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W-w-w-w-w-w-w-we're Pixies! We're Pixies!

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Check out our Mad, Wicked Mixies!
We got square heads, and big pointy caps;
Clean out your ears and hear my rap!
Yo, HP - YO!
You in charge!
I may be small but my goals are large
I'm not a hater, but I must cater,
To my mission, my ambition
to be the world's administrator!
I'm Sanderson, I'm anti-fun,
And all those fairies, can bite my bun!
With my boss HP, we're gonna be, the big-time rulers!
 Dunno why i'm doing this? Check out then new level! :)

Friend of the blog today is Spongeyfan!
His anniversary was here yesterday, congrats to him for that!

You may not believe this mind-blowing myth but...

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I found a nickel today and this time, it's not Gogetenkusu's!
Oh, and i'm on 4th place on the game for the tv.com emmy awards game...wow, that's unlike me.
Plus, i'll see you on the emmy chat today if you're there!

Friend of the blog today is.......

*drum roll*




*eats a sandwich and then continues drum-rolling*



Gogetenkusu! For constantly foiling my plans to capture his nickel and i will never give up!

So,  being totally awesome-


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Maybe not, but the banner and icon are back to what they were- (about 10 months ago)

The friend of the blog today is...


He's returned and HOPEFULLY will not screw off again...;)

He's a great friend and awesome. Also awesomer than that topless dude (Note dude, not dudette, so you don't have to skip merrily to my previous blog) i posted yesterday!!!

Hyakugojyuuichi forever.

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3% update because i left it too long to do my submissions.

Well anyway...our friend of the blog today is Alexlips!!

Yeah, everyone expected that (Unless ya didn't)!

He's a really awesome guy. Even awesomer than this guy-

And that's awesome with an X!

Check out http://tmst.twu.net/flash/151forever.html!

Animutation at it's best. Also by Lemon Demon!

Haha! No puns today.

Screw the style! Too hard to config!

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Toddler - More than 10 favorite shows, at least 20% of them children's. Cartoon Character - More than 10 favorite shows, at least 20% of them animation. King of Comedy - More than 10 favorite shows, at least 20% of them comedies. Talk Show Host - More than 10 favorite shows, at least 20% of them talk.  This user has over 20 friends. Lothar of the Hill People Editor for a show guide. Editor for a person guide. Trusted Contributor for a show guide. Contributite - This user has made at least 1 contribution. Side-kick'n Contributor - This user has made at least 50 contributions. Captain Contributor - This user has made at least 100 contributions. Cosmic Contributor - This user has made at least 500 contributions. Contributor of the Millennium - This user has made at least 1,000 contributions. Master of the Contributions - This user has made at least 2,000 contributions. Contributor Sensei - This user has made at least 5,000 contributions. This user participated in the Finale Spring Fling Chat. This user has one of the top 1,000 point scores in the community. This user has one of the top 500 point scores in the community. This user has one of the top 100 point scores in the community.  This user has contributed over 500 message board posts. This user has written over 15 reviews.

Level 46 already? Whoa, i'm on a roll!

Haha! Get it? On a roll?
Humorless audience...

I've passed 7000 submissions and on Saturday, i'm going oldskool for my profile. People who have known me for more than 11 months should know the profile by now. ;)

Oh, and the user of the blog today is FairlyOdd24!

For being a great friend for ages, you can't say he doesn't deserve it!

Unless you hate harb that is.

So about the retro day saturday! My banner, pic and about me will change! :)

Yes, to the old banner where i had no talent in Paintshop or Photoshop, i did my best in paint and edited the stuff in photoshop. I'm going over the hills with paint now.

Get it? FINE! No more puns.

Really. Just stop reading before i reconsider.

Swizzlebird! :D

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Well! I did it! I finally did it!
Homer and the Swizzle-Bird!
Homer and the Swizzle-Bird!

Hehe. (The Simpsons, season 3)

Great emblem too. (I'm also halfway through)

Now, i'm doing a featured friend of the day.
THIS TIME, i'm giving a reason.

Mmkay, today, i'd start from my favorite moments. The friend of the day is...


For the greatest EVER appreciacion blog for my anniversary, this dude deserves it.  Thanks! :)

And now, there's also a POLL OF THE DAY!
Okay. Many people say that i'm hilarious...do you abide by their thinking-s?

For those absent-minded dimwitted imbiciles, that means, do you think i'm funny?
Reply in blog!


A newer style...and some news.

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Welcome to my improved (Yet again) Blog!
As you can see...my blog has improved a lot since last time. Right? So, not only have i got a title and sidebar, i got a finishing-off piece! I think i'll be using this style for a long time coming. Now, i haven't got an update, still. Waiting for level 45- "Swizzle-Bird" and such can be a pain if you're 97% through the level before that... well anyway. I'm gonna be working on some more editorships and maybe making some reviews.I'm also going to be working on different sites. So TV.com, my main website, I will be working on a lot. Gamespot, I'll try to go on once in a while. MP3.com, I'll probably go there if i have nothing better to do.


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The new style! Check it out.

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Welcome to the new style!
Well, i tried doing a style for my blog which preferably, i will use for future terms, but as of now, this is like the "beta" version 1.0. So tell me what you think in the comments! So anyway, before i start to try other styles, I wanna say something, even though it's 2 or 3 days late. But it's recently been by 1 year anniversary at TV.com and thanks to all my friends and all you people at TV.com for your support, I'm grateful for that. Also recently, i've been made trusted user for the show 'Best of Friends' by one of my best friends (and by one of, i mean one of the best-est) 'Harbinger24'. Thanks, Harbinger! So because of him, i received this emblem-
Trusted Contributor for a show guide.
Pretty cool. So anywho. Some achievements I want to achieve achievingly in the achieving field of achievements for Christmas '06-
Reach Level 49
7,000 forum posts
10,000 submissions