat game. It is indeed an old game, no doubt surpassed by grandeur of many today's modern days. But don't be fooled - A bridge too far is a must play for any gamer, who thinks himself as a wise tactical commander. Straight away you have a choice to play a single battle, an operation (string of battles) or the Grand Campaign, which puts it all together into a logical completion, adding some extra video storyline. You can either fight on the Ally side (British, American, Pollish) or on the German side. When I started on the Ally side, I was doing OK. I was winning my first battles and I was getting the hand of things, but then suddenly I was starting to lose, and by the time I was on 50% of the campaign (you have a measure of progress, which I think is awesome) I didn't have any support, while my opponents have gathered huge armies on all fronts. There was no way out, I just simply ended all battles as quick as i could and was relieved when it was over. At this stage I thought this game was either too hard or just too stupid, but then I applied the tricks I have learnt onto the German campaign and I was winning spectacularly. Later I realized it wasn't just about winning battles. The true depth of this game lies somewhere else. Once you master all the little tricks, which takes you quite a few hours, you can really start to enjoy the game. The game teaches you to be rational - coserve your forces, retreat when you see you have lost, make them pay a high price for every soldier they kill. At the start of each battle you have a certain amount of points and with these points you buy different unit tipes - light infantry, bazooka, mortar team,....each team has different soldiers in it, with various weapons and skills. Evertime a soldier or a tank survives or mainly wins a battle he gets promoted and thus more skilled in battle. Before you start fighting you need to check the terrain which plays a huge part in this game. You will be difficult to see in a crop field, difficult to hit in a building, easier to ambush on a road, and so on. Then you position your troops and hit begin. There are usually five or six victory locations on the battlefield, and the more you have, the more ground you started of with and in a better position you are. If you win the battle, you automatically gain all victory locations and on some maps when the enemy counterattacks the other day, they have to attack from the side of the map, because they were pushed from it the previous day. But you can also win one location over from the enemy then fortify it and try to agree with them to cease-fire and will then start the next battle on this map with one more victory location. You can either conquer fast and then defend or you can do it slowly while waiting for reinforcements. The variety here is genious. I did also learn that it's not just about winning. I was losing so much with the Ally side, because I was meant to lose. It was just the way it happened in the past. Allies had few reinforcements, so on some fronts they were forced to retreat. But if you have killed more of their man than they have killed yours, you may have lost the battle, but you are winning on the long run. Each day has it's own movie, which contains real war footage and makes it look simply amazing. Battles really are fun and you get into that warfare gaming vibe, especially if you are pushing through on all fronts. You have a wide variety of tanks, infantry, mortars, etc., making it fun to test out all of them. The game is quite exciting when you get a proper hang of thins, but after a while it gets really boring. I think if you play this game an hour a day you will get the full satisfaction, but if you play it more, things will become bothersome to do. Positioning your troops over and over gets really old really fast. The fact that there are some glitches in the movement of your units, makes you even more frustrated. When ordering an infantry unit to go somewhere, you of course make sure they are not in any enemy line of sight and they wouldn't be if they went on in a straight line. But for some reason, they thinks its best to scramble all over the place and get shot from everywhere. Tanks will often get stuck in buildings and when ordered to go forward they go back, a bit around and only then forward. Lines of fire are sometimes suspicious since, you can shoot at a certain area over the wall, but when a enemy unit comes there, all of a sudden you can't. Also the tanks are REALLY unbalanced. German tanks are so overpowered in this game it's laughable. When I was an ally, I think my record with tanks was somewhere around 3-15. Most of the times I would click begin battle and my tanks were already destroyed. This was my mistake since I didn't hide them properly, but when I was playing on German side, I didn't need to hide them. I could plant them on the middle of the road and they would still kick ally ass. One time I easily destroyed 6 tanks with one of my tanks. Not to mention the Germans having the best unit in the game - Tiger tank, which is just all around awesome. The bottom line is - Ally tanks were worth like 1 soldier, while German tanks were worth like 20. Oh yeah, and antitank capabilities were strongly on German side, since almost every infantry unit had some form of antitank weapon. I destroyed lots and lots of tanks, while with Ally infantry I didn't destroy a single one (!). "Are you crazy, we can't hurt that" was what everyone kept saying when I ordered them to attack a tank. I don't know maybe this was intentionally done to be more historically correct, because I think the Germans really did have better tanks. Either way it didn't affect the gameplay so much (unless you were playing ally that is :P). All and all Close combat 2 : A bridge too far was released back in 1997 and for a 13-year old, this is one spectacular game. The only real problem is that there aren't enough twists or developments to make it more appealing over time. You do get bored quite easily if you play it too much. Rating: 8.5 Over and out! and remember: All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie.

Links LS 1998 Edition

Links LS 1998 edition is definitely one of the best golf simulations of all time and was certainly the very best on the day it came out back in the year of 1997. Because I couldn't get my hands on a full version of this game, I only played the demo, so my views on the game may differ from someone who has actually played the entire game. "oh god this is going to be boring" was my first thought when i ran the game. I myself was never a big fan of golf - never played it, sometimes watched it for a couple of minutes then turned to more important sports like soccer :D When some of the sport critics were starting to say that Tiger Woods was the greatest athlete of all time I was really frustrated. I mean Paaaaleeeease!!!! A golfist the best athlete?! ha! now that's a laugh. I can't see how anyone can think Tiger Woods is on the same level as Michael Jordan was or Roger Federer is. But that's not the point. The point is I thought I was on my way to boredomville with this game. How wrong I turned out to be. The full Links LS 1998 edition contains 4 courses with extra courses that you can download from the internet. I heard some people say this is too few courses, but I disagree since mastering a single course, let alone mastering more than 4, is a masterpiece on it's own. The real variety of the game comes in the shot selection mode of the game. At first you are confused since the game has so many different features to offer, but trust me you will get the hang of it very quickly. After half an hour you will know how to do everything - from overviewing the course from the air or checking out the flyby of the course in the preshot mode, to selecting your golf club, selecting the type of shot, distance of the shot, degree of the shot, while closely keeping an eye on the wind and ground incline properties of the course in the shot mode, to analyzing the success of your shot in post shot mode. Although it is easy to learn how to play it is not at all easy to compete against the best. Like in real golf you will have to train, train, train and train some more. This makes the game more realistic since you can't master it in a couple of hours, then do the same thing all the time like in some other games (F1 simulation for instance). You will have to work hard and because of that you WILL enjoy when you hit your first hole in 3, or maybe even a hole in 2 (can't really imagine a hole in 1). The game is now as fun and chalenging to play as it was back in 1997. It hasn't lost it's charm and I recommend it to any gamer, not just golf fans. The only bad aspect of the game is it's lack of athmosphere, since there is no crowd and no cheering and none of the other realistic features. Nonetheless this is not such a nuissance to ruin the game, so I am giving the game a cool rate of 9.0. Over and out! I'm younger than I used to be

damn! the begining is always tough! apache and close combat

Well, I'm a pesimistic person, but trouble already?! My first game I wanted to play was the 1995 Apache: Combat Helicopter Simulation. I just COULDN'T get it anywhere. Since there are so many Apache games and an Apache program, the actual mentioned game is almost impossible to find. Somehow I managed to find a demo version, which I didn't really know if it was the right version, but it didn't work anyway, so also after scavenging through a couple of computer game stores, I gave it a rest. I could order it online, but it would take to long. oh well..... The next game I wanted to play was Close Combat (the very actual first game). It's easy finding all the sequels, but 1 is the cracker. I did download the entire series, but the CC1 just won't install. I have tried all the troubleshooting guides about installing it on XP and although I do make it to the install screen I can't install because it says I have 2 files missing in my CC1 directory *smirk*. So I only played the demo part, which is remarkably short, with only 1 mission and 30 minutes to finish it on both sides (american and german). The game is very well though of, especially in those times. The tactical element of playing comes before the arcadian shoot and run element and the game makes you micromanage, having many many various elements to think about. (who has which weapon, how many bullets everyone still has, what's the mental status of a soldier and of your entire army and so on). You can also largely interact with the environment and every single interaction has it's benefits and it's flaws (hiding into a building makes you extra hard to kill but makes you hit less, driving a tank on the road makes you faster but leaves you fully visible and open to any attack, hidding in the forest makes you well hidden but be careful - enemy troops might already be hiding in that forest just waiting to pounce on you. These elements were pretty revolutionary back then and the game is still popular today because of it's sheer strategical value. You must understand that I did only play the demo so I can only evaluate it on the basis of the demo but I can say that I did not find the game as enjoyable as some of my piers. I found it a bit too confusing, since at times I didn't know what was going on. I told a soldier go there and he didn't, I told the tank shoot there and he didn't, not to mention the troops at times scrambling around almost idiotly. Although the tutorial said that the troops have a mind of their own (which brings the game closer to reality) I found it a bit lame that half of them weren't doing what I said. What's the point then??? With all the various elements an micro managing I can't really control the game. I dont' know - maybe the game is better than the demo, but based on the demo I am giving this game a rate of 7.5. Over and out! and remember: no one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky

Hello! My new blog has been born

Hey! My name is Gasper, I'm 22 and I come from a small mid-european country of Slovenia. I am currently finishing my 3rd year of law school and I'm slowly drifting towards the end of my school years -> i can almost see the light coming from the corridor of real adult life, a life usually so tough and boring (except the first years probably) it makes you wanna chew your neck off. Since I did choose such a proffesion, my jobs is almost certaingly going to be long and perilous, which means puting a large amount of working numbers onto my sheet. Ever since I was a kid and played my first ever computer game at the age of 10 (which was Broken Sword: Shadow of the templars a.k.a. circle of blood btw), I have always been fascinated by computer games. The sheer extent of emotion it can bring you by taking you into a completely different world or even dimension. I could never quite grasp how is it possible that the people making the storyline and features of the game can have such a vivid and wonderful imagination. Many times I have tried to go on a quest of playing all the best computer games of all time, but I never quite succeded. It was always something to prevent me from doing that (if it wasn't anything else it was schoolwork or money issues). NOW, i say with a warm feeling in my heart, IS THE TIME. Money problems are OK, I have already almost finished the 3rd year exams, and lets face it - there won't be another chance of me having so much free time (not before retiring anyhow). So here is my blog about me playing 100 of the best computer games ever made. No matter the year of release, no matter the genre. I will finish and evaluate all of them here. So it begins! Over and out! and remember: take care of all your memories, because you can't relive them!