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Well hello.

This is a bit awkward.

I haven't been on this site, this blog in years. Many many years. 4 years. 4 **** YEARS.


Now to start talking. My name is Griffin. I live in Atlanta, GA USA. I am 15 years old. Which means the last time I posted a blog was when I was 11. Holy **** I probably posted blogs when I was ten too. Weird.

I'm so sorry but I remember none of the people I used to like and follow and used to be friends with. I remember I had friends, and they were nice, and they were a lot older than me. But I don't remember them.Sorry. I just felt obligated to say hello. Cause I kinda miss you. Not really, but I kinda do.

I still play Pokémon, although not as much as I would like. I play portal and minecraft a little bit as well. Super Smash Bros is always a hit with friends. Unfortunatley, or fortunatley if you would like to see it that way, I only have a computer, a PS2, a Wii, and a DS. So many cool games (Assasins Creed, Halo, etc.), don't go on those devices. Anyways...

I enjoy camping, and I am in a band called Three For Nothing. I am the tall one on guitar and drums and stuff. We play blues, alternative, rock, and folk (think B.B. King meets Nirvana meets Mumford and Sons meets Jimi Hendrix meets Jason Mraz meets us I guess). Anyway I hope you guys check us out, we are quite good.

Now I also have a website, where I post blogs and videos and thoughts and stuff. Its interesting I guess.

If you look at said website, you will notice that I have been sick for a will. Picture the worst stomach pain you have ever had. Then picture like twenty percent of that gone and picture that constantly weighing you down. It's a bit overwelming, but I pull through.

Anyway just wanted to shout at your faces a bit.

Your pal,


Sorry guys, This May Be A REAL Good Bye

Well some of you saw my last blog, but I have decided to leave. I won't turn off my account if that is even possible. But i wont be posting much. My new website will be out soon so you can see me there. By the way, check out my last blog it has much more info than this,

Other than that, good bye.


By the way, there are a few people that have REALLY TRULY inspired me. Munchgun is one, the other is Altiar25. Fishn4Zora is also great too. Everybody was great but I thought I'd mention a few names. Thanks for the wonderful almost HALF YEAR!!!! This is one project I'll never forget.

Good Bye

Yea im leaving. I might come back though. I think its just getting old. Oh well. By!


(reflected on everything)


Thank everyone so much for being my friends. My new website will be out soon so ill be posting there instead of here. Ill make sure to tell you guys what its called. By! 

Will someone make me a banner for my union i want to make?

Sorry I havn't been on. The US election was hot. Obama won though. Is grandma would be proud.

I think that I should go to sleep. I havn't been on because I have been so tired and have had lots more homework. Well i g2g

BANNER: Please make it for me. Its a Trading Center were you trade pokemon or other things. I think it will be called The Trading Center Union or something like that.

Hows life folks? (also i have encounterd a forbidden .html error?)

I had a tough week and all. I was trying to take a break from GS but it was just so hard!! I think GS is the best thing since spready cheese. And Im not even kidding.


The other day (Halloween) I went Trick or Treating. That may sound dumb but I got 5 pounds of candy. At first I was going Trick or Treating with little kids so that really really really(!!!!) slowed me down. All that time I was wondering what all of you guys (and girls) were doing. Yep. I wasn't enjoying the moment. :( Oh well. I got a lot of candy!!! :P

I want to get up and get dressed, wash my dads car (for money) and get a move on my life but im just to lazy. How are some people morning people??

Questions of the Day:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P

What is your favorite video game? And what is your least?

Also tell me if you like your computer and If so, the name of it. (I'm looking for a new one. I've got an iBook G4, its really old)at is y

Should I Quit???? also answers!

From flamer400

Favorite Game: I don't know. I cant deside between SSBB. or Halo 3.

Grade/High School Rank: Thats actually coming soon. In the next blogs or so (if i do more blogs)

Mario or Mama Luigi: MAMA!!!!

YouTube Poop? Oh yea, I've seen it. Its not my favorite type of stuff though.

Waffles or Pancakes? Waffles, duh?

French Toast or Ceareal: French Toast

Cinnamon Rolls: Cinnabon definently. Have you tried their cinnamon muffins?


Nintendo or Saga: Saga makes good arcade games (like those driving ones) but Nintendo make Mama Luigi so Id have to say Nintendo.

Am I asking too many questions? YES!!!!!


Favorite Color? Purple

Favorite Console? XBOX360 or Wii


for first two questions look above

Fav Drink: Blue Powerade (I don't like soda!! :o!!)

That's really it. Sorry I shortened down the questions. I cant type that much!



Hows life???


The other day i was online when i saw this person. It was cool. Nothing much happening.

Hey I was thinking of stopping GS. Should I?? I made a lot of friends and Im extremely proud of that, but I'm headed nowhere. It seems like no ones on anymore. Pokemonsos hasn't made any blogs in the past, like, YEAR!!!! And also I have 2 sports, homework, personal life, music and a lot more. Im just wondering if I should quit. I would maybe come back later. Hopefully my friends would still be on. Anyway,

Im just wondering if I should stop.

Question of the day is...

Who do you want to win the US election.

Personally, I like John McCain but people go too far.

But if John dies than Sarah will have to take over, and I dont think thats much of a good thing.


I dare...

everyone of you to put this in their comment :P

im trying to see how much i can get! oh and the questions will be on the next blog.


SO... )caps?(




thnx ;)

Oh yea. During french a long time ago my teacher was talking really fast and all the kids unerstood (except for pokemonsos and me :P) and these were they're faces

:D :) 8) :D :(:) :) :):?

1st guy is having fun, 2nd is too, third is too cool for this (:P) fourth is also having fun 5th is pokemonsos not having any fun and not noticing that what she was saying was on the board (:D), happy, happy, happy, and ha- WHAT THE POO? WHO IS THAT? WHY THATS ME OF COURSE! ITS ME THINKING ABOUT HOW MY LIFE IS. WHAT? no? IM NOT THINKING ABOUT LIFE? of course! IM THINKING OF LIFE CERIAL! (no seriously i was thinking of brekfeast) And we played a game. In English. How fun!! :P :D :D :)

3 Days?

Wow its been 3 days scince i posted!! WOW!! Long time!

All you Nintendo DS fans, there will be a new DS!! ITs going to be called the DSi! BEAST!

Also if you want to trade pokemon go to www.pokemontrainerzero.weebly.com! Then PM me here, my "Contact Me!" page isn't working. Yea...

I'm reading Calvin and Hobbes the Complete book write now. Its pretty funny. Heres one of the comics...




Wow. Big pictures huh? Those were taken from my phone.

Yep well gotta go to a party.