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Download BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH Screensaver and terrify your friends

BlueScreen Screen Saver v3.2

By Mark Russinovich

Published: November 1, 2006


One of the most feared colors in the NT world is blue. The infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) will pop up on an NT system whenever something has gone terribly wrong. Bluescreen is a screen saver that not only authentically mimics a BSOD, but will simulate startup screens seen during a system boot.

  • On NT 4.0 installations it simulates chkdsk of disk drives with errors!
  • On Win2K and Windows 9x it presents the Win2K startup splash screen, complete with rotating progress band and progress control updates!
  • On Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 it presents the XP/Server 2003 startup splash screen with progress bar!

Bluescreen cycles between different Blue Screens and simulated boots every 15 seconds or so. Virtually all the information shown on Bluescreen's BSOD and system start screen is obtained from your system configuration - its accuracy will fool even advanced NT developers. For example, the NT build number, processor revision, loaded drivers and addresses, disk drive characteristics, and memory size are all taken from the system Bluescreen is running on.

Use Bluescreen to amaze your friends and scare your enemies!

Installation and Use

Note: before you can run Bluescreen on Windows 9x, you must copy winntsystem32ntoskrnl.exe from a Windows 2000 system to your Windows directory. Simply copy Sysinternals BLUESCRN.SCR to your system32 directory if on Windows NT/2K, or WindowsSystem directory if on Windows 9x. Right click on the desktop to bring up the Display settings dialog and then select the "Screen Saver" tab. Use the pull down list to find "Sysinternals Bluescreen" and apply it as your new screen saver. Select the "Settings" button to enable fake disk activity, which adds an extra touch of realism!

More Information

You can find out how real Blue Screens are generated, and what the information on the Blue Screen means in my December 1997 Windows NT Magazine NT Internals column, "Inside the Blue Screen."

Note: Some virus scanners flag the Bluescreen screen saver as a virus. If this is the case with your virus scanner, you may not be able to use this screen saver.

sss Download Bluescreen
(64 KB)

Silliest thing I have ever seen -> Wii Internet Channel

I bought a Wii (:() 2 years ago when it first came out. Biggest gaming mistake in my life.

Some days ago i decided to use a public Wi-Fi network to have internet in my Wii. It worked.


I went to Wii Shop Channel.I tried to download some channels...I found only 5. 4 of them where free (Wii contest channel and other bulls**t). I wondered where is the Internet explorer and finally here it is! Internet Channel -> You need 500 points to download it!!! I can't find where to get Wii points, in my country they don't sell:evil:

Imagine someone paying 20$ to have internet in his Wii and then he discovers that the only thing he can do is to see the weather!!! He has to pay another 20$ to get INTERNET EXPLORER!!!!!!!!!!!!


The only thing i have to say is: Crap, Crap, Crap...

::I strictly recommend you not to put internet in your Wii::

Microsoft Windows 7 : the strategy of its launch

Since today until January 31st, 2010, the worldwide upgrade option programme of Microsoft has began. It will allow users, who buy a new PC running Windows Vista Home, Business or Ultimate, to automatically get Windows 7 when it will be available.

Scheduled to be marketed on October 22nd, in 14 languages (English, Spanish, German, French, etc.), Microsoft has also outlined an upgrade deal for people who buy now a Vista PCs, in which participating PC makers will offer Windows 7 for the Vista machine for free (or with a small charge for shipping and handling).


Yesterday, Microsoft announced Windows 7 prices which will be delivered in Europe without Internet Explorer 8 in order to not not afoul of competitive regulations in Europe.

Well, from July 15th until August 14th, Microsoft will launch a pre-order program on Microsoft store with attractive prices (more than 50% discount) for Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional :

:arrow: Windows 7 Home Premium : £ 49.99

:arrow: Windows 7 Professional : £ 99.99

On October 22 until December 31, 2009, customers will be able to purchase Windows 7 with a also a promotional price : the Home Premium edition of Windows 7 will be £ 79.99, and the Professional will be £ 189.99. Microsoft will not be offering an upgrade version of Windows 7 in Europe, but only full versions of Windows 7.

So, what will be the price of the full versions of Windows 7 after December 31, 2009 ?

When the introductory offer expires on December 31, Windows 7 in the U.S. will be :

:arrow:Windows 7 Home Premium (Full) : 199.99 $

:arrow:Windows 7 Professional (Full) : 299.99 $

:arrow:Windows 7 Ultimate (Full) : 319.99 $


If you want more information about it, I invit you to go here, there, or on this page.;)

Finally an old coll video game! - Spy vs Spy


Spy vs. Spy was a game first published by First Star Software in 1984 for the Atari 8-bit family, Commodore 64 and Apple II computers. It was an innovative two-player, split-screen game, based on MAD Magazine's long running cartoon strip, Spy vs. Spy, about the slapstick antics of two spies trying to kill each other with improbably complex and elaborate traps and weapons.

It was later ported to a much wider range of platforms including the ZX Spectrum, Acorn Electron, Atari ST, BBC Micro, Commodore 16, MSX, Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Master System, Game Boy, xbox, Game Boy Color and Nintendo Entertainment System, which was emulated to the Game Boy Advance. The NES version will be re-released on the Wii's Virtual Console in Europe in the near future.

Two sequels followed.

It is perhaps the first video game to implement split-screen simultaneous two-player gameplay, as it was commercially released before Pitstop II, another early video game with a similar split-screen display.

Contents [hide]



The object of the exercise is to takeout your opponent as many times as possible, while collecting all the items needed to exit the game before the timer expires. Each spy has a personal countdown timer. When a spy is defeated they drop all their items, and are forced to sit out of the game for a few moments while their timer is depleted at a faster rate. The timer depletes 30 seconds per death.

The arena is an embassy, constructed from a series of interconnected rooms laid out on a grid pattern. Higher levels have more rooms, and therefore a larger play area. As well as hand-to-hand combat (achieved by wiggling the joystick left and right or up and down when the spies are in proximity to each other) the spies can place traps on the furniture and doors which occupy the playing area. These traps are triggered when a spy searches a piece of furniture for an item, or opens a booby trapped door, resulting in a cartoon ****animation showing the subject being blown up, zapped with electricity, etc and floating up to heaven as an angel.

The available booby traps are:

  • DYNAMITE BOMBS (Remedy: Water bucket)
  • GIANT SPRINGS (Remedy: Wire cutters)
  • WATER BUCKETS (Remedy: Umbrella)
  • TIME BOMBS (Remedy: There are no items that can remediate this trap, but the character's face will turn blue upon entering a room containing a time bomb. Death can be avoided by immediately going into the previous room when the character's face turns blue, then reentering that room).

Strategy is introduced by limiting the quantity of each trap a spy can use, and by allowing the traps to be triggered by either spy. Some pieces of furniture also contain 'remedies' which match up to specific traps - these allow a trap to be defused, but can only be fetched one at a time.

A successful player must remember correctly where their own traps are hidden, while "reading" their opponent to deduce the most likely location of his or her traps. This makes the game excellent as two player entertainment, but rather ordinary in one player mode.

Experienced players sometimes use various strategies to help them remember which traps are located where. For example an electric shock might be used on vertical (up, down) doors only, while the "gun and string" is used for horizontal (left, right) doors. Or the grid is treated as a cheque board, with odd squares using some traps while even squares use others. A skillful opponent will be looking out for such patterns.

A sneaky way to win the game is to trap all entrances to the final room and wait for the other player, who would have to enter in order to win. The second player would then set off the traps and drop all their items, allowing the first player to collect all the key items and win the game. The game ends with the victorious spy leaving for the sky in an airplane, while the other spy runs after the airplane but after that floating up to heaven as an angel.


Sequels included Spy vs. Spy Vol. II - "The Island Caper" and SPY vs. SPY Vol. III - "Arctic Antics". The third game was also released for the IBM PC.

These kept the basic gameplay, while tweaking some core features.[1] The Island Caper introduced a side scrolling play area, which effectively allowed for a small number of very wide "rooms" (the action actually takes place outside, on a tropical island).[1] It also introduced the idea of traps being built from the sticks and coconuts on the island, meaning that each spy no longer started with a fixed number of traps, but must compete to acquire the raw materials necessary to build their traps. The spies must gather the three segments of a rocket and then dive into a sea where a submarine awaits them. However, only connected segments can be carried at any one time. The second installment also included more complex scenery and continued the dual-screen interface present in the first.[1] The game starts with the two players parachuting onto an island in search of a buried missile. As they search, players are able to build traps to slow their enemy's progress.[1] Andrew Farrell of The Australian Commodore Review said the game "has excellent graphics and sound, and not unlike the original version, is a lot of fun to play", giving the game a rating of 92 out of 100.[1]

The third game switched the location from a tropical island to the frozen wastes of the Arctic. The spies fought by means of throwing snowballs at each other and setting traps, which decreased their life bar. Lost life could be restored by moving into an igloo with a heater inside.

SPY VS SPY vs SPY also comes in Comics!


NBA News - Draft 2009 N.Y.

2009 Actual Lottery

2009 Actual Draft

Updated: 6/26/09 12:37 am


1LA Clippers Blake Griffin So.

2Memphis Hasheem Thabeet Jr.

3Oklahoma Cty James Harden So.

4Sacramento Tyreke Evans Fr.

5*Minnesota Ricky Rubio Intl.

6Minnesota Jonny Flynn So.

7Golden St. Stephen Curry Jr.

8New York Jordan Hill Jr.

9Toronto DeMar DeRozan Fr.

10Milwaukee Brandon Jennings Intl.

11New Jersey Terrence Williams Sr.

12Charlotte Gerald Henderson Jr.

13Indiana Tyler Hansbrough Sr.

14Phoenix Earl Clark Jr.



+ Saquille O'Neal has signed with Cavs !

Let's see if the duo LeBron-Saq can take the champ.

Red Steel 2 - Wii

Red Steel® 2 is the highly anticipated title exclusive to Wii™ system from Nintendo that will bring players the best sword and gun fighting experience ever on console.

Designed for Wii MotionPlus™, Red Steel 2 features unparalleled control. Players will pick up the Wii Remote™ and swing it freely as the sword on-screen follows their precise movement – and even measures the strength of their swing.

Red Steel 2 is a first-person action game where players become a swordsman who finds himself in an edgy city in the middle of a desert armed with only a sword and gun.

Red Steel 2

Key Features

  • BE THE SWORDSMAN: Embody a lonesome fighter, a man of few words with a shaded past full of mystery. Face various, and increasingly stronger, enemies and defeat challenging bosses in epic and intense fights.
  • IMMERSIVE EDGY WESTERN SETTING: Visit various locations through a remote mixed metropolis in the middle of the American desert, where Eastern culture and Western culture have been smashed together into a hodge-podge jumble: Caldera. You will discover the game's immersive background and environment as you make your way through the adventure.
  • UNIQUE PRECISION CONTROL OF YOUR WEAPONS WITH WII MOTIONPLUS: The Wii MotionPlus provides 1:1 recognition where the sword and gun movements are precisely replicated within the game. Slash the villains the way you want! Plus Wii MotionPlus measures the power of your swing. The harder you swing the Wii Remote, the harder the sword swings in the game!
  • CLOSE COMBAT SYSTEM: Feel like a powerful master swordsman and gunslinger thanks to the first-person view that puts you in the middle of the action. Fight up to six enemies simultaneously and feel the power and freedom to use your sword or your gun at any time.
  • Master numerous combos with your sword and your gun ranging from triggering exciting finishing kills, parrying enemy attacks, or even deflecting bullets with your sword!

E3 2009 Awards and Nominations:

Wii Best Graphics Technology
Wii Best Artistic Design
Wii Best Shooting Game (WINNER)
Wii Special Achievement for Innovation
Wii Game of the Show

Best Wii Game

It looks interesting. Let's hope it won't be another disappointment (for Wii).

NBA News - L.A. Lakers are NBA champions (4-1)

After 7 years L.A. Lakers are champions. They won Orlando Magic 4-1. Two of the games were won away by Lakers.

The Zen has reached Ten championships. Kobe is MVP ( what a surprise:shock: ) and everything gone as everyone was expecting. One of the most boring final match-up of all time.

Kobe = MVP

NBA News - LeBron leaves Cavs

LeBron doesn't confirm neither deny it but according to latest information he has decided to leave Cleveland. The 24 years old super star was disappointed from the journey of Cavs this season and is going to leave. Which is his destination? New York Knicks or New Jersey Nets. Will he choose the glamourous New York or the New Jersey where his best friend Jay Z lives?

Now the only question which remains is, when.

This Summer or the next one?

We Are All Witnesses - Where LeBron Happens


+ Cleveland Cavaliers are going to offer to Rasheed Wallace 10 million $ for 2 years, If "Sheed" doesn't accept, they will offer a contract to Zak Randolf.

+ Kobe Bryant has reached the 19th place in the list of Biggest-Playoffs-Finals- Scorers-Of-All-Time with 644 points.

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