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I agree 2K makes the best sports games period for both consoles and PC. EA is like a wicked stepmother beating you senseless year after year and cutting off your allowance however i gotta play football so i buy it. If i knew were to get NFL 2K5 with updated rosters i would buy it , how about sharing your secret with the rest of us so we can boycott them too eh ?
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is it still hundreds of buttons or will my xbox controller work ?,i didn't plat the last ARMA because I prefer a gamepad .
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play it and see why.,,it's like 5 $ now or free...castle building and defenses are unrivaled with good team strategies....not to mention funny voice work,lol,,why can't they make a good sequel that isn't horrible? .... SC2 is good also.. butt for a builder there is no equal that i no of..........rotten beef,war dogs,fire,hot oil,,ect...many ways to kill your foes...... was wondering what others think is the best rts war game besides SC and AOE my other fav's.
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games dead too....typical quick make a buck **** game...
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Garbage again...thanks for nothing Crapcom......wheres the horror ?
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found the wild boars finally !..... the game tricks u in the beginning with a mission hunting boars were pigs r located so naturally i figure same species same area right ? " wrong !,,so traveling south i finally find the mythical Wild Boar region with big tusks and pointing left ....i kick myself after hunting pig zones for about 2 hrs getting shot by pirates constantly...lol..oh well had fun doing it games a blast driving really fast , recommend drop zone missions if your a good driver easy money.i never lose...
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Hunting and crafting is necessary ....you need 2 skins of different types of animals to increase everything practically, weapons ,ammo capacity/grenades/arrows/syringes/ect ect.. ..oh yah health is just hold Y or use a syringe via crafting from plants located everywhere ......sounds like Skyrim don't it.....no crafting tools required though for either....Boars are hard to find,pigs everywhere but no boars ? you need boars for ammo capacity Im still looking for the mythical boar...lol......games a blast though ..i got the flamethrower already,let it burn.
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