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Got our winnings.... but..

so we finallt got our winnings.... but I think they have a conspiracy we got them mid march (the 14th) and the tournament was held at the end of january... we sent in some papers (address and what not) and were told that "they"(the prizes) would be sent to us as soon as they recieved them... so being as excited as i was I took the faster root and faxed them in as opposed to the method of mailing it in which would take more time. I got confirmation that they indeed recieved it... after that we were told that our estimated mailing time was 4~6 weeks... so I did research and found that there is no method of mail they when mailed from within the USA to the USA that would take more than a week; with the exception of mail away cereal prizes and the pony express... believe it or not I posted that we still hadn't gotten our prizes and sure enough our prizes show up 2 days later... the form of shipping surprisingly enough was 2nd day air mail... from sending in my papers late january and finally getting the prize that was suppose to be mailed out the day they recieved my papers........................ hmmmm... someone should complain becasue that was the slowest 2nd day air mailed that i have ever recieved in my life.... if it was indded the post office's fault for slow shipping then it should have been labeled 2nd month air mail not 2nd day.... well, thats that.. I have nothing more to say on the subject.

MGS:PO Tournament

as you all know I took third in the Snake Wars Tournament... heres a look at my characters that I used in order of dispatch...

Chameleon (fox) - Uzi, Uzi, Body Armor, Xm177e2

LIFE - 195  STMN - 430  SNS - 48  CABCCCCAACC

Snake (big boss) - Uzi, Uzi, Body Armor, Ak-47

LIFE - 180  STMN - 483  SNS - 50  ABABAASAAAA

Null (perfect soldier) - Machette, Uzi, Uzi, Stealth Camo

LIFE - 180  STMN - 450  SNS - 60  ASABCCSBABC

Wild Dog (kgb soldier) - SVD, Ak-47, Xm177e2, Body Armor

LIFE - 160  STMN - 255  SNS - 47  BCACBCBCBBB


I used my favorite characters for this one... besides, when its head shot after head shot it really doesn't matter who you pick unless their health is too low to take a head shot and continue living...

MGS:PO complaining people...

I keep hearing (more like reading) everywhere that the players in the MGS-PO tournament weren't the best player there are and that they all suck and bla bla bla.... you know what I'm talking about because I'm sure you've seen it around... I just have to ask... "why didn't they participate then?" I'll break it down for you....

Reason 1.)Don't have a subscription. This is a no brainer. gamespot's subscription cost even for just 1 month is only like $5... (equivalent to an average meal). and with a grand prize of $600 no sane person would even hesitate to pass it up. (sane people of course being people who have the game and consider themselves good enough to compete)

Reason 2.)These aren't the best players. I mostly read this one together with the subcription one. the main point being that the best players aren't in it because it was a subscriber only tournament....  If you will refer to the reason above~

Reason 3.) not really a reason but people just accusing fulammie of cheating... stop spreading the lies... hes good... you didn't play in the tournament.. get over it.... noobs..

there are alot of other complaints about random crap just like the above mentioned... which are all obviously crap....  just thought I'd let you know that if you didn't play in the tournament to stop complaining about crap.