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So, the end of the road to a great journey here on GameSpot.

Hello everyone! :D It's been a great journey here on GS and although I hate to say this, I'm leaving GS. It's been fun and all that and I've gotten to know a lot of great and winderful people here but as you can see, I, who blogged and commented and was active practically everyday, hardly even sign in once a week. My interest for GS has died down and I'm not that keen on coming here anymore. Who knows, maybe I just need a break or something from gaming sites for some time, but I've just decided to leave. I remember joining in the end of 2009, it was awesome and I was so psyched up on joining GS. Well, now with we having grown older and getting to the final year before I go to college I have to really be at my best. Yeah, it's Summer holiday but I just feel that there's no use in me coming on here anymore.

I've also found the new update of the website a tad bit annoying. The comments stuff is a bit broken and I've lost some of my stuff on here, for example emblems and other stuff. And this has been the problem with many people too.

I've really had a great time here guys and I thank everyone who made me have a great time here and for the awesome conversations we've all had and arguments, but I've decided it's time I leave GS. I may sign in once in a while but I won't be posting reviews, blogs and will seldom comment on peoples' blogs or videos.

I'll be making a GiantBomb account at some point, almost went to IGN but decided GB is better, don't really like IGN. I'll be TheSpooky102 there. You can also follow me on my PSN if you have a PS3, it's WildTarzan1.

So here ends my last blog on GameSpot as Spooky102. :(

Thanks for a great time guys and thanks for reading! :)

Could anyone help me out?

Hello everyone! :) Tough luck, our internet modem is out and we don't have wireless internet anymore so I can't really play online on the PS3 or on the Wii. We have a USB type of internet but since our modem is broken we don't have wireless internet anymore, at least for sometime so does anyone know any solutions on how I could still play on the internet on my PS3 and Wii or at least on the PS3?

Thanks for reading! :)

Anyone interested in a FIFA 12 friendly?

Hello everyone! :)

Just wanted to ask if anyone with FIFA 12 for the PS3 would be interested in a friendly match?

You can inform me in the comments or send me a PM if you want to and if we're not friends on PSN you can add me, it's WildTarzan1.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend everyone! ;)

Some Easter progress.

Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a fantastic Easter. I am loving Easter at the moment and it comes second only to Christmas in my opinion. I love the food that is made during this special occassion and I love getting Easter eggs and bunnies. Getting ready to eat mine soon.

Now gaming wise I've also been really pleased with myself. I beat Super Mario Galaxy 2 yesterday, finally, after having it for 4 months. I've just not had time to play but now that we have a holiday then I decided to beat it. I got 101 stars when I got the last star after beating Bowser. I absolutely loved Throwback Galaxy, so much nostalgia filled in that level. Flashbacks came to me of beng a kid and seeing Mario in 3D for the first time, that's over 10 years ago and then hearing Mario saying something was cool too and the levels and music are just things that I absolutely fell in love with. I score Super Mario Galaxy 2 a 10/10 and call it the best game this gen, even better than SMG 1, but just slightly. Still going to play the Special Galaxies in the Special World but that's going to be some other day. Now I should start playing Skyward Sword and beat it then I'll be getting Xenoblade Chronicles and Last Story. I've decided not to get Pandora's Tower, it is surely a great game but I don't think it's really for me, at least I don't want to pay full price for it, Imight get it, emphasis on the ''might'', when the price comes down.

I've also ordered FIFA 12 for PS3 since I can't really go out of the house except to school because I have a cast on my ankle since I fractured it in a football match around 5 weeks ago. This coming week is the last week I wear the cast then I should be able to get back to my normal life and not use crotches. I tellyou it hasn't really been fun but I've gotten used to it. I had to have a surgery on it the next day cause my ankle fractured quite badly and was issued a cast and crotches for 6 weeks so this week is going to be the last week, Thank God for that. :) Can't wait to get back on the field and continue playing football, just love the sport. Ice hockey would come second after football cause we Finns really love ice hockey. If I could play both then that would be fun but since that would be too hectic I decided a long time ago that football is what I'll go with, although during my free time, especially during Winter time, I do often go and ice skate and play hockey with my mates.

But enough about my life. How are you all doing? Hopefully fine. ;)

Well, I guess here ends my blog for today and please feel free to comment and share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter to everyone! :)

People, I have a confession to make.

Hello everyone. :) I have a confession to make. I've been on GS for around 2 years now, and I've decided to finally come clean. I can't just live with the guilt and the thought that I'm giving the wrong impression to everyone here.I've decided to tell you all who I really am so here goes.

I'm just a 13 year old kid who doesn't give a crap about Nintendo and their kiddie games. I despise them and the Wii with its rubbish graphics and primitive technology and childish games. The Wii is in my opinion a failure of a console and the fact that it has sold so much amazes me. Shows how many ignorant people live on this planet we call Earth. Now Nintendo are the pioneers of video games and most of the genres we have today, yes I respect that. But I think Nintendo's approach to video games today is just dumb. This isn't the 90s anymore where 2D platforming or action/adventure saves the day, no we live in a day and age where graphics rule the world of video games. So Nintendo, I think you guys dropped the ball since the moment you released the Wii in my opinion. The only game that has ever been on a Nintendo console that I love is GoldenEye 007 for the N64 not for the Wii, which I think sucks, especially cause the graphics suck and the online is not as good as in the COD games on the Xbox 360, and the reason for that is because it has influenced many FPS games that are out on the market today, the N64 version that is. :)

Now onto games I love. I love the COD series and FPS games overall, they're just downright awesome. All those Special Ops in MW2 and MW3 are awesome and the Zombie mode in BO is brilliant and Battlefield games and Gears of War games are just brilliant. Although the campaigns are short, who cares, there's the multiplayer mode, which is the best ever. I just love quick-scoping and no-scoping people online and playing with my friends and other players from around the world. Screw those Mario games and God of War games, they suck and you know it. And Uncharted fans, don't think you guys have the best shooter series, you're wrong, we have them on the Xbox 360, Gears of War and Halo series. So suck on that. I think the Xbox 360 is the dominant console in this generation because the online is better than on the PS3 and Wii by far and it has much better games and is more user friendly. Even though it's not free, the internet that is, it still is worth it. PS3, yeah, the online is good but cause it's free shows things that can happen to it. The hacking of it last year is a great example. A lot of people unknowingly and unwillingly gave away crucial information. That was a point where I was happy I had an Xbox 360 with safe and securable internet. I think the PS3 is an okay console but comes nowhere near the Xbox 360. The only reason I have a PS3 and Wii is cause my brother plays on them and thinks they're awesome and cause I decided to try out the Uncharted series and wanted to see if GoldenEye 007 for the Wii is good, which I noticed, both series suck.

So this was my confession here. I've had enough of sucking up to all you gamers that think Nintendo are the best or the PS3 and Sony are king's consoles. No! The Xbox 360 is the greatest console and MicroSoft will rule the next gen of video games when people realise how sucky Nintendo and Sony are. Just my point of view.

So if you guys still decide to be friends with me then I thank you guys for being good people and accepting me even after this big confession and it feels great to have said all this, like a great load has been lifted and I don't need to be living a lie here, oh and if you believed any of this, it's an April Fools joke. :D Sorry, just had to do it, couldn't resist the temptation. ;)

Thanks for reading and please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below! :)

Some great gaming news.

Hello everyone! :) Now I know I haven't really blogged in quite some time. But today I'm here to blog about something relating to my gaming life. I got a new PS3! :D Yeah, finally. After getting the Blinking Red Light of Death on my former PS3 I've been wanting to get a new one for quite some time. So I'm glad I finally got a new one. I'll be buying some games for it and I should be making my new PSN ID sometime this week when I have the time to play. If you feel like, you can give me your PSN IDs in the comments below or you can PM me if you feel like. I'll surely buy FIFA 12 first cause I'm a football fanatic and really want to play it and then I'll surely buy some other games like Demon Souls and Uncharted 3 and other games I haven't got yet.

So that's been said and done and if you feel like telling me your PSN ID just put it in the comments below or PM me.

Thanks for reading! :)

Free time, should really be put to good use and appreciated.

Hello everyone! :) Yah, it's been quite some time. Around a month of inactivity. But I'm not yet fully back actively, just here cause we have a 1 week break from school. Not sure in which other countries this is in but here it's like Ski holiday so it's normal for people to go and ski, and here it is great to ski especially in Lapland, but too bad I didn't go with my family this year. The weather hasn't been the best. Today snowed around 50-60cm of snow and it is still snowing. Last week was around -20 to -30oC of frost but this week it has been a mear -3 to -5oC here in Southern Finland. Well, I am enjoying Winter in a way but really can't wait for Spring, only around a month to month and a half away. I'm really using my free time wisely now, did all my homework once I came home on Friday so I have free time the whole holiday. Have been playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 and have around 43 Power Stars now. Played Mario Kart Wii after quite a long time and to be honest, I have lost my touch a little, haven't played for around half a year. Had 9999 points and now have only around 8850 points now, and this is the truth, I'm serious. Was really pissed up but watcha gonna do, I'll try and get them back but it is going to be hard.

I haven't also been really up to date with gaming news so if you guys could tell me what has been going on in the gaming world then please tell me. Saw that Twisted Metal was surprisingly good. The PS1 version was a classic and quite innovative at the time and I'm quite sure the formula still works today and that the game is good. But I doubt I'll get it. Will probably get a PS3 during Spring-Summer time cause I heard PS4 is only coming around 2015 or 2016. And of course the Wii U is coming out during December probably, so I'll ask that for my Christmas or birthday present. So please inform me of any important gaming news you think is important and worthwhile. Thanks! :) I'll surely go and search for some myself too.

And of course, how are you all doing? :D What, you thought I'd forget that right? ;) Don't worry, didn't forget. Now you know I'm doing great so how about you guys? Please tell me in the comments below if you feel like.

Thanks for reading! :)

Inactivity a sign?

Hello everyone. Long time no read. :lol: Oh man, I crack myself up sometimes. :D Aaaaanyway, I'v been having busy and haven't really been active as many of you might have seen. Reasons being I've been concentrating on my social life more, training which is football, on school cause I've been having exams, just had a Chemistry exam on Friday, was kinda easy, didn't really study for it, just listened in class and learnt the basics I needed to know. I'll probably get 85%-90% surely. I've also been reading Lord of the Rings. It is funny, after so many years of loving the movies I just decide to read the book(s) (depending on how you look at it, if you take the three parts as separate books or as one whole one) now. Probably because I was too lazy to read around 1000 pages. But I have read other books and even read all the Harry Potter books so I don't get why this was a problem. Oh, and before I forget, the book is brilliant love it. J.R.R. Tolkien really is one of the greatest fantasy and folklore authors and writers of all-time in my opinion. Oh, and just celebrated my birthday some weeks back, in the beginning of the year.

Now that I have given a brief outlook on my life currently, I've decided to let you guys know that I have been inactive quite a lot nowadays since time isn't really on my side to pop up here more often. I'll just let you guys know that I'm not yet in any rush to say, ''Well, it's been nice here but see ya,'' and stuff like that but I can tell you this that this year might, emphasis on the ''might'', be my last year here on GS. Nothing's for certain I tell you that but the thing is my gaming life has been so restricted. I mean, I have Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and I've not played either game for around two weeks now even though I want to so badly. I'll try and play this weekend but let's see.

But just wanted to let you guys know I'm okay, Thank God for that and everythign else, and I just wanted to let you all know that I might stop being active on GS this year so that it won't just come as a surprise but it's a 50-50 chance I might stop being active. So let's see. But the year is just beginning so let's just forget about this.

So thanks for reading and please feel free to share your own opinions and thoughts in the comments below! :)

Now I'm off to watch Manchester United vs. Liverpool, FA Cup Round 4. Hope Man U wins, I'm an avid Red Devils fan, too bad they dropped out of the UEFA Champions League but I believe we can win the Premier League and put Man City second and also the FA Cup too or at least the Premier League. Haven't really payed attention to the Carling Cup cause it isn't really shown here on the sports channels so I'm not too sure how they're doing there or if they're even out.

Well, spooky102 out, God knows for how long. :roll:

See ya! ;)

Oh yeah, first game purchase of the year and what a great one it is!

Hello apprentices. :D Just kidding, or am I. :P Sorry, just so happy that I got an awesome gam today. There was a sale at stores today so I went to the mall and went to GameStop. Some great sales there but I only came there for one game. I purchased Super Mario Galaxy 2 (FINALLY!) with the gift card I got for Christmas and there was still some money left after that but didn't get another game after that. After I finished Wind Waker I decided to give the Legend of Zelda series a break for some time so now I'm going to be enjoying SMG 2. SMG was an awesome game, in my opinion the best game on the Wii so far for me (haven't beaten Skyward Sword yet and this game too which is SMG 2) so I can't wait to play SMG 2. A great first purchase for the year, too bad my holidays end this week but who cares, I'll make sure to enjoy this game to the fullest.

Just happy to play a platformer afetr such a long time of playing RPGs and Action/Adventure games, it's good to play different genres every now and then so that the certain genre that is played continuously may get boring. And since I'm an all-round gamer, I love to play every game genre or nearly every game genreadn not just one certain genre.

So thanks for reading guys, going to try Super Mario Galaxy 2 now cause I'm yet to do that! :)