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first post on gamespot

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This is my first post here I guess. I don't know what to write. But I'll give it a go. Since there are no or very little gamer friends at livejournal, I rarely talk about games there so I'll mostly be postin about games stuff here.  

I'm having a blast playin open for business at the moment. I'm goin to buy pets soon. Maybe also for ps2 but not sure. Sims2 for ps2 didn't apeall me very much. I stopped playin sims2 for ps2 when I started sims2 for pc. I remember shoutin for pets when the first or second EP arrived. Now I feel so guilty cause after I tried uni and OFB I thought that new ideas are superb and maybe they shouldn't try to remake older EP's. Uni becomes a little boring but the rest of it's content is nice. Well at the moment OFB rocks my world. I'm goin to get more ram soon before I by and install pets. I don't have nightlife either :( for some reason.

Goin to buy new games in a few days.