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Looking to buy a TV

-Looking for 46" LCD/LED TV
-Budget up to £830/$1300/1000€
-TV will be used for watching SD and Blu-Ray
-Would prefer a 3D one , SONY or SAMSUNG
-Dont care about InternetTV, SmartTV and such

1) After looking on a lot of reviews most of them say SAMSUNG is better
but have had perfect experience with SONY

2) What specs should I look for? I know about constrast and response time but have heard about DNLA and other stuff

Any specific TV reccomendations? or brand reccomendations?

PS3 gone crazy !

Since 3 days ago my PS3 Slim 320 GB which i bought 1 year ago has gone crazy!

(Maybe it has to do with the new update?)


Things that happen most often are :

* PS3 wont start , i get a screen saying "File system is corrupted, system will now restore..." but it doesnt restore so i have to Format the PS3 with the Recovery Menu.

* PS3 crashes while gaming online (That was the 1st "symptom")

* PS3 wont shut down so i have to plug off the cord

* games/XMB takes way too much time to load

What should i do?

Awesomest glitch/bug ever

I had nothing to do yesterday, so I was just crashing on random things on Dirt 2.

I was dead last, playing online and had no chance of winning.

Then I saw someone trying to get out of the track or something and I tried to crash on him.


I suddenly finished first (with a time of 15 seconds). This is possible in L.A. tracks.

Well, now I never lose online :P



My first 3D experience

After 1 year of 3D-mania in every aspect of techhnology, I decided it was time to have my first 3D experience ( 3D Movie Pirates of the Caribbean 4 ).

When the usual trailers before the movie starte, MIND=BLOWN AWAY by the awesomeness of the 3D thingy that many people call a uselless gimmick.

5 minutes into the movie and my eyes are getting tired :x

between trying to clean my 3D glasses lenses with my shirt and trying to concatrate on reading the subtitles, I noticed that the 3D effect isn't so noticeable throughout the movie

10 minutes into the movie and eye "pain" is almost gone. But so are my first impressions from 3D. Except the subtitles and quite a lot of scenes were the 3D was clearly noticeable, the rest looked pretty much like 2D :|.

The things I stated might be affected by the fact that the cinema is using not-paper Dolby 3D glasses or something like that. Plus they are not 1-use-only. I thought 1-use glasses are the norm for all cinemas.


The 3D glasses on top of regular glasses combination is possible but not a good idea, next time I will go with eye lenses.

Seriously, what's going on with these subtitles ? Usually I look at the screen and I also check the subtitles without really thinking of it. With 3D subtitles, I had to concetrate a bit to them . Does this happen to anyone else :question:

(BTW, the movie is pretty good)

Gamespot's new interface!

You have definitely noticed the new interface in Gamespot :o


It's not as good as the old one but it is pretty decent. I loved how the all the latest new were accesible in the home page.

Another letdown is the fact that users reviews are not viewable in a game's Home Page


Anyway, this interface is fresh and fresh is good, right?

Holy ****, did I just see what I think I saw?


Did you see that? Hmm, maybe not. Let's try this one more time...


I don't like conspiracy theories but has Gamespot anything to do with Micro$oft?

Killzone's 3 Multiplayer just got ruined

Sony is advertising recently through "Edge Shave" or something like that.

So when you buy Edge Shave's products, a Shave Gel i think it is,

you get a code to unlock :

* Killzone 3 Add On Maps DLC or

* Killzone 3 - 3 skill points for Multiplayer

And there are also other games!

And guess what these codes can be used infinite times.

Nice one Sony! As this is US and Canada only , now gamers in N.America get infinite skill points. :o :? :cry: