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ssj3-undertaker Blog

Final Blog.

Well yea, I seen this coming....Latly I've just had soo much crap to do that I'm rarly on hear. So what I'm saying is that I'll be leaving for a little while, well by "little" I mean for a long time.

I've had fun hear, met a lot of awesome dudes and dude'esess.

Well bye for now!

Minna san Sayounara!


Yea ok, I haven't been on in a while but there is a reason. I'm lazy! Well that and I just don't have time for GS any more. With my uni classes, the girlfriends doing my head in, and sandwiches.

OK, so anyway,the reason for this blog is to say that I probs wont be on any unions for a while, but I'll try and comment on people blogs and stuff.

OK, now some other news, tonight I'm going to a stupid award thingy from my old high school. I won 3 awards and I gotta go which sucks. The awards are,

1. Best marks in the exams of my year.
2. For taking part in a thing for cancer. (yea I cant remember its name) (And for it I got my legs, arms and chest waxed)
3. For taking part in a santa dash. (we dressed like santas and ran around the town for a while pretty awesome.)

I also bought tons of manga recently. (£143 worth) A total of 48 volumes. Which is pretty awesome. I'm not gonna list them but ill just tell you some of the series I got.

Welcome to the HNK
D. Greyman
Air Gear
Ichigo 100%
Futari Ecchi

Well that's about it for me. Sorry if the spelling and stuff is messed up,I'm on a sugar rush right now. Just drank 7 cans of Rockstar energy drink.


See what I did there? Last blog was "Boo", now "Oob". Man I'm soo friggen funny......

Anyway I think you can tell thats me back. I'm just kinda off the plane, so I'll be back on after I get some sleep.

Bye for now people!


OK, I'll keep this short and simple. Aint gonna be on for about 8 days, goin away for a week with the girlfriend to Portugal.

So talk y'all when I'm back!


Awesome songs!

OK, I'm very bored right now. I'm off uni sick, so I have nothing to do. SO I thought I'd post some of my favorite Japanese songs hear.

Nihon Break Kogyo By manzo

Yatta By...well I really dont know who they are.

Kujibiki Unbalance by Under17

My pace Daioh by manzo

Lost by ABS

Get Wild by TM revolution

Dress by ABS

Innocent Sorrow by ABS

No rain no rainbow by Home Made Kazoku

Dasei Boogie by Nightmare

The world by Nightmare

Suupaaorizunare by Kick the can Crew

Sayonara by Kick the can Crew.

I'm also looking for some new stuff to listen to. SO if you no any good Japanese bands/singers could you please let me know.

Why not?

Well today me and my roommate were really boarded. SO we decided to buy a ton of energy drinks. So when we got back we where like;

(R=me, J=roommate)

R - "Dude, why not mix all these together?"
J - "Hmmm.....F*CK YEA!"

So this is what we mixed together.

-Mountain Dew (4, bottles)
-Redbull (6, cans)
-Shark (6, Cans)
-Relentless (4, Cans)
-Rockstart Energy drink (4, Cans)

Well, first off, the taste. It was really weird. And very disgusting. But in a good way.

And the colour, it was like a greenish mucky colour. It looked awesome!

So people, please try this yourself. Although if you have a sugar induced heart attack then you no.....

Minnasan, Konban wa. ssj3-undertaker gozaimasu.

Well its been a while since I posted anything. And I'm pretty bored so I thought I'd just let people no what I'm up to.

Well I'm back at Uni now. I was there for 1 week then it shut for a week, something to do with plumbing, now that's it reopen. Had my Graphical design class today. Pretty awesome!

Also I've latly been listening to a ton of Abingdon Boys School, a Japanese Rock band. There really awesome. I heard 1 dude say they are a Japanese Linkin Park. I can kinda see it, but na...

I also watched one awesomely funny anime called Golden Boy, thanks RPG, DAMN! that show was soo friggen awesome. Every anime fan really should check it out!

MY 360 DVD drive also broke today. Me and my roommate decided to play indoor golf, and things went kinda bad. We broke the 360, microwave, radio, and laptop keyboard. (his laptop not mine so its all good) It was awesome!

Well that's it for me now, talk to y'all later.


Top 10 fav Anime/Manga characters! (Number 1!)



L –エル- Death Note

OK, L is the main antagonist in the anime/manga series Death Note. L is considered the world's greatest detective, whose identity remains unknown before the story takes place because he has never revealed himself to the public. L takes on the Kira investigation in the first arc. OK, now thats out of the way lets just say it. THIS DUDE IS CRAZY!!!! BUT HE IS FRIGGEN AWSOME!!!!

OK well, thats this countdown done. I may do my top 10 fav sandwichs next. OR somthing else. I dont no.

Top 10 fav Anime/Manga characters! (Number 2!)

Yea this is like pretty late.

Number 2:

Motoko Kusanagi –草薙 素子 -Ghost in the Shell

OK, Motoko is the main character from Ghost in the Shell. She is a badass cyborg chick. Not only is she an ass kicking robot, BUT SHES FRIGGEN HOT! Oh shes also Bisexual. (YAY! Just like me!) She could kick just about any ones ass. Shes also smart as hell, shes the best hacker in section 9. (that's the place she works.) Shes also probably the best hacker in the world. (Not including Laughing Man.)

Top 10 fav Anime/Manga characters! (Number 3!)

Now its number 3!!!!!


Lucy/Nyuu - ルーシー/にゅう, - Elfen Lied

Well Nyuu/Lucy is the main character from the anime/manga series, Elfen Lied. She has a split personality, one side is a deadly human hating killing machine (kinda). And the other, a friendly, playful and extremely perverted (Manga only) person.The differences between both personalities is really only in the personality. There is not much of a physical change. But hear is an image comparing there appearance.

You can see, that Lucy is always animated with more shadow. And Nyuu with more light. This is a great contrast for both characters, because it basically sums up both of there personalities with the use of light and shade.

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