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My collection updated 31/01/09

In about a week or so i'll be getting a Sega Saturn, but what the heck i'll just show off my collection now:


Favourite gameboy games (it's not my entire collection)

XBOX collection

Xbox 360 collection

favourite PSP games (not my entire collection)

The best PSP game Ever:

PS1 collection

My one and only Famicom game

Final Fantasy

Every tomb raider (except underworld, plus a comic book and a Lara croft Figurine

Vampre the masquerade: both games

Gothic series. missing expansion for gothic 3

Broken Sword collection (also known as circle of blood in the USA)

im missing the 3rd game in the series

homeworld Collection, its complete

My Lucas Arts adventure games collection im missing a whole lot of them, not even worth mentioning the ones im missing

round controll collection, its complete (the expansion for the first game came included)

Diablo collection, its complete (for now...diablo 3 can't wait :D )

Deus Ex, its complete (same as diablo :D)

My Blizzard strategy collection, im missing warcraft 1

Legacy of Kain collection im missing the original blood omen by silicon knights

WRPGS that i love i purposely left the witcher out (overrated piece of crap)

Yeah and i kinda forgot to take pictures of my copies of Dungeon Keeper and Master of orion 2, i'll add them later

Am I a fanboy yet?

I'm serious, am i? I Sometimes feel like i can't tell the difference, in your view what am i? A fanboy? Extremly biased? A hypocrite? Have i crossed that now-fo fine line? If not have you noticed changes in my posting manner? Have i become more impatient?

Ripp me a new one guys... seriously.

So i was recently donated a master system

A friend of mine has generously decided to give me his master system (yay), which is awesome, i'm still missing a few things to play it (like a controller and an A/C adaptor) but i'm working on that.

I'd post pics, but i still got a sega saturn on the way remember? i'll just show everything at once

Role Reversal when Japanese Devs create WRPGS Volume 2

link for Volume 1

Today's game:

Not only one the best RPGs in the megadrive's (genesis US and Canada) library, this was also the first Japanese WRPG played by the masses in a console (well... it didn't sell at that well by today's standards, but back then the Phantasy star series had decent sales for a JRPG)

Seen as the black sheep of the Phantasy star family PSIII deviates from some elements of it's predecessors, a generally poor soundtrack, a graphical step backwards from Phantasy star 2 and a shallow combat mechanic that leaves you using healing items constantly.

Even by 1990's standards, the graphics were pretty bland

However for all it's flaws the game compensates with an innovative story-telling method, you see this game is divided in to three generations, you start the game with your main character, and further on depending on who you choose to marry the game skips 17-18 years and you play as your own child (which is now teenager), this happens not once but twice. Depending on who you marry you son may differ in race, ability to use techniques and their level of proficiency with them.

Even by 1990's standards, the combat was pretty shallow

While this revolutionary generation jump is easily the game's strong point it also poses it's own problems, for each generation you skip it becomes difficult to get used to a new main character and seeing your previous characters as nothing more then extras, another problem is that the difference between each future outcome depending on who you marry are sometimes a little too subtle, the same goes for the game's 7 endings

But seeing how your choices affect the future is always rewarding, even by 2008 standards

overall i'd definitely recommend this one, if you can give it a try.

Guess who bought a dreamcast?

yap that's right, got it second hand: one dreamcast, one MVU, one controller one factory sealed sonic adventure and one factory sealed Dead or Alive 2


Final Price: 40 euro


i'd sow you some pics but i got a sega saturn on the way so i'll just show everything on my next blog

I am not dead

just overworked with college and as if that weren't enough i'm stuck with a laptop for a week or two and i HATE laptops, so sorry i haven't commented on your blogs people

Just finished ninja gaiden 2 (path of the acolyte)

People please the game isn't THAT hard were any of you people (and reviewers) who bashed the game for this dificulty even around during the 8-bit and 16 bit gens? Now THOSE were hard games.

You want to be a master at ninja gaiden 2? Ok here goes "how to become a master at ninja gaiden 2":

Instead of wasting all your money on upgrading weapons you're most likely not going to use for more then 50 mintures troughout your entire play time just fill your inventory with healing items.

Congratulations you have passed my course on "how to become a master at ninja gaiden 2"

Anyway here's my "review"

Graphics awesome

Gameplay awesome

voice acting: laughable

plot: even worse

other: some camera issues and "WTF" moments

I'll give you two examples of "WTF?" moments:

1- When you defeat the queen of the underworld she is flushed down to hell from a pool of blood and when i mean flushed down i mean toilet-like flushing down...

2- The end Boss has a lazy eye and is constantly sticking his tongue out, so congratulations on beating the game, you just killed the retard of the underworld, some ninja you are

overall: Awesome and addicting game :D

Just finished Lost odyssey

I´m not the type that writes long reviews so here goes:

Graphics: great in battles, meh everywhere else

(english) Voice acting: Ming's voice was perfect every other voice serviceable

this is ming by the way

characters: every character is likable except for the friggin kids god they got on my nerves who sends kids in to battle anyway?

if i see these kids one more time i swear i´ll let them die in every battle in the game just for the fun of it

story: Awesome, but it had some "WTF!" moments and not in a good way, luckily these were far in between

Finaly there were some loading issues with the game so beware

all in all i´d rate this game AA

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