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Ok well here we go everybody the last 2 blogs were written by my cousin

When my cousin was over I played a couple of pranks on him and he wanted to get back at me so he saw that I was on Gamespot and asked what it was so when I would go be with the gf he would wright these blogs to make people think I was doing weird stuff and I dont know how to delet blogs so yea just to get that cleared he is a twisted little 13 year old the punk oh yea it was my bday on june 13 a while ago I got a new phone and some new games I have been playing mw2 a lot and if anyone wants to play in a boosting lobby im open. also if u have a 360 friend me at urSliPpers so yea also playing oblivion bioshock and pwning halo 3 so yea gize the LAST 2 BLOGS WERE MY COUSIN wow im going to kill that kid.All friends read this please oh yea p.s. in my opinion microsoft owned E3 but thats just my opinion.


Alright my 1 yeaaar aniversery blog

Alright my time here so far on gamespot has been great i have met a lot of great friends and the 10 that i am going to mension are some of my best they comment on my blogs there good to talk to and they have expanded my gaming horizon i have learned a lot about games on this site and from these people.






6.ihkzo if thats how u spell it.





11. Dan_lero





yeha if u didnt make this top 15 ur probably on my top 20 or 30 if u didnt make this list ill tell if u on my top 20 or 30. thanx giz for a great year and i hope we can have many more. yeha here som champain. lol:D

level 20 metal slim

wow level 20 finaly andtommorws my one year aniversery at gamespot were i will name my top 30 friends and talk about me as a person instead of just a gamer if ur my friend well be there:D

What up gize

hey everybody it ss4 this will be a very short blog i have missed u gize but ive had computer problems. I am addicted to halo and mw2 i have a 30 in lone wolves and in mw2 im 35 first pristige yey pristegie but the pristige hack has almost ruied the game. I am playing bioshock 1 over again before i get bioshock 2 i think that the only reason that it got an 8.5 is becaause the original was just so damn good well thats it for know gize talk to u later.


well gize it has been a long time

well lets firsst tallk about what i got for christmas I ot xbox live,call of duty modern warfare 2,left 4 dead 2,dead space, fight night round 4, a reading lamp, clothes, new head phones,and an alarm clock (which i realy need). if u have xbox live drop ur gamer tag or u can friend request me at urSliPpers that is my gamer tag, Also I have just been playing lone wolves in halo 3 i am a rank 25 in a week and I am trying to get to a 40 but if u want to play some cod mod 2 than im up for it most of the time I have to say that call of duty mod 2 is one of the best video game expiriences and probably close to my favorite game of all time and left 4 dead to is if u have a group of 4 friends midnight having hordes and hordes of zombies coming for you. well friend me and tell me what u gize have been playing and what u got for chrisamts thats all for know


hey gize havent posted in a while

hey gize I havent posted a blog in a while I wiil try to catch up on all ur blogs well im here whats up gize did u miss me??? what are u gize playing well thats all for know besides im replaying halo 3 odst on legendary well see yah christmas is almost here what are u gize getting ??? -ss4

I bought orange box today numb 1 favorite game of all time and xmas list happy

hay gize happy past thanksgiving srry I couldnt wright this blog on thanks giving I was baking pies and then I went to my grandmas house and eat so much food while watching thanksgiving charlie brown which my grandfather watches with me every year:P then yesterday I played gears of war 2 all day. I am so addictied which leads me to my numb 1 favorite game of all time gears of war 2. yeha also hear is my christmas list.

Call of Duty modern warfare 2

xbox live

left 4 dead 2 and litle big planet for psp

and my friend is getting me AC2

This is what its like every christmas I have to put 3 things on my list then some how my parents get me every thung I wantedthat was on and off my list. last year I got 35 present when I asked for 3 on my list it is always a suprise when I wake up at 6:00 in the morning and see masive pile of presents. Also today I went and purchased Orange box for 12.99 at a place called gamechamps were I get all my games because gamestop pissis me off so much. well thats it ill talk to u gize later:D


ahhhhhhhhhhhh been tagged again numb 3 favorite game

whats up everyone I have just been tagged by silent hero :x

well here it goes

I am righting a blog

I have awsome abs

my girlfriend forced me to see new moon today

I am now playing gears of war 2 and bioshock

tommorow is my last day before my thanksgiving break

I have a lot of great griends on this site

I am on this site almost everyday

I havent been here a year

I dont want to tag anyone

my number 3 favorite game is got to be halo 3 sorry I have followed the series sonce halo 1 and I have fell in love with it ever since. well thats it

I have been tagged and level 19 and my number 3 favorite game of all time

well gize the curse has reached me I have been tagged:x

I live in brooklyn new york

my favorite football team is the jets

I have every system from this gen

this is my second time being tagged ever

from my past 3 blogs I have had 8 comments on each

gamespot is my favorite site or maybe tied with IGN

I am probably going to get xbox live for chistmas

I love great deals on games

FPS are my favorite types of games

I am wrighting a blog

Ok now my numb 3 favorite game of all time is metal gear solid 4 this game is just kick @ss I love it so much also yes I tag @neil_2468 @burstlimit514 @pain9000000

also I am finaly level 19 Gitaroo man awsome well thats it gize8)