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I got moderated for WHAT?

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This happened a while ago, but i just read the PM about recently. I got moderated for starting a Vending Machine Post. It took me down a lot, too. Isn't that going a little far?

Anyone Have a Game Recommendation?

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I want get 3 used DS games, within the next week.Anyone have som esuggestions????I was thinking Zelda, as one, but I need a suggestion with the rest.


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Probably won't be on much, only before and after I get a new game.


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Anybody here ever been to weewar.com???? I suggest going and signing up, it;s a great online multiplayer strategy game, with games that range from single to six player games.If enough people like it, Imight make a union for it.


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I have removed all the charters from my unformed union becuase of a glitch.If you still wish to charter for it, please post.I am sorry for the inconveieince.Also, I am thinking of changing what the union is about.I have joined and browsed many ohter union similar to what the VGSU would have been like and every one is dead.Anybody have any new ideas????I was htinking, Mariokart, since the only 2 I could find where dead due to inactivite, though i think some of the ideas I have for it are better.

I got MKDS!And good MKDS unions????

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I finally got MKDS the other day and it's awesome.So far I've gotten all gold cups in 50cc Grand Prix, gotten a few on 150cc, did over 50 time trials, did over 50 shine runners, did like 25 balloon battles, over50 shared-card shine runners, over 50 shiner runners shared-card, and over 25 shared-card versuses and I've unlocked 2 caracters, Daisy and Dry Bones.right now, I'm trying to look for a good Mario kart union that is onlyMK.I've already tired the Mario Kart uhnion, which is dead, and the only other one I could find was the Mario Kart DS online play union, and since it's only devoted to MKDS it probably dead, and even if it wasn't, I can't do online play.So, any ideas now that I've figured out my unions situation????

Union Invites

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I'm being invited to lots of unions latly, but unfortualatly I haven't been able to join many.I fel that my time on GS is getting stretched thinner and thinner.So, please, if you invite me, don't take it personally if I decline.I'm a member of 8 or 9 rihgt now, but I'm only active in 3, which I'm tryign to expand into at least 5 adn narrow down my list to 6 or 7, so please don't take it personally if I resign either.Keep sending the invites thoiugh, I still join a few every so often.

Im getting GIMP!!!!

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I'm finally getting GIMP (I'm to cheap for PhotoShop) and right now it's instal-scratch, that it just finished installing.I GOT GIMP!!!!W00T!!!!
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