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I played through the whole game just for these weapons since they're the last things I need for the platinum, and I lost them because the idiot Leeroy decided to evade off the cliff even after I was careful not to get him close to the edge...

Was just wondering if it's possible to have someone else drop it for you, like in Demon's Souls? If not, lol, I guess there's another playthrough waiting for me. Not that that's a bad thing :P

If it is possible, is there anyone here in the SL165 range on European PS3 servers, who could help me out? I will give back the items, and if there's anything I can help with, I will be happy to do so :)

Thanks in advance.

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Well, after I got Zelda, which is one of my absolute favorite games of all times, I'm sure my longest playtime on the 3DS is close to 3 hours or so :P The 3D doesn't hurt my eyes though.
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(concealed answers)

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Oh ok :P Well, I hope those people who owns a nuclear powered car has an insurance... in case they survive the accident... lol
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WTH are you guys talking about? :P
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Sonata Arctica has a lot of guitar solos in theirs songs, so I think that would have been great ;D
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my level is still at lv.6, what do I do?


Just wait a little while, and it'll change to what it's supposed to be :) mine just changed a minute ago :D

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All the levels should be fixed now (give or take a little). And (!!!) levels will continue to advance properly after today as well.

Our apologies to all for the inconvenience, we know a lot of you take the levels very seriously, and we really do appreciate how much you care. It's one of the main things that makes working for GameSpot so much fun.

You may still see Level 6 in the forums for a bit as it takes a little while for the caches to clear, but your profiles pages should be correct now. If you have any questions, I'll be watching this topic.


That's great :D I'm still level 6, but I guess it'll fix itself soon :)

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I knew it was something like that, that was the problem, but I had to ask just in case ;) Oh well. Anyway, thanks guys :)

Edit: I fixed it, so if anyone with the rights to close a topic comes across this topic, just close it ;)

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Sorry, I wasn't on much last week because of my exam, but now I'm back. I'm not really back in my posting mood yet, but it'll be back soon, I hope ;)