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Classic MJ Moments

The Jordan XXI Commercial.  I love this.  I shows some of the greatest basketball moments of all-time, all of them from MJ.


Im finally an officer!!!

I just got promoted to officer for the 1st time in the ultimate baseball crew union!! Everyone come join the ultimate baseball crew and the article union!!!!!

If you get an emblem, is it possible to lose it?

This just crossed my mind. The only example I can think of would be an aficiando emblem. Too get one, half of your games have to be for one system and you have to have at least 50, so what if you have half, get the emblem, and then get a couple games for a different system. Would you lose your aficiando emblem?

Getting Emblems

I've been trying to get emblems other than the bland one you get for being a member, could anyone tell me the requirements for some of them?