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My internet speed where I live :P

Some of you might remember that I posted the speed of the internet at a hostel last week. Well, I thought I'd post my internet speed at the place I live so you can see the difference :P  And here's the internet speed at the hostel so you can compare:  It is a bit better, don't you think? :lol:

My top 3 Zelda games

 I guess it might be more accurate to call this a top 4, since I have two games in the #1 spot, but oh well :P I'm not gonna do any kind of review of any of the games, just gonna tell a little bit about my memories from when I got them. So, let's start with #3 The Wind Waker (2003) I remember right before this game was going to be released, I played a demo of it at a local toystore. I didn't think too highly of it since it doesn't look anything like OoT and MM and I thought I would never get it. Later I got the demo with my Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition, and the game finally got me on it's hook. After having played it a while, I loved it and eventually got my hands on a Limited Edition of the game, containing Zelda OoT and Zelda OoT Master Quest (by this point I owned 3 copies of OoT). Sadly I never finished it, because I got stuck having to get lots of rupees for deciphering maps and had gotten a bit tired of all the sailing. This still is one of my favorite Zelda games, as it had that Zelda feeling to it and I truly loved the game and the gameplay once I got past my mild annoyance concerning the cel-shaded graphics. But like I said, the only problem was that it could get a little bit boring with all the sailing after a while, even though I did like the thought of it. #2 Majora's Mask (2000) Ah, I remember one of my friends was saying so much good about this game and told me about all the things you could do. One thing I remember him saying about it, was that you could go into flowers and be shot out of it, and that really made me wonder how that worked. Then one day when I got home from school, my dad shows me the game. He had finally bought it! I was so happy I was finally gonna get to play it. Well, that is, I finally got to watch my mom play it :lol: I didn't mind though, I liked watching her play it. I would often go fight the bosses after she had beaten them, since it was really easy to redo that in that game. Of course I played through the game myself as well. How would it end up on my list if I didn't? ;) Well, to be honest, I never played through the game fully by myself, before I got the Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition, but when I finally did, I loved every single second of it. That moon is pretty scary-looking though. Either way, it was a great game and I have fond memories of it, but it just wasn't the same as OoT and at that point I didn't think anything could even get close to as good as that one, but... #1 Twilight Princess (2006) did happen, in 2006, when Twilight Princess was released and oh my god, was I looking forward to this one for a long time. I even got a GC just for this one game. I had gotten a DVD with a magazine, and it contained a video of the game that had been shown at E3 04 or 05. Not exactly sure which year it was, but I watched it so many times and every time I did, I got tears in my eyes. Hell, I'm getting tears in my eyes just thinking about it. How much do you have to love a game for that to happen?! Anyway, it was delayed at least once or twice and that really made me sad since I wanted it so badly and had pre-ordered it, but comforted myself by saying that they were just gonna make it even better. Then the day finally came and the game was in my mailbox. I took a good look at it and kissed it! Several times. That's how happy I was to finally have it in my hands and it took me a while before I tore the plastic off. But even then, I didn't play it for a while, because guess what! My mom wanted to play it too, but she didn't have time at the moment I waited for a few hours, before I eventually managed to convince her she could make her own save and play it later. Then I started playing it. I loved it so much! It was so much better than Majora's Mask and Wind Waker and I was sitting there with tears in my eyes because I was so happy. Again, who does that?! I also loved the fact that Link became a wolf in this game since I love wolves, and I also really loved Midna. She is one of my absolute favorite supporting characters in any game and she is my favorite in the Zelda games. So yeah, this game managed to do exactly what I didn't think any game of the Zelda franchise could do. In other words, it managed to get all the way up to the top of the list and share the #1 spot with one of my all time favorite games, which is #1 Ocarina of Time (1998 ) In the year 1998, when I was 10 years old, I watched a trailer on tv. It was a trailer for Zelda Ocarina of Time and I thought it looked awesome. I told my parents I wanted the game, and the same year we spent Christmas Eve at my grandparents hourse like we always did. And my grandmother, disguised as Santa, gave me lots of presents and two of the presents that were from my parents were N64 games; Banjo Kazooie and the game I had told them I wanted so badly, Ocarina of Time. I was a super happy little 10-year old that Christmas. I didn't get to play this game a lot though, because my parents loved it so much :lol: They had tried it a couple of nights before Christmas Eve and gotten hooked. So a lot of times after I had gone to bed, I would hear them playing it. I have esepcially one funny memory from back then; once when I was watching them play, they give me controller and tell me to walk up to one of the ReDeads in the game. I refused because I knew they were up to something and eventually they had to do it themselves. After that I never walked close to a ReDead. Lol, this might make my parents sound really bad, but they aren't, it was all just fun and it is a funny memory to me. One of my friends also had this game and would get stuck sometimes. He then came to our house and asked if my parents could help him lol. That was a funny time of my life :) I played a lot of the temples and dungeons on my own, but there was always one or two that my mom played, so just like with Majora's Mask, I didn't play through this game fully by myself before I got The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition on GC. And when I got a 3DS, I pre-ordered OoT 3D and I must say they did a really good job with this remake. It has beautiful graphics, stunning 3D and looks so much better than the original! I now own OoT on N64, two copies on GC and the remake for the 3DS! So, overall, I own 4 copies of the game, which should tell any sane person that it is one of my absolute favorite games of all time. Honorable Mentions The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks These games are the Zelda games that were made for the DS and look just like Wind Waker. They are pretty good games as well, so I decided to put them under Honorable Mentions. --- Some people might wonder why I do not have any of the original games on this list, and well, I never really played them. I mean, I have LoZ and LoZ II on my GC and 3DS, but I haven't finished any of them. Some might say I can't consider myself a true fan of the Zelda games because of this, but I say they are wrong :P Also, if I owned a Wii, I would definitely get Skyward Sword, but sadly I won't be doing the same as I did after TP was announced (ie. get a Wii just for this one game). I know my mom really wants the game though, so lol, maybe she'll get a Wii and then when I go home for a visit, I can play it :P That was my top 3/4 Zelda games list.

Level 45: Mishima Zaibatsu

I'm now level 45: Mishima Zaibatsu. I know where this name is taken from without even looking for it, but I'm sure most people know anyway :P For those who don't know, it's the corporation that hosts the The King of Iron Fist Tournament in the Tekken games. The Tekken games are my favorite fighting games, although I do love Dead or Alive as well. Dead or Alive Dimensions is a really good game and it is the game I play on the 3DS nowadays :D Too bad they don't sell it in Scandinavia, just because of some idiotic reason *sigh* Then again, I have an American 3DS, so who cares? :P Anyway, I better get back to programming. I'm in school after all :lol: I don't have class right now though, so don't worry lol.

A new sig after such a long time

Not that I really need it, as I'm not posting much on the forums anymore, but oh well. I still made a new sig, while taking a break from C++ and Java programming :D I wanted to make something Deus Ex: Human Revolution related since I really love that game, and this is how it turned out:  I'm pretty happy with it. After all, it's been ages since I touched Photoshop :P Anyway, now I have to go to bed. A new day of troublesome programming assignments is awaiting me tomorrow.... oh joy... lol.... See you around, guys ^_^

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Saturday I couldn't take it any longer, and bought Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition on Steam. And man, I do definitely not regret it. This game is awesome! I truly love it. And Adam Jensen, the main character in the game, looks awesome :D Just look at this screenshot I took in-game:  Original size was 1920x1080, so I re-sized it. Oh yeah, and I also got an Acer G245H monitor, so I get to play this on 24" monitor :D I also use the monitor for playing on my PS3. It's nice to finally be able to play PS3 in HD :] (Used to play it using an EZCap, a capturing device, and the quality was horrible! Now it's only used for sound when I play PS3) Anyway, I really recommend Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It's truly is an amazing game! --- Btw, WTF happened to the Now Playing section?! It's been gone for ages now! D:

Wow, wtf! Level 44: Violence Fight xD

Lol, just logged on and realized I finally got my level up from one of those activities during the Comic-Con times :P So, now I'm Level 44: Violence Fight, with 74%, so it's not that long until next level xD Let's find out where the level name comes from this time :P A 1989 fighting arcade game developed and published by Taito. Hmm, it was released when I was 1 year old? :P That is quite a while ago. Wonder if it was any good though. Did anyone play it? And here's a screenshot:  Don't really have much to say other than that... except I'm back in Norway and it seriously sucks :(

A few new emblems + finally a way to see all emblems on the profile

Got a quite a few new emblems after Comic-Con: Comic-Con 2011 Costumed Crusader Who wants to go fight some crime? I watched an episode of GameSpot's Live Stage show during Comic-Con and un-did some evil-doers! Comic-Con 2011 Super Stalker Not allowed within 100 yards of a known costumed fighter of crime. I watched an episode of GameSpot's LiveCam Tour during Comic-Con and it was almost like I was right there! Super Tweet Those super individuals that have this emblem tweeted or posted on Fuse their super power and how they would use it, for good or evil. Super Secret This emblem was awarded to those who used their thinking caps to figure out the Super Secret Identity of GameSpot Staff Members. Oh yeah, and I also got one more after E3: Best of E3 2011 Readers' Choice Chooser Participant in the Best of E3 2011 Readers' Choice awards. I voted for every category in the Best of E3 2011 awards and made my voice heard. A user named XenoLair has made a userscript that makes it possible to view all of your emblems on the profile page, just like how it used to be back in the good ol' days. ;) Go here to find out how.

Flagger paa halv stang i dag / Norwegian flag flying at half-mast today

Siden jeg ikke kan flagge paa halv stang for alle de som mistet livet i Oslo og paa Utoeya fredag 22. juli 2011, har jeg bestemt meg for aa skrive en liten blogg.  Jeg har ikke ord for hvor vondt det gjoer meg aa vite hvor mange som mistet livet i bombeeksplosjonen i Oslo og skytemassakren paa Utoeya. 7 doede i Oslo og 85 unge mennesker, et kanskje ikke mer enn 7-8 aar, doede paa Utoeya. Hver gang jeg leser nyhetene om dette faar jeg taarer i oeynene og vil bare graate. Mitt hjerte og mine varmeste tanker gaar til alle de som mistet kjente og kjaere denne grusomme dagen. EDIT: Antall doede paa Utoeya redusert til 68. Gaa til denne linken for aa vise at du er imot slike terrorhandlinger og for aa vise at dine tanker er hos de som mistet kjente og kjaere: Hold sammen - hold hender --- Since I don't have a Norwegian flag to let fly at half-mast for all those who lost their lives in Oslo and at Utoeya Island on Friday July 22. 2011, I decided to write a little blog. I don't have words for how much it hurts me to know how many lost their lives in the bombexplosion in Oslo and in the shooting at Utoeya Island. 7 died in Oslo and 85 young people, one maybe not older than 7-8 years old, died at Utoeya Island. Everytime I read the news about this, I get tears in my eyes and just want to cry. My heart and my warmest thoughts go to all of those who lost loved ones this horrible day. Please go to this link to show that you're against these kinds of terror actions and that your thoughts are with the one who lost their loved ones: Hold together – hold hands EDIT: Number of deaths at Utoeya Island reduced to 68.